The Dark Carnival

Dwarrowhill Mine

Late overnight April 16/17 the party arrives Darrowhill.

April 17

Wake and go to town of Silverton, arrive by lunch.
At breakfast, we are approached by an old gentleman who says he’s the leader of the miners guild in Silverton named Laglidin Cladinias. Asks us if we are the men that have been sent here to investigate the problem at the mine. He says the town leaders received a message by carrier pidgeon, saying to watch for my associates arriving to investigate your problem. Signed by one Mr. Burns.
Malenko “Yes we are.”
“Very good.”
Silverton is a small mining village, grew from Gannu merchant family starting things here. The patriarch Jasper discovered silver here 100 years ago. He spent life savings on mining operation, town then grew from the mine’s success. Many other silver mines found in the area since then. Most are actualy owned by outside interests. Local populace does the mining, storage, caravan work, etc. Several raids on shipments going from here. Goblin raiders come from the hills and overwhelm them.
The original mine (east of town): After several months of mining, a large underground chamber littered with bones was discovered, with huge silver nuggets. Miners were frightened, so priests were brought into bless and excorsise the mine.
2 and a half years to the day after the first vein discovered, broke into a deep pocket unleashing a vampire!!! More than 20 miners were killed before they were ablet o push her back into her lair..
Malenko “Oooh, a her.” Dahlia knew he’d say that.
“….they were able to use magic to lock her away. The miners turned on Jasper. He was lynched, wife, pregnant with child, run out of town. As they were chased out, the folk yelled curses, burned down their house, grounds of house sown with thorny vines to never be used again. Family has never been back.
They blamed Jasper for pushing the mine deeper and deeper past the bone room, which they felt should have warned them to cease. Jasper had become too greedy.
This mine was the most profitable. They closed it up permantly post vampire.
All other mines have been found to west of Silverton.

No one knows where the goblins come from, but suspicion is the mine is their camp since they might know that no man goes near it. Most of the transit goes south toward Dwarrowhill. From there goes all over. The shipments are being hit tween mines and Dwarrowhill.
Attacks have been happening for a few months. About a month ago, some of the mines to the west were sabotaged, equipment stolen.

If we succeed, we will be rewarded handsomely.

Caravans don’t run on set schedule, just leave when enough ore is ready to go. Also, the goblins don’t hit EVERY caravan. The ones lesser guarded are the ones generally hit.
Elric “What determines how many guards are with a given shipment?”
“Whoever is in charge of the shipment. There is a minimum that the guild/Silverton provide. After that, its up to each individual mine owner, or his distributer, etc. Some will pay extray money, others don’t. It’s random, though bigger the shipment, more they are willing to pay.”
Typical attack of goblins is in the dozens.
Elric “Let us know while we are here before any shipments leave of a small enough size to be attacked.”

In town, we lunch et al, get word on on other rimportant people:

  • Forbear the Smith, also the sheriff; he’s a huge man; can make mst. work stuff!
  • Blass Anains the speaker to the town council for years, and owner of SIlver Cup Inn, where we stay. A 2 story Inn.
  • Rena the midwife: trustworthy, herbalist, healer; has small bit of Adept magical ability
  • Moses Ereint the town judge, owns Rusted Pick
    All have lived here for years, and middle age at least.

Rusted Pick trade goods: general store; no weapons nor armor
The House of Thorns, Jasper’s old place, is halfway tween the town and the old mine which is about 8 miles into the mt’s to east.
One church in town, a god of earth and wealth.

Early evening, main townsfolk begin to show up. A local bard arrives as well, moved here 4 months ago. Gar figures he’s a spy.
Gar tells Malenko to send the wraith to scout out the old Jasper house ruins.
Jeb leaves to the nearest mine that was sabotaged/stolen from, with Elric and wolfy. He will talk to the miners for details.
Gar and Malenko will talk to the forman, owners, etc who come to town for the night for more details on things.
Jeb say to ask someone if there are any portraits of Jasper left, in town records or something.

Those in town spread out to talk. It’s not common knowledge amongst folks nor miners, but important people know that the loss of revenue lately is going to slowly choke the life out of the town. It’s not dire now, but its going to be.
Rena says, as town doctor, says if we need any of her assistance she is happy to help.

Forebear truly is a hulk. Worked as a smithy since 12, father taught him. He’s passed on. His dad was the smith here, too. The dad was the first of the family here, but the old timers talked about Jasper a lot then. If the other mines hadn’t been found before the disaster at the 1st, there never would have been a town at all. Jasper only owned the one original mine.
No mines have changed hands or been bought out by outside buyer either.
Gar to the group “I think someone from Jasper’s family is here for some payback.”
The mine foreman and officials say, about the raids, the goblins don’t just kill all blindly. They attack; resisters are killed; otherwise they are only after the silver. They usually take the carts and wagons it was already on, sometimes they use their own carts. They always find the wagons abandoned later on. Pack animals are not recovered. Concerning the mine attacks: there were 3 simultaneous attacks; goblins broke into and destroyed/damaged operational stuff like tracks, cars, support beams, broke picks, and stole mining equipment; a few fatalities; odd thing about both caravan and mine raids is the goblins carry off ALL of the dead, theirs and the humans.
Malenko “Not good, that usually means they’re eating them, or a necromancer is involved.”
No attempt to follow the goblins has been made. No banner do they fly.
No one seems to suspct the bard of anything. He now has his own house rents. He spends little time socializing, other than performing evenings. Otherwise, they are not really sure where he is during the day.
Rena says check with the speaker for access to old records and such.
Dahlia tells Malenko to get a good look at the bard’s face to compare to any picture we may find later.

Jeb at mines:
Jeb puts on a good performance for them, and his wonderful company, loosen their tongues and all. Brings some good wine too.
They give same story town gave about mine raids, but: after a few drinks one guy “I’ll tell you what I saw…”
Other guys yell he’s crazy!
“I saw it, I saw it! I was right there!”
Others “You’re an idiot!”
He swears he saw a walkign talking man sized rat telling the goblins what to do in goblin language. He was in one of the tunnels during the raid and in a small recess passage.
Others “Aw geez, not this story again. There are no walking talking man sized rats.”
Jeb tells a tale of wererats.
They think the local bard is a great guy, very friendly. Walks throught he crowd, meetin’ and greetin’.
Nothing new and unusual in last several months leading up the the problems. No one else from any other mines saw a rat at the other 2 mines.
Back to town. Promises to send more wine for them tomorrow night, for their hospitality.

Wraith Charles at the burned down house grounds:
He finds nothing, really. It is certainly a black spot on the earth, from being created out of such hate and vengeance. Otherwise, nothing.
Back to town.

April 18

Right after breakfast, we go to see speaker about town records.
He takes Jeb right in, no problem. By hall of records, he means room. Lots of local history here: old miner journals, sketch maps, etc.
Blass doubts much is here we look for, all of the Gannu stuff at the house and the mine was burned, closed off, respectively.
Blass finds nothing, then kind of sits back watching Jeb work his skills. Jeb finds a family portrait of Jasper and his wife!! Handsome man, Blass says keep what we need. Jeb assures we’ll bring it back.
Jeb spends all day in here looking for references to Jaser, especially around the time of his fall but finds nothing much at all; only vague references to the vampire and the mine itself. It was the magic of the priests who forced it back in the end. No maps of that mine either. He knows the Guild will have no map of it this long after, either.

While Jeb is there, the rest of us go to the burned out house location.
We latent evidence of people here, for certain, around the grounds.
Elric and wofly search the perimeter. They see signs of activity, small booted feet moving around the area all over. Not sure of timeframe, but been at least a few days since most recent. Hard to tell with the rocky terrain.
No disturbance of the remains of the house itself.
Elric leave wolfy here to let him know, telepathically, if anything comes through.
Malenko sends his raven familiar south to scout for goblins.
Back to town.

In town:
We get word that the next caravan is in 2 days. Could be the goblins were on their way to an attack point. Or they were generally in this area.

Malenko looks at the picture: there are some similarities, but in Malenko’s opinion its not enough to guarentee relation; but could be.

We see the church. He says he can bless us some water, and we can get garlic at the general store or Inn’s kitchen.

Malenko uses his knock scroll to break into the bard’s house and look around while his performance is going on, taking his undead and dog with him. It’s a small place, bedroom and common room. In the vanity, he has a large collection of makeup, and other accoutraments for prosthetics. Disguise!! All being used regularly!!! That’s why the pic only resembled Jasper a little bit.
He leaves, being sure to lock up behind. Malenko has Charles check the grounds as well, but finds nothing.

April 19

Up early. Stop at store for travelling rations, oil, and final gear. Wraith Charles hides underground.
Stop for 2 vials of holy water and wafers he has made thus far. Elric has fashioned woodens takes already.
We are approached by Forebear “I am coming as official sheriff in town, to let you know, since you have been investigating, it appears that our bard friend has moved out. I was doing my morning patrol and saw his front door open. He has cleared out.”

We walk to the mine. Half a day trip there. Pick up wolfy on the way. Underbrush is dense, trail is rough. Mine lies open! It had been boarded up when Jasper affair went down.
Elric finds lots of movement of lots of goblins around the entrance all over, and regularly.
Dahlia and Barry, w/ darkvision, enter first. We follow down a passage of several turns into a collapsed area. Footprints disappear at it though. Elric finds a hidden latch opening opening a hidden door into a 40×50 room. A gang of goblins turn and see us, going for their weapons lying near. Unfortunately for them, Dahlia and Vic, now standing behind Elric and Barry, are faster.
Vic cuts one in half. Malenko enters with is flame blade. They counter attack with melee and javelin throwers as Barry enters but misses, then Elric fires as Haarkon joins the fray. Haarkon crits smashing its head like a watermelon.
Vic cuts 2 in half as Dahlia evicerates hers multiple times. Malenko burns his to death, Barry hits kills his goblin.
All the remaining gobins engage.
Last goblin is attacked by Haarkon DEAD.
One door on the southern wall.
Wolfy eats the head of the goblin killed by Barry. Barry drags the body into a corner and eats much of the insides. It will not become an undead.
Down a bit, it goes straight to a door and a right tunnel has a door along it before a turn.
To straight door first, 30×40 room filled with 3 long tables. Each half left over food and drink. Smells of rot and stale; firepit. No doors lead out.
Barry eats his full and we go back to take the west passage to the door. Elric says no noise. 30x square room. Solid table, messy room. Corners have piles of dirty clothes; several bedrolls lie about. No other doors. We leave the room, putting Barry to watch the rear with his darkvision from a good 30’ back. As our rear is passing the door, Barry behind them, they hear rustling from some of the soiled clothes. Out from underneath, giant rats come out, attacking Ulfar and Gozar. Ulfar shines here, talking out 3 of the 4. Gozer kills the last.
Meanwhile, at the end of the passage, Elric has found a secret door on the southern wall. He opens it, into a 50’ square room. It reeks of piss. It’s a goblin sleeping chamber. A horde of goblins realize we have opened the door.
Into the room full of goblins, 50’ square, smell of piss and bodies. Nasty nest area, lots of dirty straw matts and bedrolls. Ulfar and Vic lead the way in. They are ready for the fight.
Vic charges in, leaps into their midst and kills 3. Ulfar is missed by arrows as he charges as well, and slays 2, wounds another.
Gar in the hall as they prepare to enter as well "Don’t go near the woman!
The goblins surround Vic and Ulfar, who are but 10’ from each other.
Elric hits one of the archers, who are behind the rest, twice, while his wolf charges across and hits the other 18. Jeb begins a lively tune.
Gar and Haarkon move into the room.
Vic readies Vorpal Hurricane and they attack.
She mauls all on her and Ulfar but 4. Ulfar kills 2. 2 left, flanking Ulfar, both miss.
Elric finishes off his archer, as does wolfy.
Only door opens into a hall east and west. West, 20’ and ends. East, goes about 60’ and turns south.
No light.
Gar “Which way wizard.”
Malenko beats around the bush.
Gar to Dahlia “Are you sure he’s a wizard black elf. Not like any wizard I’ve ever met.”
Finally, Mal sends Haarkon to search the dead end for secret doors. Finds nothing.
So, the other way and turn south. 40’ then right and quick south again. 80’ further to a east turn. 20’ then north 60’ then east. 20’ ahead is a door and hall continues south. No obvious noise, and still no light but ours.
Gar “Wizard, listen at the door.”
He hears nothing. Malenko turns the knob, and it opens up.
40’ square room, 3 double wooden bunks each ending in an old lockless chest. No one in here.
Gar and Malenko search, but nothing of value. Definitely higher rank goblins though.
Gar does find a small purse under a mattress with 10gp.
Beds still flea and bug ridden.
Now continue down the hall, to a turn east. 60’ and back north long hallway. At this turn, Elric finds a secret door. Ahead it turns east 40’ to a turn north, but 20’ down is a door.
First, Elric opens the secret door by pushing a brick. 40′ × 30′ room, 3 large crates w/ red lettering across their sides in the common tongue ‘dwarrohill mining guild’. It must be part of the missing silver!!! No other exits, nor secret doors. Malenko wizards it open. Inside, is indeed lots of silver ore. Good, what we expected. Haarkon looks it over, "in this crate is approx 1500gp worth of ore. Should weigh about 600lbs each. Nothing in here to help move it either.
We check the room further. Gar enters first buy triggers a portcullis trap, striking him as he dodges, knocking him into the room. On the 2nd try, they lift it up. It does not appear to reset. Jeb braces each side with a Vic javelin and go in. The crates are locked.
We have to leave it her for now, and reclose the secret door, portcullis down.
Mal listens at the door, hears nothing. Gar looks down the next turn, and it goes into darkness but 20’ is an opening to west and 40’ same to the east.
Gar proceeds, looking down the first opening ahead while Vic opens the door w/ Mal and Haarkon. He sees another hall branching off ahead and it continues north.
Room: 6 small tables randomly around, rotting food. Cauldron and workbench, bags of flower moving on their own (eww) in one corner. No visible exits. We leave this one go.
Gar and Haarkon continue forward to see how it ends. It totals about 120’, they find another west hall, and at the end a door on northern wall and turns west again.
We take the first hallway east. Barry stays put, watching all the hallways here at our rear.
Its a long, long hallway. At 120’ or so, a hall branches south. Another 40 down this main hall and it turns south. We take the first. It goes 40’ south then turns west for 40’ ,turns south. At 20’, a hall west to a door to the north. 80’ further also ends at a door.
West first to the door there. Mal hears nothing. He opens the door and gets out of the way. Gar and Ulfar stand ready. 30′ × 20′ room, walls of draping black and red scarfs, swaying as if a wind.
Statue to a half rat half man ting statue of green stone. Red gems for eyes. It stands at an altar with used candles.
Gar “Some sort of rat god. It’s true.”
We investigate, finding there are 17 scarves in all. 2gp each. Marble statue is big, 6’ tall, 300 lbs. Malenko appraises it "To a collector, that thing would be a good 650gp. The rubies alone are 100gp each.
Scrolls lie about the statue. Malenko investigates them. They are written in Sylvan. Elric can read it! They are religious. Lots of moldy food offerings. Elric and Malenko go over some of the scrolls briely together, working it out to be describing an evil religious canon of Narrimunth, the rat god, lord of disease. Mal has heard of this deity.
Jeb “Obviously a disgusting creature.”
To a collector, scrolls worth 25gp.
Continue further to the next door at the end of the hall. Mal listens, nothing.
Gar “Wizard it open.” Mal does.
Gar leads the way in. 20′ × 40′ appears to be a rick bed chamber. Black candles light the place. It is a collection of bedroom furniture from obviously wealthy families. Broken shields with crests adorn the walls. Including shield above bed, black falcon holding a pick and shovel in its talons.
Elric “Sounds like the town’s founders bedroom?”
Jeb recognizes that as the Ganu family crest, indeed.
Mal inspects the heraldry, and it is all family crests from this general region. Whoever’s room this is has been around this area a lot, possible kill trophies or stolen. But for the Ganu one, they are all current in styles.
The candles Elric thinks have been treated with a strange liquid, and common for Elven ritual.
Sylvan, Elven, Rat god, goblins? What is going on?
Malenko wants all the ritual candles.
No secret doors so back up, and contine to east to the turn south. It goes 60’, turns west, then south, then east to a door. Mal listens, hears movement. Door is unlocked. Jeb sing an old elf battle hymn and Gar and Ulfar bust in!!!
ITs a throne room to a harry large goblin, flanked by 4 other goblins to either side weilding spear. Several other goblins stand tween us and then.
He knows we have beein slaying his tribe, and demands our names so he knows who he is about to kill.
Gar “I am The Great Gar the Barbarian, son of the Grand Nuge!! I am here to destroy you!!”
“Well then , it is time to show you why lawrence put me in charge”. Says something in goblin and both sides charge.
The front 4 goblins are ready for melee. The 6 behind x bows, as does the chief.
Gar rushes past our left and hits the first royal guard. Dahlia tumbles through the first line, eviscerating the first blade.
Vic moves in, damaging one in the front line.
The chief shoots Ulfar, tosses it down, and starts convulsing. He’s turning into a wererat!
Vic “Wizard, what do we need to kill it!!”
Mal “Magic and silver!” He enters and fires a bolt of arcane energy at the chief 9.
The front force retaliates. The xbow men step back and fire again, the others melee including one who charges Malenko crits. Dahlia deflects the only bolt that would have hit her.
Haarkon moves in and attack’s Vic’s “May I kill it?”
Vic “Yes I’m bored with only 1.” He kills it.
The guardsmen move now, 2 on Gar and Dahlia each hiting Dahlia once.
Ulfar attacks Malenko’s attacker 10
Dahlia crits 23 on a guard/11. Vic moves to where she can attack 3 goblins. She drops one, crits another for 8 bleed, crits the next as well DEAD. Gar finishes off his initial guard.
The chief, now full man rat, wielding an axe, jumps down adn engages Gar miss.
Mal steps aside and shoots the king again but fumbles the spell turning the chief invisible.
The goblin rabble continues their attack.
Haarkon moves to help Dahlia killing a guardsman. Then Dahlia is hit twice by guardsman, Gar once, Vic twice.
Ulfar kills Malenko’s attacker. Dahlia kills a guardsman and hits another twice. Gar hits a guardsman twice. Vic kills another mook, the crited one bleeds out, cleavs a guardsman 21, hits another guardsman 21 DEAD.
The invisible wererat chief attacks Vic, hitting with the axe twice, then he bites her. The invisibility remains.
Malenko’s spell fails.
The last xbow man misses Haarkon. Haarkon moves and retaliates 17 DEAD.
Ulfar charges in and attacks the chief’s space but whiffs; Dahlia dices up her final foe, a guardsman; Gar kills the last guard; Vic misses the chief invisible twice.
Chief turns to Gar now, hiting with axe once 5, and bite 2. Still invisible.
Malenko casts again, trying to target his invisibility spell and dispel it. It works!!! Haarkon rushes him, trying to take him to the ground. His AoO bites Haarkon, who knocks him over!
Gar and Vic hit once, as does Ulfar. Dahilia crits, granting all around and AoO, only Gar misses.
He stands up and bites Ulfar 5.
Another round of our attacks, and Vic’s second attack brings him down! He reverts into a goblin. Gar demands his beheading and quartering.

Loot in this room:
Ratman:all lvl 4 mstwk.
small battle axe (plus 1 crit range)
small studs (25% negate crit)
lt steel shield (plus 1 def)

Grate of black tarnished silver, with arcane and divine runes, words, and symbols. Malenko detects abjuration. As we rest, he detects more upon it. Deciphering the carvings, it is a permanent ward of protection vs undead. The grate looks like its been here for a long time. This must lead to the vampire. So, we don’t take that off.

We plan on staying the night outside, but move on to clear the other tunnels first. We backtrack to where we had left Barry, and continue west. 80’ and turns north 30’ to a door. 40′ × 40′ room, 2 round tables and many straw beds. Door to east. No ememies so we search. Elric finds secret door in northern wall. Opening to a short hall to west ending in a secret door obvious from this side. It goes into the initial guard room behind us.
We take door to east, hall then turns north to door and 2 halls cutting east.
Haarkon goes for his tools this time, and fails to unlock it. Malenko wizards it open; room filled with crates, boxes and crude old weapons but serviceable. It’s the armory. We search in case we can find anything decent. We take some ammunition, but Haarkon and Barry find 2 mst. wpns, both level 4: shortspear (armor piercing ignore 2 pts DR); Greataxe (plus 2 damage). Vic takes the spear.
The others are connecting halls, one has a door. Small room with 10’ long table and 5 chairs. Silver candlestick (5gp) rests in the middle, empty weapon wrack.
Elric finds secret door by wpn. wrack, a single loose stone. Inside is a piece of old folded paper. He hands it to Jeb, it speaks of the original attempt to thwart the vamp: it is a woman, very fast and strong, wammy powers. At least one group seemed to go in to slay it, and there was a disagreement among clergy on how best to handle the situation.
Back to last door at end of the long hallway.
Magical Darkness!! Inside, soft squeaking nose which gets closer once door opened!!
Elric “Step back”.
We all get back against the wall, but are assaulted by dire rats!!!!
Though on guard, we are not ready to attack and they flow into the hallway first. 2 on each of Gar, Vic, Ulfar, and Mal. One each on Elric and Gozer, including Filth Fever saves. They’re tougher than we expected, taking a bit of time to clear out, and a few of us may have contracted filth fever.
Malenko tries to dismiss the Darkness, and succeeds. Just a big room full of garbage. We search; finding nothing.
Now, the last hall going east out of the long hallway. Same length as other hall that led to rat king. Turns north eventually, then west 100’. At the 60’mark is a door on south wall. Elric finds a secret door 40’ down on south wall. The pasage also continues to another door after an additional turn or 2.
Gar opens the first actual door into a macabre room: skulls of several humanoid races hang from chains. Halfling crucified on one wall; stink of incense and death. We search but find nothing. No vampire bites on halfling visible.
We go to regular door at end of passage. Gar opens this door as well to a small room, a personal shrine to a rat deity. A gang of large rats, black fur, squeel loudly and attack.
Elric fires, bringing one down with crit for intell. to 0, hitting another for 10; then wolfy rushes in and hits another.
One attacks wolfy, 2 on Gar. Gar hits back, and Malenko takes on the other on Gar. Wolfy fumbles, hitting but it may start a grapple for free but DEAD.
They miss Gar and Malenko. Gar’s fumbles, so hitting but stunning self for 2 rounds. He kills it, and Mal kills the last.
We search.

Rat god statue: Jeb knows it as the rat Lord of Filth, a different rat got from Lord of Disease. Worth 50gp to collector, made of granite that Haarkon says “appears to be from the mines near Dwarrohill. So, this statue most likely manufactured there.”
Elric “Maybe there’s a wererat presence there.”
Jeb “Might have to look into that.”

Now the secret door. Just as we go to open the door, Elric notices a trap. No one can disarm it. Gar puts his shield up, gets low, and pushes through quickly. 5 bolts fire from the the end of the hallway. 1 malfunctions and hits low just out of the wall. Jeb, Elric hit once, Gozer twice.
Jeb “Oh my, I’ve been shot!”
In the room, dust covered floor of a 30×30 room, 2 glowing balls of light on iron wrought candleabras aside a large stone coffin, carved in the relief of a man holding a mighty sword. This is not the mine founder, Jeb says.
Mal says the spheres have a permanent light effect upon them. The candelabras are 40lb and 50gp each, 6’ tall.
Malenko says this was Huerin Oralese, great warrior from town of Negdenburg near this area; general from time shortly after Masters’ War. Died 50 years ago via assassin’s poison blade. His followers whisked his body away to a secret tomb. Rumors, his followers sought a way to revive him from death to lead the town’s army vs the assassins that killed him. Whole place coated in dust, coffin sealed with lead.
Gar feels like not desicrating his tomb, seeing no reason to. We search around the room in detail, but find nothing else.
We close the place off and leave it as is.

Time to camp.

We bunk down in the first big guard room, 40′ × 50′. Elric, Jeb and Wolfy take first watch. Dahlia takes 3rd shift to morning. Middle shift is Haarkon Gar.
Barry is always up.

April 20

Back to town; tell them about silver, they just have to get it with the proper equipment, we’l show them where it is.
Malenko and Jeb search archive for any evidence of Nedgenburg vistitors around the right time, but find nothing.
Renna the midwife gives care to our potential filth fever for half price. Vic is the first to look sick, this evening. Renna starts with her and saves her from the effects! Being the leader, Gar is next by right of honor; then Ulfar, then everyone else.
We have just missed the full moon, so we have until next month to wait. We need to find a true caster/get back to Burns before the middle of May.

April 21

We stay here and relax, waiting any more filth fever.
Elric leads the workers up there the next day so they can start getting their silver back.
No filth fever today. Renna thinks we look clean, healthy. So, tomorrow we plan to head for the vampire. Malenko calls his bird back.
Malenko and Dahlia to to the mine tonight, to get the wraith up.

April 22

Morning, back to mine. Lunch before we head in. Wolfy has to stay on the goblin level, just to keep eyes and ears at our rear.
The wight can’t pass by the warded grate, nor can the wraith.
We want to leave the grate in tact, obviously.
Elric is still pissed at this undead/necromancer situation. Sgt and Erik will get an earfull upon his return.
We have Charles look inside the sarcophagus of the hero to see if there is anything with the body. Body, armor, sword, and small chest at his feet. The blade looks in fine shape, all else is old and rusted away. It is a bastard sword.
Gar “Pillage and plunder!!”
Ulfar wants to arm wrestle him for it.
ELric “True, we may need the magic against undead.”
Gar “We will borrow it.”
Chisels and hammers out.
Malenko offers herbs to make Vic stronger in order to break it off. Vic is amiable but its too harsh of side effects short term. So he enhances her str 2, magically.
2 tries, and with Jeb’s inspiring competence, Vic with aids from Elric, Ulfar and Haarkon open it.
Gar grabs the sword. He swings it around.
Inside chest:
7 potions, Mal id’s:
1x remove disease
6x cure lt wnds (1d8 plus 5)

We take them. Giving thanks to Huerin’s memory. Jeb will specifically mention Huerin’s help in his song of our victory, keeping the places unmentioned.
Malenko jests of raising him as an undead servant, Gar insists he will not. Malenko magically restores the rusted metal of the helm (lvl3), breastplate (lvl 4 inc. dex bonus by 1) and hvy steel shield (lvl 3)., and improves them to mstwk!! Just for the sake of Huerin. Generous move, but if this was meant to sway Gar in any way, it doesn’t.

Down we go! It’s a ladder, 20’ down to the floor below.
Unworked stone walls on this level; rough hewn; doors are simple wooden; halls 10’ wide and 8’ high; rooms are tapered roofs 8’ high on sides to 10’ in center.
We hear voices from top of the ladder, Elric say sits Goblin speak. Sounds like bored guards on duty.
Haarkon was going to lead, but we want to go quietyl. Whelm starts whispering for him to kill.
Dahlia “Stay here for a moment, I’ll scope it out and signal you” to Haarkon. She goes first to a 50’ room. Goblins are playing cards, not on high alert. Seem to have no idea what happened above. There is one door out, on the southern wall. She drops and dashes to the door whistling for Haarkon.
Haarkon slides down the ladder as quickly as possible, landing with a bit of a thud and clang of plate but none the worse for wear, whelm slamming into the floor and sending out its wave. 4 goblins fall to the floor stunned.
Haarkon is attacked by 3, hit twice, Dahlia 5 at the door all miss, one fumbles sending his weapon flying across the length of the room. Dahlia kills 2.
Elric fast clims down, and stunt swings from the bottom rung into flank with Haarkon, but crits a sgt not engaged yet 14 and throat bleeding 2d6, begins drowning in his own blood. Another charges Elric miss. Haarkon is hit, Dahlia missed all 3 times.
Dahlia kills 1. Elric hits the charger; sgt bleeds 5 panicking; Haarkon kills his last.
Dahlia’s 2 step to flank but miss; Elric is hit.
Dahlia hits 3 times but fails to kill; bleeder dies; Elric kills his last; Haarkon crushes the skull of a stunned goblin.
Dahlia is missed both times; the stunned stand up now.
Dahlia kills 1 and wounds the other; Elric literally cuts his in half at the waste; Haarkon hits 15 staggered.
1 left on each of us now, Haarkon is hit as the goblin passes out; Dahlia kills hers; Haarkon finishes off the KO’d; Elric staggers his.
That last one swings at Elric miss and passes out.
Elric “Crush his skull, Haarkon” he does.
Opens into a hallway going 10’ west and turn ssouth; 30’ east and turns north. We check both turns first: the southern goes 40’ and turns east; the north goes 80’ and turns east. We take the latter which then turns south 80’ and turns east.
20’ turns north for 100’ turning west, but also hall at the 20’ mark.
This is all very winding and winding, and long. Jeb is keeping directions so that we don’t get lost.
Finally we come to a door. Gar hears nothing. 50′ × 30′ room like an office, with lots of crates stacked 3 high, desk covered with papers and books.
Malenko makes for the desk and searches through:
Detailed paperwork concerning theft of ore from other mines (where, when, how much) and a mining operation from this mine as if its current and ore is outgoing. Names are listed as to who is buying silver, but no places. Interestingly, we have heard no noise of mining ops. Until Dahlia enters the room a moment later. Further down the halls is a shaft in the floor, from which she hears work.
The crates are all empty, for packing the silver out of this mine.
The shaft goes straight down, a winch mechanism operates an elevator that is at the bottom right now. No light below. The hall ends in the shaft.
Elric :“Well, this isn’;t good. They aren;t taking that silver up the ladder we came down. The vampire has a way out then, if she still exists.”
Gar “Whoever started this operation either already killed her, never woke her up, or made their own deal with it.”
Malenko “They were taking no prisoners, I doubt the vamp is subsisting on goblins.”
Elric communicates with wolfy, and Mal with his raven, to start searching the vicinity outside for activity.
Elric checks the hall floor, and he can tell they bring ore up off the elevator into the crates.
Mal commits the names and important details to memory, Jeb writes them as backup.

We continue on this floor to secure it. More winding and winding. At one point there is a hall that even Dahia can’t see the end up, with an opening parway down.
We take the long hall to the visible cut off. More winding and winding.
Next a door ahead and one to the south. Dahila checks ahead down the south.
The room ahead is 20 × 20. Human and dwarf bodies hang from the room, parts mixed, heads and limbs strewn.
Already animated dead turn to us and luch forward.
Gar “Necro wizard, do something!”
Malenko makes to take them under his sway, but they are already ruled over. It’s a test of wills to rip them from the enemies sway. He does! Taking over all 8.
“Follow me now.”
Gar “So there is another necromantic villain here.”
All the zombies were originally human, corpses of miners, teamsters, etc. Recall, all dead bodies vanished from the attacks. Now we know at least one reason why.
We use them as our lead, and cotinue on.
Later, Elric comes across a secret door. We investigate that before moving on. It slides silently into the wall, right. 20 × 20 room. Floor covered in cave in debris, but one wall has partially covered writing. Zombies clear it away.
Elric notices an amulet in the rubble as they dig around, finding an amulet. Mal and Jeb take a look. Mal knows it as Amulet of Prot vs Evil (allows wearer to cast spell of same name 1/day by command word).
Message is in dried blood:
“No yee who enter here, that this place is a cursed as Jasper Gunnu himself…”
Big warning to all who enter to get out asap.
We soon wrap around back to the ladder room, passing a door just before. Whelm senses goblins from the room.
Gar listens first, hearing a lot of goblin talking. Dahili runs down the hall to the previous turn, to check if the hall looks like it may enter the same room. It does not, but turns south then west 60’ to a door, at which point it turns south too. She returns and reports.
Haarkon throws the door open, to a multitude of goblins standing around a fire in the middle. They turn as a group. One points and screams “Arathra!” aka attack in goblin.
Haarkon and Vic rush in to meet their attack.
Vic hits so hard it knocks the first one into the fire, which kills the staggered creature, then cleaves another DEAD. Haarkon moves in straight ahead.\
They surround Haarkon and Vic, Gar just outside the doorway waiting to move in.
They hit Vic 4 times, for no damage. Gar jests “Perhaps they are illusions.”
Haarkon is hit once. taking his first actual damage because of his plate armor like their wps are made of clay.
Haarkon misses then whelm disintigrates him. Vic takes out 5.
Haarkon is hit once out of 4 attacks, Vic twice out of 3.
Vic drops a few more but misses with her 2nd attack.
The one goblin hanging back, we assume a leader, now moves into the opening.
They hit each of us once. Haarkon drops one.
Vic clears the last 2, leaving the one who lagged behind. He misses Vic. Haarkon retaliates 19. Vic finishes him off.
Gar pulls the 2 KO’d of to the side. We wake them up and Haarkon questions them. Mal uses some. We question them.
They say his chief is Rez-zomer (That’s the guy we killed upstairs, the rat king); the necromancer is Narzi Hillspeck, a gnome; knows nothing of a vampire; he knows not how his chief and the wizard were working together; there is another entrance to the mine on this level, through which they remove the silver; he is only a mine guard and sometimes goes on raids, knows nothing of how deliveries or pickups of silver are made; they are mining on 1 level below this, as deep as at least these 2 know it goes.
Malenko “I have a feeling the vampire is on a lower level than the goblins have gone” and wants to remove the ward above, since the vampire has other exits to use if she exists.
Since they gave up, we give them the choice of death by hammer, blade, or turned in to the town. Malenko adds the opportunity to be hired on as a hireling, pakrat, etc, with opportunity for advancement.
Elric begins to wonder ‘is the vampire even here?’ It may have used the mining operation to simply leave. Maybe its a red herring to our affairs.
We have to destroy the goblins.

We make our way to the door to the south of of our position. The hall goes 40’ further where it turns east. Dahlia and Haarkon follow the passage while Gar and Mal listen at the door and hear nothing. The hall goes 60’ and turns south. Gar opens the door, Ulfar next to him. 50′ × 30′ room, we enter the southeast corner; nother door straight ahead. Some goblins sit facing the door in deep concentration. They nod upon our entrance and stand, short swords drawn.
Vic charges in, leaping past the first rank and cuts across the face of the next man gashing his eyes out DEAD. Mal bounding steps across the the other side of the room. Vic’s cleave kills another.
The other leader in the middle of their 2 ranks now goes to Vic and hits. Gar moves in and wound one.
In the rear “kill the wizard” and 3 attack Mal, 1 crits 14. 3 total on Gar all miss, 3 additional on Vic hit twice 2/crit and sickened for a round , the third fumbles and slips prone.
Ulfar enters and assists Gar 12; Jeb enters the room and gives a short and rousing poem.
In the next round, Gozer enters, using the free space Gar had just created to get to assist Malenko. Vic’s savage appearance also takes an attack away from him.
Ulfar then crits to the eyes of one as well, blinding him but killing him anyway.
Vic is then critted, causing a bleed!
Jeb “Your cut wide, you’re bleding!”
Vic “I have not the time for bleeding!”
Gar ends up killing the other leader on Vic, taking off his hand at the wrist.
We finish them off. Jeb makes the heal check on Vic to stem the bleeding which did little, luckily. Jeb “You need a, uh, salve for that.”
We tie and gag the KO’d goblin and leave him there for now.

The door in the room opens into a hallway going left 70’ and right 170’. At both ends it turns east. The north, checked by Elric, goes 100’ east and turns south. We saw that corner early in the day, so that closes that corner of the dungeon off. Ulfar runs to look south, rounding the corner to a hall continuing 80’ to a south turn, but 20’ in lies another hall to the south. With Dahlia/Haarokon, they continued south 40’ turning east at a door on south wall. The east hall goes another 100’ where it turns south. 80’ down it also turns north. We all meet back at the fight, and decide to take the Ulfar south passage.
At the first halll going south, it goes 20’ ending in a door. Gar and Mal hear a lot of noise, indistinct voices and a lot. Dahlia and Haarkon look down the other hall, a long hall. At the edge of Dahlia’s120’ darkvision is is still going.
Gar asks Mal if he can see the other side of the door with ‘wizard sight’. He does not conjure well though, only saying it is a whole lot of what seems weak foes. We ready the zombies if needed. Mal oils the door and Gar slowly tests it: 40′ × 40′ room, us at NE corner. Large sleeping area; young goblins rush all over, females caring for them. Gar closes the door as quietly as he opened it.
Dahlia and Mal both ponder the thought of releasing the zombies amongst them, but figure at least a few others would not go for that.
It goes a total of 160’ before turning west 40’ to a door at a turn south for another 20’ to a turn east, going over 120’, but at 100’ it turns north.
Behind our door, Gar hears some noise of goblin voices.
Ulfar opens, Dahlia next to him. Goblins play dice at south wall of 40′ × 50′ room. Door opens in SE corner. A cave entrance is on the far wall.
They have not seen us open the door. But, Ulfar steps in and bounces the door off the wall, the 8 of them turn to ready to fight.
Dahlia reacts first, engaging. A larger goblin issues orders from further in the room and begins changing into a wererat.
Ulfar engages as Malenko sends a flaming strike upon the changing lycanthrope. Vic enters, some get their shields but others don’t bother. Dahlia is surrounded by 4 in total immediately. Dahlia kills one.
The wererat comes for Dahlia first but misses. Ulfar drops his and Vic’s. Gozer charges past them and engages the lone free goblin at the rear.
Maleko steps halfway on the threshold and magic missiles the wererat. It crits for splash damage to 2 other goblins and Dahlia. Vic moves and drops 2 including the other tougher one. Dahlia hits the rat 3 times fighting defensively as it misses her all 3 times, fumbling its bite onto a strong point of her armor negating his bite for 3 rounds. Ulfar moves to the goblin tween Vic and Dahlia and crits 19 DEAD. He bleeds profusely from his gashed heart.
Vic moves to flank, takes a power swing but misses. Dahlia, now flanking, triple sneak attacks including a crit DEAD. Vic dismembers him. Malenko charges in to help Gozer with his spear and the 2 finish it off.

We rest up a bit, have a meal.
We call Haarkon to check out the mine tunnel. No mining went on there, but it is a dug tunnel to the surface away from the original mine entrance and completely concealed from the outside. He is sure this is recent goblin work and is indeed where they take the silver out.

Continuing along the long passage to east now. Long hall, with north turn at end and just over half way down to it. Near turn goes to a door then turns east 40’ and turns north. Far turn goes only about 20’ to a door and turn east.
Opening the door at nearer north routh to large empty table, 20 chairs, 20′ × 40′. Smell of old stale beer and food. Empty of goblins. Continuing further to east then north it goes 60’ and turns east 100’ to a south turn for 80’ and turns west. At the corner, Elric spots a secret door on the east wall. He opens it easily to an ancient cave in on east wall, far side of room; 50′ × 30′ room housing an old skeleton in the debris. Mal detects magic/undead as we enter to search. He senses nothing. The skeleton is that of a halfling minor long dead, at least decades. An old scroll relates the uncovering of the vampire as we read previously.:
With it also, a section of map, somewhere in this complex. It does NOT line up with any thing on this level nor above that we have explored yet.
Back out into the hallway and west 20’, turning north for 20’, turns west then south meeting up with the other north hall from the long passage after our rest. At the meeting it other hall goes further east and turns south.
We start with the door down the hall and 2 turns from the secret room.
Door faces north. Gar listens at the door, hearing some movement and goblin speak he thinks.
Jeb opens the door as backs off, letting Haarkon move in first to attack. Room is 40′ × 40′; common sleeping room for many. 6 female goblins are doing work in the room and scream in terror!! Haarkon starts to back out but Gar tells him to tell them to shut up and they’ll live. Knowing of Whelm’s hatred Ulfar pushes him into the room and closes the door. This is a bad situation, we can’t have them raising alarm. He will either get whelm to telepathically have them shut up, or it will make him kill them. They shut up, we come in and tie them up and Vic and Elric take them up to where the other prisoner is that Gar KO’d.
Meanwhile we go to next door down. Haarkon takes the fore, held back too long from the goblins. Whelm detects them in the room and he opens it up revealing 40′ × 30′ we entering on the SE corner. It’s a lot of young goblins with an old goblin caring for them. Haarkon throws the hammer at her killing her. We round the kids up and Vic and Elric take them to the prisoner room as well.
Now we have to think about the other room we bypassed full of women/kids. We take the prisoners we have to their room and lock them all up there, searching the adults to make sure none have a key to the door.
Ulfar proposes the idea, if it comes to that, of using the women/kids as a bargaining tool to send the last of the goblins away. Elric finds a secret door he missed last time!! It’s in the long southern hallway that goes east and west. It opens north. We check that first. Haarkon is ready first, and is hit by a spear trap from behind. It is filled with dust and cobwebs, surely not entered for many decades but empty. We search anyway, and Whelm senses gold nearby! Haarkon finds a loose stone, behind which he finds a tarnished gold ring with a scroll tied to it by a faded blue ribbon.
To my dearest love, Jasper Ganuu told me you’d be mining this area today, so I came under the cover of darkness to hide my ring for you to find. If our love is to bloom and last eternal you must find this. I have all confidence that you will, and when you return to the surface I will marry you. SIgned: Jessica Ring is worth 10gp. Haarkon takes it all.

One last hall down here, to the south. It quickly turns for 160’ east then turns north for 180’. Dahlia goes the entire distance, passing a hall and a door on the east wall w/in 60’ or so of us, to a hall 60’ east that turns south. She looks there, it goes 40’ the turns west 20’ to a turn north; 20’ to a west turn; 40’ and turns north for 60’ and turns west at the end. At the 40’ mark it turns east, and 20’ up is a door on the west. At the end it turn west. She returns and reports it does not connect yet.
The first hall east, explored by Elric for a short distance, goes 60’ west and turns north for 10’ north and turns west with a door at 20’ to east and at end going east.
Meanwhile, Gar listened at first door in the long northern hall hearing gruff goblin speak and whip cracking. Whelm detects goblins inside and Haarkon enters first, kicking in the door, very disappointed at what he has led the way in to thus far. “Unhand that whip and cease the lashing of slaves!”
50′ × 40′ room fllled to the brim with torture devices. A large goblins with whip and black studs is ordering several smaller goblins to clean and polish the equipment, all armed and armored. No one is on any of it though.
Haarkon goes to it. There is a door on teh far wall which Elric passed seconds ago, hearing a door bust in. He sees the door ahead. He stays put, halfway tween the door to guard in case potential backup hears the combat.
Gar “Send Gozer in, wizard.”
Mal “Release the hound!” and Gozar follows Haarkon inside, as Jeb recites a rousing ode. Ulfar enters next. The torture master yells something in goblinoid and the other 8 draw blades. Haarkon makes right for the master on the far side of the wrack in the center. The Torture Master is too quick though, sword and whip in hand now waiting for Haarkon who moves toward him. TM goes for a disarm of whelm, but fails thanks to Whelm’s magic just barely. Gozer, tripping his, and Ulfar engage the nearest foes. The rabble attacks as Gar steps into the room. The TM barks some orders and Haarkon is surrounded, blocking him from the TM.
TM goes for a disarm again but fail again. Haarkon wounds the goblin directly between he and his target as Ulfar crits sickening him then hits him DEAD.
The TM disarms Haarkon! Haarkon blindly rushes to Whelm, taking a couple AoO but takes no damage the tank he is. Another fumbles, and falls prone landing on his head hard blinding him temporarily. The TM AoO hits as well 7.
Gar “Ulfar step aside.” He does and attacks his remaining foe DEAD.
One of Gozer’s 2 moves to Ulfar, blocking Gar’s planned charge and leap over the wrack to the TM. Gar curses him. Haarkon block all damage again. Gar overruns the goblin and gets to the table.
The TM hits Haarkon and goes for a trip with his whip, but fails. Haarkon hits his with Whelm, which disintigrates him!! He cleaves 1 of the 3 goblins around him as well. Ulfar hits the prone goblin 20/miss. Goer hits and trips his foe. That goblin and Ulfar’s downed, as well as the temporarily blind, stand up fine now. Haarkon is critted 10 (no DR from crit).
Vic yells to Gar if she is needed, but Gar says to stay put watching the southern turn. Gar takes a flying jump off the wrack at the formerly blind as he clears his eyes16; Haarkon takes down 2 and wounds the 3rd; Gozer still fighting his goblin DEADand Ulfar hits his DEAD then moves to help Gozer.
Gar is critted 6 causing him to drop his blade.
It’s a good thing Vic isn’t here to see all this.
Gar miss/7 with spiked shield; Haarkon kills his last then throws the hammer at Gar’s opponent 18 DEAD. Ulfar and Gozer finish off the last enemy.
Vic “What is there like 30 in there!?”
Haarkon calls Whelm back, and it teleports back to him, something it can do only if he throws it.
Gar opens the door and sees Elric on guard. Elric enters through there. We search but nothing of importance. The implements have certainly all been used recently.

We short rest and check the room Elric was watching. Mal listens at the door and hears nothing. Dahlia returns and reports. We open to a 40′ × 50′ room is a room for someone higher up in the tribe. One large bet, upside down box as a table, some bins. A goblin hunches over a table, sitting on a stool, back to the door. An ear is torn. His head cocks “Welcome to my home gentleman.”
Mal “Hello, who are you?”
He turns to see us, and has certainly seen action in his life. He says his name in goblin, difficult to pronounce beyond ‘Gernak’. He says we are obvioulsy great ‘reavers’ to have come this far. He was once the subchief before the terrible rat curse came.
Gar “Tell us about that.”
He demands assurances first, of our letting him go immediately. He will write down the information he knows, then leave this place. Mal tells him about all the women/kids we have captive, and that we are not going for genocide here. We have our own business, we already killed the chief. Mal tries to come to a mutual understanding, but he calls that ’we’re goblins, reavers in our own right’. He refuses any partnership.
“I know that, to have reached me, you have killed a large portion of my existing tribe. You won’t find another goblin willing to deal for information, or surrender, or join you. They worship the new chief like a god. The one you killed was the chief before the rat lord took sway.” So, he took orders from this Rat Lord. Gerzak himself is good at negotiating. Mal offers for he and the non combatants to return to be with our goblin shaman and his orc bodyguard.
He’d rather take the women/kids and leave, in case we don’t win in which case he’d be killed. Plus he does not believe we won’t kill him after if he stays.
This one is very smart.
Mal wants ELric to take this man to the captives, and he can leave with them all.
Elric says ‘not the warrior. If they’re all fanatics, he has to remain here, tied up. Mal tells them where to find the carnival if he decides to join up.
He agrees. We tell him all knowledge of the vampire we have as well, and that we need anything he knows about that.
Vic goes back with Elric as a precaution. He writes the note and gives it to Elric at the cave out and takes his leave with the women/kids. The captured warrior remains. Elric tells Wulfy telepathically to let them pass.
The note says in essence: their tribe were warriors and bandits, roving. One day the captured a human man a little over a year ago. A travelling bard. He got free, and bit the goblin chief. They fought him and saw he was part man, part rat then. The shaman came forward declaring it a sign from the gods. Proven so when the chief turned into a rat the next day. Over the next few months this Ratman picked out the most loyal, capable warriors and turned them all like him. The tribe became zealot followers of their rat god. He brought them up this way with the sole purpose of destroying Silverton. They moved into the mine, reopened things, and the ratman went into town disguised as a bard.
Crap, we met him!!
Meanwhile, the goblins ran into Narzi Hillspeck. He was living here with some undead in a lower level. The human’s name is Lawrence. The 2 struck a deal, bringing dead bodies back for Narzi to reanimate making up the labor force in the mine now.
Ee Gads!
There are 2 more levels to the mine, counting the actual currently mined level below. The last is more of a finished level than the mine below us. Also, Negdenburg is apparently where the people that they are selling the stole silver to are from, black market connections from there.
The Rat God lives on the bottom level with a good number of wererat goblins warriors; Narzi on the mining level.
Finally he ends with ‘What vampire?’. So, no clue about that. Pretty ironic in a supposed vamps lair they just happen to run into a necromancer.

So, that hall goes 40’ west to a door and turns north 20’ and turns west for 100’ and turns north where it turns north briefly, connectin to where we once were before in the middle of the comples.
We check the door, it has an peep hole in it opening on this side. Gar opens it and looks in. It’s what it seems, a holding cell, empty but for straw bedding, a bucket, and a tray. Door is not locked.
Mal wants to go back where Dahlia scouted first. We check that door first while Dahlia scouts the east hall. It goes 20’ and turns north for 20’ and turns east for 20’ and turns north 20’ and turns west 120’. Then turns north and matches up with another hall we have previoulsy been in!!
Gar listens at the door in the meantime, he hears chanting. Not locked. Slow open and peep in, its an altar room. Well lit.
Vic and Haarkon lead the way into the 40′ × 50′ room, entering on the east wall. Drapes and moldy cloths of all colors cover the chamber. Statues on west wall of hybrid goblin wererats we saw statues of upstairs. 2 goblins dressed in their vestments lead others in prayer. They turn and smile terribly at us.
The clerics ask if we came to confess to the rat gods and purify ourselves.
Vic “We’re fixing to do some purifying” as she and Haarkon enter the room. 8 are lined up defending the 2 clerics.
The priests both come together and cast touch spells on each other as Gar rushes in to their left wing. Jeb tries a hold spell on one of the priests but he resists. Vic hits their center DEAD and cleaves.
They retaliate w/ battle axes, 2 on Gar, 2 on Vic, 3 on Haarkon. He hits one, moving it away so he can step away from the door. He then hits another. Dahlia tumbles in crits and makes him bleed. Ulfar moves in and assists Gar 16; Elric fires at one of Haarkon’s DEAD and tumbes in to a safe spot near the door. Mal walks in front of Jeb, and now stands in the doorway strikes one of the priests with flame.
Gar kills one on him. The priests are sill chanting. The flaming wounded heals himself at least some, the other casts on Malenko, and his staff becomes the center of a darkness blinding Mal, Jeb and Elric. Jeb yells.
Jeb begins a powerful epic.
Vic kills 2.
Gar is then missed; as is Haarkon and Dahlia. Dahlia kills and moves diagonally; Haarkon kills then hurls his hammer at a cleric but misses. Elric moves out of the dark and hits a priest with an arrow; Ulfar kills the last and moves to a cleric. Malenko dispels the darkness.
Gar moves to a priest and hits. The priests attack Ulfar and Gar with flails.
Vic moves in and nails Gar’s priest. Haarkon recalls the hammer, moves forward and hits the ground and the shockwave hits the near priest vs Vic and Gar but he makes the save; Dahlia full attacks Ulfar’s foe hitting twice. Ulfar hits him DEAD then fumbles attacking the other, entangled in his own gear. Elric moves to the side and hits DEAD.
The statues are made of granite, each worth 500gp to a buyer but weigh 700 some lbs a piece.
We take a long rest now; Malenko needs it.

We crash in the nice bedroom. Gar gets the bed being the son of a chief. Malenko sleeps on the wrack in the torture room, Dahlia loosens him up a bit. Mal takes hair, eyes, blood samples, and fingers from these 2 clerics, ash from their ritual burnings, clippings from the curtains, granite chips, lots of samples from the worship chamber.
Dahlia and Jeb smoke some Devil Weed before turning in as well. They are in the torture room most of the night, lords of light know what went on. Dahlia suggests she sneak back and get the last goblin captive as well, Mal loves the idea.
Mal tries to get Jeb to smoke, and magic jar his soul to take over a trolls body one day with Mal. Jeb has none of that. He and Elric go outside and hang in the woods with wulfy for the night.

April 23

Elric has Wulfy watch the entrance to this level now, rather than our entrypoint.

Malenko sends his Raven flying for the carnival, a note tied to it, to let the group know about the link to the city guild(s) in case a more urban based crew would want to come down and finish the job there and start riding south before we return.

We now go back down the long east west hallway with 1 door we haven’t checked yet, then the passage north there we have not explored. Dahlia takes the lead, scouting ahead for any new threats from below during the night. SHe takes the north hall, which only wraps around to the room we killed the wererat priest.
Now we move to the door, but Elric spots a secret door we missed the first time, along the way at the double turn!! This 20′ × 30′ room has not been seen for a long, long , long time. Skeletons lie about, killed by violent means. Lots of broken and cracked bones. Mal goes in with his zombies. The skeletons indeed begin rising as undead! Malenko lets them fight it out.
Both sides crush the other, the wounded remnants of the zombies Malenko puts down permanently.
Elric finds something in the room, a letter, mentioning the evil beneath “us” breaking free, the authors companions having fallen already. He was an original founder of a forgotten tomb in the deepest level of the mine!! He says they paid for their greed. He is among these skeletons now.
Now, the door: Mal hears nothing. 30′ × 40′; its nasty, remains of victims, human, recent. Probably from the caravan raids by the goblins. Small table in the middle, a few beds as well. Search yields nothing of interest.
Now up to the northern section, to another room we bypassed yesterday, opening east at the double turn near the upper middle of the complex, completing the east west hall to the south of it.
Room is 30′ × 50′; one table, couple weapon racks and 2 chairs are all that is in here.
Now, to the door north and east of here, east of the hole going down. The door opens south, 30′ × 50′. A small open crate of silver ore rests here. The hall itself goes 40’ and turns north. 150lb worth 250gp. We go the north passage, Elric finding a secret door at the corner. He opens, creaking loudly, it to a 40′ × 20′ room; lots of stone and wood fragments like an old cavein. Haarkon says it happened 20 or so years ago. He inspects the room. Dahlia heads north in case anything heard the creaking. It takes a couple turns, but she sees and hears nothing.
“There appears to be a weak spot in the…” reflex save fails and the floor collapses. He slides down a chute. He gathers his senses at the bottom, in a 40′ × 20′ room; faint torches in old sconces show lots of crates boxes, shadows abound in the room. They are full of mining equipment. There is one door out. He reports upward to us, 50’ below us he believes. Mining equipment looks current.
Elric “Do you hear anything? Listen at the door!”
He hears nothing. Good, likely then no one heard him.
We send a rope down and haul him up, after clearing some rubble around the hole to make it safe for us to pull him up.
We take Dahlia’s path she has been watching and catch up to her. After the bend it goes east 20’ then turns south for 40’ and turns west 60’. Halfway down is a door, at the end it turns south.
Door first: 40′ × 50′. Lots of crates labeled Negdenburg mining guild full of silver ore. Were these stolen en route, or going straight from here to the guild (as in the guild is involved in this)? 100gp worth per crate, 15 crates. 1800lb total.

Continue south another 80’ to a door and turns west meeting up with a previously explored hall. This seems to be the final room on this level!
50’ square room; large crate in here, we can still see the drag marks! 500gp of ore, over 500lb! Label on is says Dwarrowhill silver coalition.
We recall, when we guarded the caravan briefly, the crates were labelled for their specific mining groups. So this isn’t necessarily incriminating.

Mal brings his undead inside, now it’s downward. We will use the chute Haarkon so deftly discovered. It will be a more backdoor surprising way to go. All heavy armor off before we slide down.
Mal also sends his raven north to the carnival with a letter about the city investigation, in case someone wants to begin coming here before we get back.

We gear back up at the bottom. Wulfy keep guard on the entrance into this level. None of the level down here is labelled as being from any specific supplier. All the equipment is a mishmash of raids on the miners and shipments, does not looks like an organized supplying from outside.
The door is unlocked, it leads into hall. Soon as we are in the hall north 20’, and turns west. We immediately hear the mining work being done.
We march forward. It goes 160’ south and turns west to a north/south T. 60’ south is a T, 200’ north is a T. Haarkon checks the southern T as Dahlia went all the way north with Barry. Haarkon sees to his limit both directions. MInind sounds coming from all directions. At the north, Dahlia and Barry going north. They see 2 skeletons coming toward us. They back off to the group. Haarkon goes to meet the Ogre skeletons with whelm!
He takes out the first with 2 hits, then the other moves in and he destroys it as well.

We now take the shorter route, south to that T secion. Barry goes left, Dahlia right. Left goes 100’ to a door; at 80’ mark it also turns north, which he checks to 80’ to a door and turns east, passing a hall at the 40’ mark going east.
Right goes a total of 140’ and turns north. Her limit is still not the end, but no door or other halls of of it visible.
We follow Barry first, to the first at the end.
The way to open it is not evident, Elric finds the catch though, opening it to a 40′ × 30′ room filled with rocks and body parts randomly all about amongst the rocks; an open grate in the floor has a ladder going down into the dark below. Dahlia signals total quiet. Mal estimates 10 zombies worth of body parts in here. The grate has the same warding vs undead as the one above!! So, the necromancer might be hanging with the vamp, as we feared already.
Do we go below immediately? We would rather not face them together, though. Plus, Elric reminds that we have found some clues of previous interlopers before, perhaps we will find more with valuable info on the vampire that will help destroy it.
We decide to get a better idea of what’s going on up here first.
We take Barry’s north path. The first east passage turns north at 60’. Barry scouts it, seeing that it goes to his 60’ limit and continues.
At the door, the hall turns north at 40’. Dahlia looks that way, It continues past her 120’ vision! At the door we hear loud picking and shovelling.
Mal thinks we should just ignore for now, and get a greater lay of the land first. so we go back to Barry and go north. It turns east then quickly north ending at a door. More mining from her as well. Since this seems off the beaten path, we will attack. Elric finds the latch, but it does not open. He thinks it’s locked. We can find nothing on this side. Vic and Elric try to muscle it up, impossible even for them.
We backtrack to Dahlia’s scouted northern route parallel to this hall. It goes a total fo 180’ and turns west, going 140’, passing where the ogre skeletons came from, and turns south. We follow it 70’ to a west turn. At about 50’, going north and south, is the rough hewn passage of a car track. It continues another 30’ after that, turning north to a door. About 20’ south and 70’ north, the car tracks turn west. We can hear mining from all around, including beyond the door. Elric finds the catch and opens the door.
As we walk over the rail tracks, an ore car comes hauling ass around the corner, almost taking out Mal and Jeb, passing right through Wraith Charles.
Picks and shovels are at work against rock. we smell the dead. The room is 30′ × 40′. The elevator to the next floor up is in the SE corner. The northern railway comes into the room. Zombies slowly move around the room working. Mostly humanoid, but a couple desecated badger looking things.
The zombies come for us. Dahlia and Barry move in to meet them, Ulfar and Vic following next. There are 4 badger zombies among them. Gozer rushes in for a badger.
Gar has Charles scout out the southern railway.
Vic takes one out, and cleave damages another.
They attack.
Ulfar then fumbles twice, hitting Dahlia then going off balance. Dahlia drops 2 and wounds another. Barry drops one. Vic starts vorpal hurricane. When they go, Vic kills 2 of hers, 1 of Barry’s , and both Gozer’s badgers.
They hit only Ulfar.
Gozer is called out.
After our turn, only 2 are left on Vic, 1 being a badger. Next round we finish them off. 2 carts of ore are partially loaded.

Meanwhile, Charles turns the corner then turns north, then east, then a loooooooooong southern passage, perhaps the N/S length of the complex. He returns.

We backtrack to the long north hall Dahlia didn’t see the end of. It’s 140’ north, turns east 120’ and turns south. After 120’, it turns west. 40’ it turns north, but also keeps going to 100’ total and turns north. The first goes 20’ and turns east, quickly turns north, then west, after 60’ turns north, then quickly east for 60’ to a north turn, then turns west for 80’ and turns south meeting up with the other north turn. This whole area has active mining, but not right now.

We go back to the room north of the room with the way downward. Elric reaches into the bug infested hole as Jeb recites a tale, and pulls the lever. The door slides upward.
A bunch of humans with a few dwarven zombies. 50′×50′ room. Large piles of rock and ore on the ground, very loud digging noise. They not stop digging. Mal fails because of the noise to flame them, Vic stalks to the center of the room so that multiple will surely come at her from the far corner at least, Barry sets to cover the left corner. Dahlia takes the left, Elric the wall straight ahead. Each kill a zombie before they react. The zombies then turn and lurch forward.
It’s a fine fight, we win handily.

Back out of here, and now follow the railway all the way around the level to the room that was locked early on. 2 cars come whizzing by
We follow the rails scouted by Barry now. It’s a 40×50′ chamber. Zombies shovel rock and ore, inlcuding some into a car at the end of the track. We’ll have to fight our way through from the beginning this time. There is also a desk and cot straight ahead, where sits a gnome wearing spectacles working at the desk.

He sees us approaching, and looks up. He says ‘we must be tough to have made it through Lawrence’s golems and lycanthropes’. Offers us a deal.
We still don’t know who Lawrence is.
Deal: give me all of your magic spells and items, and he will let us continue on our quest.
“Are we agreed?”
Human zombies block out way in, a group of goblin guards are caddycorner to us including one in robes. We hear rats to our left.
Gar “I make no deal with necromances. Enough talk!”
Gar swings at the nearest zombie. Vic and Elric flip the mine car upon 2 of the zombies with Jeb’s ballad help!!
“So…I guess that’s a no?”
Dahlia flies past everyone, off the upturned car, and leaps across the fray to the goblins front line and crits, splitting open his jaw.
3 zombies then attack Dahlia and the rats swarm in around the corner into us. Zombies also attack Gar, Elric and Vic at the entrance.
The robed goblin lets loose with a fireball in the midst of our group in the hallway. Gar and Jeb fail for the full 20. It also hits the front 3 zombies who attacked, and a couple rats, killing 1 and 2 of them, respectively.
Ulfar moves in and engages the rats coming toward us from our left, killing 1 of 2 there. Wraith Charles moves all the way to the gnome who casts as Jeb casts on the gnome but he makes it, and begins to inspire. Wraith Charles freezes in place. Vic leaps tween the 2 zombies on her and ELric, then leaps off the car across the room over Dahila and crits, massacring a goblin but the power makes her drop her sword. Elric cuts down his and Vic’s goblins. All the goblins, Vic now in their midst and Dahlia in front of them, turn into wererats. All of them, other than the wizard.
They gang up on Vic, but for 1 on Dahlia, and 3 others who spread out to block the approach of others.
Gozer backs off down the tracks.
Gar charges the gnome. One of the wererats crits him with an AoO on his way by, slowing his speed. He still just makes in within the charge range and nails him over 20.
Haarkon moves in next to the car and hurls Whelm at the goblin wizard, past the zombie in the way and hits 19, teleporting whelm back into his hand. Barry enters, leaps over Ulfar’s rat and engages a wererat.
Malenko fails to dispel the hold on Wraith Charles.
SInce her wererat can’t bite, she tumbles past him and hits one on Vic and crits 47 subdual KO’d.
All 5 remaining rats attack Ulfar. 2 zombies attack Haarkon and Barry, 1 vs Dahlia.
The goblin wizard hits Haarkon with an arcane bolt 24. Narzi hits Gar with a drain 21 and blinds him 1 round. Luckily he has wild carded Blind Fight for the day! Jeb moves up and performs Insp Heriocs on Gar, so Elric moves to block the wererat near Jeb.
Ulfar kills 1 rat, cleaves DEAD, crits another DEAD.
“I am Ulfar, slayer of rats!!”
Vic grabs her blade off the ground and hits 22.
1 wererat goes for Gar, 2 on Vic, 1 on Dahlia, 1 on Barry, and 1 on Elric.


Gar hits/misses Narzi. Haarkon roughly tumbles past all the zombies near him, taking 2 AoO along the way. He then tries to overrun the wererat still between him and the goblin wizard, who also hits him with a bite AoO; the overrun works, and Haarkon is now right next to the goblin mage.
“Gazoga will destroy you now.”
Barry hits the wererat draining str.
Malenko’s spell fails to trigger.
Dahlia drops a z and the split jaw wererat.
1 z turns on her from Barry, the other stays on Barry and crits again. 1 of the z that was on Haarkon goes after Jeb, the last moves for Ulfar. The last 2 rats both hit Ulfar.
Gazoga’s spell fizzles! “No, not Whelm!!”
Jeb does not like being confronted by a z, having failed the fireball save, goes full defense.
Narzi “Barbarian, why are you still standing here alive!” Narzo misses Gar with a touch attack!
“I learned from you last strike, wizard.”
Vic crits the last wererat on her, 18 knocks prone and dex damage, hits 23, blade dances and cleaves 23 on the one in front of Garzoga, now standing above the overrun wererat.
Ulfar kills a rat, cleaves another 15, hits it again DEAD.
Elric crits his wererat dropping his 7 more dex for 10 total and doing 27; hits again 19.
THe wererat under Vic stands, her AoO crits 40 and drops his AC for 4 rounds by 2.
He attacks Vic, in their space but misses.
Barry’s wererat misses twice. Elric’s misses.
The last attacks Vic miss/crit bite but saves vs exhaustion.
Gar “I see you now wizard” hits 10/17/shield bash miss.
Barry misses the wererat; Haarkon attacks Gazoga 18 DEAD/vs the wererat Vic hit when she blade danced over 18.
Malenkof forms his fire blade and attacks Ulfar’s zombie 8.
Dahlia tumbles, flanks Elric’s wererat DEAD.
2 z attack Barry both miss; 1 on Ulfar misses; 1 on Jeb misses who takes a 5’ step back, and keeps full defense on.
Narzi steps back and looses a lightning bolt, right through Gar, and Haarkon. Gar takes the full 38, Haarkon half. Both are looking bad.
Elric now free turns and kills the z attacking Jeb.
Barry’s wererat backs off, crosses the room to Elric misses.
The other 2 both attack Vic, both hitting once.
Gar moves in for the kill, at negative 6 w/o berserk str/inspire heroics hits 13/13 DEAD.
Barry turns on the 2 z’s on him.
Haarkon, 2 hp left, disintigrates the overrun wererat; then the other as well! Whelm just took over.
Mal hits the z 5.
Dahlia flanks Elric’s wererat 24.
Zombies attack Barry, hitting both times; Ulfar’s z misses Mal.
Vic charges Elric’s wererat 28 DEAD as Ulfar kills his zombie.
We gang up on Barry’s, who retreats, last 2 zombies and destroy them. Then behead the trapped z’s under the car.


We rest until tomorrow, Gar and Haarkon need it badly.
Jeb and Mal treat us for diseases.

April 24

Full day and night rest for Gar and Haarkon. Elric goes through the place, for any secret doors he may have missed.

April 25

Mal’s undead are stuck up here again because of the ward at the only way down. Wulfy continues enters the dungeon, he will watch the hatch in case any stragglers we missed wander nearby.

Gar “I will lead the way. Are you ready with your ways to slay a vampire?”
Mal “You mean, casting Control Undead and making him my minion.”
Gar “No, your abilities have been untrustworthy. I doubt you’re the greatest Necromancer in these hills, much less all lands.”
Gar hears noise below, general movement, close from the bottom.
He cracks a sunron, and starts down,
Down the ladder he goes, followed by Malenko and Elric. Vic next, with Gozer.

We drop into the NW corner of a 30×40 room; a door on the SE corner facing E; table turned on its side, couple goblins behind it with x bows. Gar drops in, shield up and crouching down, assuming their going to fire.
Malenko is almost down when they fire and drop back down.
A 3rd goblin shows himself and fires, hitting Gar again.
Malenko arrives with bounding step, sees the visible goblin, and begins casting. The other 2 goblins fire again, one at each of us.
Then 2 goblin wererats run out from behind the table, charging across the room and engaging each of us.
It crits Mal, knocking him prone.
Elric leaps off the ladder, over and behind Mal’s foe for a crit 28, breaking the enemy blade on the strike as well. Mal tough spells it, sucking energy from it and healing the same from Malenko.
Mal’s draws his dagger miss/and bites Mal, the other bites Gar.
Gar hits and crits, causing con. bleed!!
Vic is on the way down.
Another wererat rushes out from the table, hitting Elric from behind missing. Elric turns to him.
The last 2 goblins now run out as wererats and join the fray.
The fight continues, Vic arriving next. Lots of bites are hitting us, again. Vic drops Mal’s, bladed dances and cleave crits Elric’s flanker. Gar crit leg swipes his, knocking prone then hits again DEAD. Mal arcane blasts Elric’s 18. Helping out his ‘best friend’.
After a few more rounds, Malenko power surge crits Elric’s DEAD with an arcane bolt.
Uflar and Haarkon “No one told me there were goblins here!” are the next 2 down. Their leader, who flanked Elric and Vic engages for most of the fight, is one tough SOB. He hits Vic a lot and absorbs plenty of punishment.
Elric takes out the leader, and Mal runs over and heals Vic’s bleed from the leader’s crit.
Vic mutilates the body of their leader in rage of anger and frustration. Ulfar finishes the last goblin rat.
We rest up, getting reserve back, and go through the door.

The hall goes south 30’ and turns W, and north 90’ and turns W. We take the southern route first, Dahlia and Haarkon leading. Around the corner, the hall goes 120’ then turns north. 20’ up it turns west. We walk the entirety first, it’s 220’ to a T section. We go back and begin at the first turn at 20’. 80’ and turns south. At the corner is a door on N wall. Mal hears nothing from the other side.
The south hall goes 40’ turning W. Welm senses no goblins, we open the door into an empty meeting room, many sitting pillows scattered about. There is a door going north and one going west out of this room. We enter.
Elric takes a look around the southern corner, the hall goes another 60’ and turns N, a door at the end to the W.
We enter the room. Jeb stops, things briefly, realizes this room is part of the map we found upstairs! It looks like it, but doesn’t exactly match up. This room is not on it, but another is adjacent, perhaps a secret door Elric missed.
We move on, checking the door Elric saw to the south. Mal hears He asks again for bonus pay, thief pay. Gar insists he still hasn’t earned nearly his wizard pay yet.
We open the door, 40′ × 30′ room, with a single straw cot, a goblin snoors, wrestling restlessly with his pillows in his sleep. Dahlia starts to tie his legs up, he wakes up screaming and begins to change into a rat, writhing like in pain. Malenko jumps on him as Gar rushes in and pins him “Tie his hands up!” Malenko ties his hands in a bondage knot.
He is full rat but tied up well. Can’t really move.
Elric “Now what?”
Vic comes in with her hunk of silver ore from upstairs, and clonks him on the head, and kocks him out. There is a second empty cot in here as well.
We leave him there for now, following the hall north and east and north again to the west door in the pillow room. It also continues up, wrapping around the room to the last door in the pillow room. Further, it turns north for 100’ and turns W. 120’ further it turns north, and at the 100’ mark it also turns south. The southern goes 60’and turns W to a door and south to a W turn ending at a door going S.
Gar hears snooring from inside. We enter the room, 30×40; the snooring echos, a single straw cot and chest; goblin sleeps here, long sword near him and breastplate against the wall.
We rush in, Gar, Vic and Ulfar jump him to capture him. Mal can tie him. Jeb closes the door behind us.
He changes into a rat like the rest, not like the last. He says our other captive is their newest recruit, we may have interrupted his initial changing. They pick the best and the brightest, strongest warriors to become wererats. He says he’s one of the fiercest warriors in the tribe.
Malenko puts manacles on him, rather than rope that he could chew through. Secured to his bed and close the door behind us. We go to the previous room, anotehr 30×40. Mal hears the sounds of dice being rolled and talking.
Jeb tells us a short poem and opens the door.
From one “Seems we have visitors, pitty I get to kill you before I dice away your money” as he picks up an axe. The other grabs a sword as Dahlia and Haarkon enter first.
Haarkon engages the sword wielder. They both rat out.
Gar rushes in and crit fumbles, hitting himself. Ulfar attacks Haarkon’s as well as Dahlia misses the other, the one who spoke. Mal arcane bolts him 12.
Dahlia is miss/hit with axe and bit. Dahlia responds with 4 hits, including 3 crits. The last a throat slash, bleeding and can not talk nor breath.
Gar cuts the other’s guts open DEAD.
We surround the last, Ulfar crits him down the face for con damage. Dahlia sneak attacks him twice flanking.
He then bleeds out from Dahlia’s throat wound.

His small battle axe is masterwork lvl 6 (plus 1 hit; plus 1 crit threat range)
Back at the previous room, both the breatplate (lvl 4: incr max dex bonus) and Long Sword (lvl 6: incr. threat rng/incr crit mult) are mst.

We check on the first Ko, he’s still out. Backtracking, Elric finds a secret door to the room on the map we missed. 2 tries by Haarkon, he can’t open the locking mechanism. Elric does find the lever to open it, hidden separately.
Gar “Why must our wizard always have to be asked to wizard something open, why can’t you think of this yourself!”
Mal fails the spellcraft check, suffering a moderate disaster: manacles appear on Haarkon, spontaneously.
Gar “I’d ask you to knock the locks but I don;t want you killing us all.”
JEb enhances his skill check and inspires competence, whereupon Haarkon unlocks his manacles after 2 minutes. Elric opens the door.
Haarkon then unlocks the mechanism, with an inspire competence and Enhance spell from Jeb.
It swings open into the middle of the southern wall of a 30×40 room. All that is in here is a small stone pedastal and an urn atop it. We enter.
Gar “You first, ‘wizard’.”
Malenko “Fine.”
We put the manacles on the other ko’d goblin.
No visible exits. Mal goes to check on the urn. It is of clay, Elric begins looking for secret doors.
Mal sees magical writings revealed by his detectt upon the earn, just like the writings etched on the floor at the ladders, the undead warding spell.
Elric “Is that vampire trapped in this urn as smoke?!”
Dahlia “What do you think Malenko?”
Mal says he surely could be trapped in here in gaseous form.
He investigates the urn further, to see if it is magically hardened or anything like that. It is only a standard clay urn. He checks the wardings carefully for any other clues.
Elric notices that the pedestal appears to be trapped in some way. Not sure i what way. He feels there is a pressure plate associated with the pedestal.
Gar sees no reason to remove this urn, do anything with it. We figure the goblins never made it in here at all.
We can see a twinkle of regret in Mal’s eyes. He really wanted a vamp to control.
Mal tells it he’ll be back for it later.
We leave, close it all back up and lock it, disguise our ever being there.

We go left out of the secret room, around the far corner to the uncharted hall. It quickly turns south, then west, then south, then west, 60’ then turns south and ends after 20’. Elric finds a secret door here facing east and opens it.
50×50 room, we entering in a corner. 4 carved wooden coffins rest here, no dust upon any of them. 10’ across light glows in the middle of the floor, emanating peace and content, energy crackles from it.
Gar “What is it wizard?”
Vic “A futile question?”
Malenko “Ha, I know much more than you think! Haha! Elric, high five!”
Elric “Get the @&%$ away from me.”
Elric, as noted, does not like hanging with a master of undead, and Mal has been playfully messing with him for days now.
Mal inspects it’s perimeter. It is an arcane symbol inscribed on the floor creating the energy. He feels it is a portal, but to where he has no idea.
We avoid it and Jeb inspects the 4 coffins, one on each wall. Names are carved into them.
We know his wife Elizabeth left town, and never came back. Her body should not be here.
We never heard of the other 2 names before.
The coffins are still sealed.
Elric “I am not interested in disturbing any undead.”
Malenko does.
Gar “I say we leave it for now.”
We exit and close it back up. GO back around, walk the long north hall to the T section. East turns north in our sight, west goes 100’ and turns north. Dahlia looks around that corner, it goes another 40’ past a west turn about half way and turns east. Syhe takes the first turn, which turns and comes to a room, then leads to where we already were on the other side of the dungeon.
The rest of us look up the other north turn in the meantime: It ends quickly at a door. Gar hears nothing. He opens it abruptly to a 40×40 sitting room. A door is straight ahead, and to our immediate right. There are mats spread about, aligned around the center. A pack of rats turns to to us. Elric steps head and chills them out immediately. They go back to eating their scraps. Gar checks the door to our right while Elric keeps them at bay. It goes to a 50’ hall that turns north at its end and at 30’. we file in and Elric closes the door behind us.
Dahlia has continued north and comes to a door facing east and another east turn.
At the F shaped hall we take the first north. It turns west aross to the hallway Dahlia is in, passing the other door in the rat room. She sees us, but we don’t see her. We check the next north F. It goes 20’ north and turns east. She jogs and tells us about her 2 doors.
We backtrack with her to the door she was at when she saw us.
It opens into a 40×30 room with cots. 4 wererats are here, and ready.
Gar “Get ’em!”
They fire x bows at Gar and Haarkon then melee engages.
Gar and Dahlia move in fast. Gar crits with Huerrin’s blade; Dahlia moves in and feints; they retaliate double teaming each of them, before Haarkon, helping Dahlia and Ulfar helping Gar join the fray. Haarkon fumbles stunning himself for a round.
Vic to Elric in the rear “This is going to take them forever.”
After a few rounds, including a round of misses for Gar, a fumble by Haarkon and an almost fumble by Ulfar, Vic “Told you. I may have to finish this.”
A bite crits Ulfar.
She does, dropping Gars with a Jump stunt through the line and then flanking with Dahlia.
Then Ulfar’s crits and them fumbles vs him.
Haarkon disintigrates his.
Vic crits Dahlia’s DEAD. Dahlia moves and flanks with Ulfar and hits, then Gar crits it twice.
It crits Ulfar again. Vic moves in and hits DEAD.
Vic “Seriously boys, I had to kill 3 of them. And whelm killed the other.”
Now to the other Dahilia found just south of here.
The rooms reeks of burnt death, and sage; black smoke; spell component shelf with all imaginable; goblin wearing spectacles. He says to shoo, named is Hoga, be gone, he has no time to meddle with us.
Vic “Speak to him, wizard.”
Mal can tell he is attempting to craft a wand currently. He offers friendship.
“If you leave me alone to my experiments, I’ll do anything you want. Leave me alone.”
Gar thinks we can get info on where their Lawrence is. Haarkon is about to throw the hammer, Elric stops him.
Gar “Tell us where Lawrence?”
He freaks out at us not leaving him alone.
Vic “You said you’d do whatever we wanted if we’d just leave you alone!”
Exaxperated, he says to walk back the way we came from, we’d find it eventually.
So, the one way we haven’t gone yet.
We leave him alone.
Mal likes that idea, just in case he amazingly succeds at making a magical item.
Jeb “What a nutjob.”
We go all the way back to where Dahlia caught up to us and continue on. After some turns, it comes to a dead end. Elric finds the secret door after a couple tries. Haarkon and Gar, the 2 Princes, enter first.
The tune of a flute fills the air, in a 50×50 room, the music is one of melancholy. 5 rows of benches to a dias and throne. On it sits a young human man, rapier nearby. He plays the flute, but stops to scratch the heads of 2 demonic looking black rats.
“SO, you have discovered my lair. This is not good……” He says he is Lawrence, and we need to leave before this place becomes your tomb. He is certainly the bard from the inn back in Silverton, who disappeared.
We insist we are here to cease the mining issue “Why you have to steal all the silver?”
“It’s my birthright, it all should have been mine.” He blames the peasantry of old for blaming his grandfather for what he could not control, aka unleashing the vampire.
Gar starts to say that he may be right about that, but he still infested the area with wererats and killed innnocent miners simply doing their job. You could have….." and Haarkon throws his hammer “Enough talk” using Gar’s line. He hits, and almost disintigrates him, 18.

He Wererats Out to hybrid form. Unlike the others, he bursts into the form instantly.
He plays his flute, and the 2 black rats, charge us. 2 others we didn’t see at our flanks come at us as well. 2 at each of Gar and Haarkon.
Gar ignores them and charges Lawrence, the rats getting AoO. He hits Lawrence 19, jumping atop the dais next to him.
Haarkon charges as well, the rats AoO him too. He successfully leaps up as well, even in his plate, and hits with the charge attack.
Ulfar enters “Rats you have met thine doom, and its name is Ulfar!”
He engages Gar’s rats with Gozer; Dahlia engages the others.
Elric double moves into the middle of the room.
Mal then fires a heat missile at one of Ulfar’s rats.
Vic moves in and kills both of Dahlia’s, one with a crit so hard she cleaves it in 2, striking the ground so hard she drops her sword.
L blows his flute while attacking, and mauls Haarkon with 3 hits, 2 being crits.
Haarkon backs off.
Vic grabs her sword and charges in vs L hitting with a heavy blow, and Elric move in with Gar as well but misses. Gar hits.
Dahila moves to help Ulfar and Gozer, and Ulfar finishes them both off with cleave as Jeb and Mal both fail to cast spells on L.
A swarm of rats hits us from the rear just after Jeb enters. Mal and Jeb did not even hear them and are surprised, both getting bit multiple times. Ulfar sees them coming, and Gozer smells them coming.

Gar hits L twice, Vic one max shot, Elric misses twice.
Jeb retreats. Dahlia moves in vs the rats with the others. Mal unleashes a cone of fire on a gang of the rats. 4 of them are fiendish however.
L turns his attention fully upon Vic.
Gar fumbles, blinding him for 1 round. Jeb boosts Elric’s Str, and he crits L! Including big dex damage.
Fight vs horde of rats continues. Dahlia drops one of the fiendish ones.
This time, Mal hurls a cone of cold energy at the same rats as he fired last time, taking 2 down.
Haarkon joins in vs the rats as well “Dahlia, I’m here my lady!”
L now splits his attacks, starting with a bite on Vic, main attack on Elric crits, then hits Gar
and Vic with his rapier
A few more rats drop to Mal and Ulfar.
Jeb enhanes Vic’s strength now, too.
Dahlia dices up the fiendish rat on Gozer.
1 hit from each of Vic, Elric, and Gar finally kills Lawrence DEAD!
6 dire rats and 1 fiendish remain.
Mal forms his flaming sword as Dahlia drops 2 and Ulfar 1 then cleaving another.
We finish up the last 2 quickly.
Lawrence’s weapon:
lvl 7 mst rapier (plus 1 dam and crit mult)

We rest up now, then check the final 2 rooms in the comples out of this room.
One is a library with 4 posted bed! Quality silk and down comfortor on bed. Great collection of books, much on history and music. Jeb is all about this stuff!!
Gar finds a copy of the Ganu family history penned by Lawrence. We will take that.

The collection is worth 2000gp if sold.

Last room has a locked door. We go back and search for and find the key in the bedroom to his treasure chamber!!
Coffers; crates with red writing ‘Negdenburg Mining Guild" or blue ’ Dwerrohill Silver Coalition’. The final crates of missing ore! Silverton will be ecstatic we found more.
Each crate Haarkon values at 1500gp of ore, 600lbs each.
Haarkon tries to open with inspire competence and triggers an arrow trap.
Jeb Enhances his dex and inspires competence, Haarkon takes 20 on them. Triggers a spear trap on the 2nd as well; poisoned needle trap on the 3rd; and finally a scythe blade from the 4th but he finally dodges one!
mst lt mace; 50gp
6 alchemical potions:
2 ancient scrolls, arcane spell scrolls: Blink, Magic Circle vs Good, Summon Monster 3, Vampiric Touch (CL5); Charm Monster, Major Creation, Teleport (CL7)

Gar cares not about the hermit wand creating wizard. We leave him be.
We stop off on our way past and tell Hoga everybody is dead around him. He has no interest in the carnival nor joining it.
He asks about the town bothering him, we tell him about them coming to get the ore down here. He is exasperated at the idea.

Out we go back to Silverton, reporting victory and that they can get their silver ore at will.
They give us a reward:

April 26

We read Lawrence’s journals in detail, staying here for good bedrest this full day before leaving.

April 27

Leave to rejoin carnival.

April 29

Arrive and stay night in Daschau.

April 30

Move on to Mittelgard and stay night.

May 1

Leave Mittelgard and arrive night at Heston, meeting up with carnival.

Archbridge = Negdenburg
Soulgrave = Dwarrowhill

Laglidin Cladinias: head of miner’s guild


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