The Dark Carnival

Necromantic Plot in Thorangia

April 19 through 20

Arrive, Besestein

We gather info to get the lay of the land.
Coastal town, first town in the region south of Negdenburg’s influence.
There are 3 major towns here.
Besestein is largest and most important and the ‘county seat’ so to speak.

The 2 most influencial families in area live in the other 2 towns:
Erberruck: on edge of hills west of Besestein. Home of current Baron of area, Jonas Freeman.
Walleheim: in valley south of Erberruck. Baron’s couisin lives here, very influencial family.

Baron spending more and more time only at home because of the recent problems. Lots of raids on homesteads and loggers, miners, etc. by orcs in counryside around Erberruck. He has been trying to marshal forces and trying to figure out what is going on.
His cousin, Wilford Bremen, has been spending a lot of time in Besestein pointing out that his brother is not a very good Baron.

We pick up some chics too.

We decide to go see the Baron first, and go through official channels to get a guide, a local member of the constabulary.
He is happy to see that we are all well armed men, for “it’s rough country out there nowadays.” Several times recently, groups travelling through that country have been hit by groups of orcs. Varying and unsubstantiated reports of raiding party numbers and other specifics. From most reliable reports, they max at 25 when attacking a hamlet and such.
Tom “Have there been multiple raids in quick succession far enough away from one another that they were different warbands?” Yes, there are at least 2 parties of that size going by that.

We buy provisions.

April 21

Ride to Erberruck.
We arrive after nightfall uneventfully. The town has a pallisade, couple guards at gate recognize our guide and let us straight in. Normally, they wouldn’t let strangers in after dark; same with Walleheim.
He takes us to the inn, and will take us to see Jonas in the morning.
We eat and drink and gather some info.
Dareth and Blackpool get the goods:
Baron is in good health, about 40; lives with mother, wife, younger brother who’s a simpleton. Often with his troop head Sir Langlee, who has been so for years since Baron’s dad was in charge. In early 30’s. Has good relationship with late father and son, very loyal. Langlee is out daily with contingents searching for the orcs. Response to an attack is impossible, its over before word can get here then the soldiers can get there.
Here and there they run into a couple orcs but no large confrontations. Attacks are regular, one or 2 a week.
It’s assumed its the orcs as well.
Attacks are evenly spaced, and no detectable patterns. But, they never extend further than halfway to Besestein. Nor further than the northern border of the province. Also, though lots of theft and burning, they only seem to attack those who fight back nor are they taking prisoners.
Mining guilds have satellite office in each of towns, though main one is in Besestein.
We also get meetings arranged tomorrow with several survivors of raids now living in town so as to get first hand accounts.
We are told orcs have not been seen in these lands for a very long time.
Baron’s relations with cousin: always seemed amiable. Jonas is poplular leader, good man, smart. Baron did some things in his youth, but was primarily always groomed as next Baron. Wilford is a noble knight with such training, but is much more of a worldly warrior, and only about 30 so much younger. Spent years off ‘sowing his oats’ with his best friend Sir Branson, knight of the region; friends since childhood. Been back for just over a year. First orc attack was about 4 months ago. 6 months ago is when Wilford’s dad died.
Tom thinks perhaps Wilford et al cleared an old tower or keep or the like and set the orcs up in it.

Food and drink is of high quality here. The farmland is lush in this region, as well as fine pasture so its very well off. Its all fresh and local.

April 22

We meet our guide Franz at the constable’s office where he stayed. People in town seem fine, not afraid within the pallisade. The Baron’s personal troops patrol constantly. Franz takes us to the Baron’s mansion, he has given word of our presence already.
The butler leads us to the meeting chamber with Jonas. Jonas is a healthy but slight man, of good height at 5’10". Welcomes Franz with a hearty hello. Franz introduces Dareth to Jonas, Dareth introduces the rest of us. Jonas welcomes us, provides drink and a bit of food.
“Anything you wish, let my man know and it shall be yours.”
We explain why we are here and discuss the orcs. Tracking in this area is too difficult for his men.
Franz “And we have sent a couple good scouts to search and never returned.” Both were skilled and knew the local geography superbly. There was not a common direction both went. They went out w/in a day of each other. One west, the other south. Their plan was for the frst to go west a way and turn south, and the 2nd to go south and turn west, then keep going south until Walleheim and report any findings to constables there. They moved on foot. Walleheim knew this plan ahead of time.
Jonas appreciates any help we can give. The Thorangian court has deemed the trouble small enough for the local authorities to handle.
Last word of each was only on their first day, day and a half, by loggers/minors and such who they passed. No orcs at those points.
They each had alchemical signal flare.
Just then, a fairly well built soldier enters. The aura of a professional. He apologizes for interrupting but Baron calls Langlee in. He is about to leave on patrol. He has searched the presumed paths of the scouts already, but his men are no trackers.
“It’s difficult for even a good tracker in that terrain.”
Evan “That’s because you have had no Dreyan tracker until now.”
Garth, Damon and John join him. Dareth, Evan and Tom and his crew go west. Franz takes them on the right path.
Off we go.

Langlee has 27 cavalry joining him. Primarily light cav.
They all carry horns for signals, and go over their signals with us.
Langlee wonders how the orcs always seem to be in the exact opposite place we are.
Langlee has a position in Tharangian army, not standing but in reserves. Has fought with them in the last decade.
He finds WIlford to be a conniving whelp! Has known him since young men, both are around the same age. Even then, for as large of a man as he is, Wilford tended to use his cunning and personality more effectively than brawn. Not likable, per se, but very intelligent and always with a plan.
He has thought about the timing, but can’t bring himself to believe Wilford would blatently hire orc brigands to do such things. He mentioned the idea to Baron once, and was laughed off. Branson is a very capable warrior, not bright enough to engineer such things. Very straight forward brute and killer. Would follow Wilford through gates to the hells.
He offers another possibility as well, not so much a suspect but for insight: an old warrior has a home to the south, name of Bucholtz. Old man, lived in area for many years. Good friends with the old Baron. Very private, only sporadically leaves his home and receives few visitors. But, when he speaks, people listen. He explains the route, further south along the hill line. Its a day to day and a half ride there.\
So, we cut west into the hill country.
About a mile into the hills, Sir John stops and dismounts, noticing obvious boot tracks in the soft earth here. Garth checks. They were going north. But not good enough to follow. Garth is fairly sure they are not orcs, unless they are well equipped. The boots are in prime contdition and all the tracks are such. We show Langlee, he says there should be no one in this area for a group of people to be moving as such.
Garth suggests we head in that direction, Langlee agrees. He sends a squad to scout ahead of us.
After a ways, we hear a single hornblow warning. The squad are dismounted, at a small campfire set so that the smoke would not be very visible. Not more than 10 guys. Now, definitely human. Not trying to hide activities either. Garth easily finds their latrine pit and food remains et al.
They stopped to eat! We may have caught up some! We move faster now. Soon, we see guys walking ahead of us. They stop upon noticing us, 9 men. Looking at each other nervously. We approach with purpose. All light armored, trained soldiers; no heraldry.
One steps forward and hails us. Langlee questions them first.They claim they are scouting and foraging from a merc band camped in the woods: Ramirez’s Rangers. None of us have ever heard of them. There are several groups doing so, main camp is several miles south. They were moving north to the sea, to look for work. But, got an offer to protect the lands around a town to the south called Wallenheim from rampaging orcs. Ramirez took the job temporarily couple weeks ago. The ruler can’t afford to pay the wages for too long, but he seems convinced he only needs us for 2 more weeks.
Langlee is starting to crack under pressure of the evidence now.
Langlee lets the men go on their way, they head back south.
Langlee insists on going back to town immediately. We agree.

We go to the last place the scout was seen, a small mining camp and talk to the guys there. Using their local knowledge about the path of least resistence to go west then south. The border to the next country is just west. He cut south prior to the border soon after he left the camp, following a trail to a couple other small settlements. We continue to the settlements. We take our time more on this path. WE get to the last logging community, who did see the scout. We go south.
Dareth notices a conspicuous lack of wildlife suddenly compared to before.
Black Tom dismounts once just into the tree line spotting something, a spot of dried blood! Not fresh. Not enough visible to kill, but obviously human/humanoid violence took place here. The fold mentioned no such attacks nor missing locals.
Evan takes a close look around the spot, and finds a feint trail of blood falling, getting smaller as it goes. Finally, couple hundred yards from the last town, he finds the skeletal remains of the poor scout. Franz can ID from the clothing its one of the scouts for sure.
Evan searches the area for tracks of the attackers, and finds some too fresh to be from the attack, barefoot orc!!! At least 10 or 15.
Evan picks up the trail moments later, we follow.
We are on full alert.
About 7 miles later, its dark now. Ahead, Dareth spots a good sized cooking fire through the foliage. For 10 or so orcs perhaps.
We form a perimeter around them at this distance and close in fast. All but Tom and Evan dismount for the attack in this terrain. Franz will stay with the horses which we don’t take in.
Tom and Evan will charge in opposite one another.
The orcs aren’t being what one would call quiet so we get close with no problem as they roast an unskinned dear on a spit.
Tom and Evan charge in first, both killing 1 as well as Tom’s horse killing one. The footmen move in during their shock, Dareth killing one. They arm themselves and attack, as Ulik moves in to Dareth and breaks the arm of one of his 2 foes.
Then the fight becomes general.
We finish them off easily.

A search of their camp yields nothing of interest.
We camp here.

April 23

We cut east, where they were heading, to search for orc evidence.
Soon after we start, Evan and Tom notice that someone was watching our camp last night and started south before morning. Booted prints but not human. We follow that guy. After about 10 miles, near the flatland north of Walleheim, we see it may have been up to 3 men moving in single file. It leads to a cave!! Busted fools!!!
Franz "Uh, I recommend we go back and get more soldiers, we don’t know how many are even in there.
Tom derides that idea, pressuring to enter the cave now.

Dareth orders Evan to stay with himself here and watch the cave, the rest make it fast east into the clear full speed to town at Franz’s recommendation. It’s hard riding to get home by night but they do with exhausted mounts.
Franz takes us to Jonas immediately.

Meanwhile, the others had reported to Jonas what they found. Langlee brooches the subject with us backing him up.
The next day they went out on patrol with Langlee again, going straight into the hills eastward, passing through the same camps and getting word Dareth/Tom passed by but find nothing of interest.

They were starting to get nervous about Dareth/Tom et al until our arrival.
We rest up tonight.

April 24

At first light make for Dareth and Evan by the open route around the hills.
Langlee will take his cavalry with us!!
“We’ve been itching for a straight up fight.”
We tell him it looks for like ground fighting, so his men take heavier foot armor.
We arrive before nightfall.

Meanwhile they have been watching the cave from a safe distance.
Couple times, Dareth sees orcs coming and going, well camoflaged with proper wilderness outfits. They are trying to be sneaky, and in small groups of a few rotating in and out, going in different directions every time. It’s constant, in about 4 hour scouting forays. None appear to have noticed the 2.

We meet our group prior to them getting w/in view of the cave so they aren’t spotted.
Langlee thinks we should dismount here, walk our horses the mile and set up a camp about half mile from the cave mouth. He’ll leave a contingent to watch the mounts while the rest of us attack.
Dareth “Sounds perfect.”
Franz is here as well.

We find a good spot with cover and set up a camp. Franz stays with a squad of 5 of Langlee’s men (4 soldiers and 1 sgt).

The PC’s and Langlee move in. His men stay outside the cave mouth watching for any patrol. Tom, Garth and Fritz take the lead. Max, Evan and John next; Langlee and Dareth; and the rear Damon and Ulik.
The cave has a slight downward slope, soon branching into 3 tunnels. The main tunnel remains the largest, the flanking branches are slightly smaller. Garth thinks there has been some workings to these tunnels. How long ago he does not know.
We call in 1 squad for each flank, with the Lt to command, We all continue straight.
We hear something quickly, a general sound but not a naturally occuring noise, like a clicking from behind them. Our rear 2 ranks turn, Dareth think it sounds like a device from behind the intersection. Dareth calls for the Lt to be on guard. All but Tom’s front rank stay put. The noise then stops.
Dareth calls to pay attention to the ceiling. He walks back toward the entrance looking up at the ceiling with a torch, John at his side.
Back at the front, Garth thinks he hears some clicking ahead of us now. Just for a brief second though.
From each side of Dareth and John, no idea where they came from, 2 skulls glow in Dareth’s torchlight suddenly and attack. 1 from each side wielding great axes. John is caught off guard totally. They look like orcs, but not the typical type. Faces painted like skulls.
Dareth quickdraws his blade and drops his in 2 quick strikes. John hits with his lucern hammer twice as well, killing his.
Dareth yells a warning forward.
We reform and continue forward.
Dareth “Our element of surprise is probably already gone. Be fully on guard.”
Still gradually downward but straight.
Arrows fire at our front rank. Tom charges, so Garth and Fritz follow. Max follows behind, so Dareth orders Evan and John to follow. As they charge forward, they se 6 orcs turn and retreat, each with a xbow. Tom continues chasing. The rest of the group follows in line.
Ahead the cave opens into a larger cavern 30’ ahead. Garth lobs his torch ahead of Tom to the opening.
Now, from far behind us at the intersection “Here they come, men!”
Ahead, we see no orcs waiting. Tom slows down to peer in first. Fritz sees strung along the cavern mouth is a trip wire!
We get to the mouth and peer inside. Its about 50’ diameter roughly with a natural pond. Its an encampment area, lots of bedding and food scraps. Also approximately 25 orcs prepared for battle.
We hear a voice in orcish bark commands.
Langlee “I need to go back and help my men, we have no idea who many there are.”
Dareth sends John and Ulik back with him and himself as well run for the rear fight.
Tom slices the tripwire with his axe. There are 2 formations of the orcs in the room: both similarly organized. Melee lines at the front and archers behind them. 1 group on each side of the pond straight ahead.
Tom and the blue crue take one side, Evan, Garth and Damon the other. Armigers take the lead trying to take most of their missile fire of both bows and crossbows. With no cover to trade missile fire, we charge into them as fast as possible. Tom gives a rousing speech first. A gravelly orc voice yells “What’s wrong human, you afraid?”
We charge in lines, Tom and the blues to the left, the Crimson Knights to the right.
We charge. Arrows and bolts bounce off off of Garth like sticks. Fritz however is hit multiple times. Then we hit their front ranks.
These orcs are well trained and organized for primitive humanoids.The knights are a hair faster at taking out their melee and xbows. The knights are a hair faster in taking out he melee and xbow ranks. Then, behind, several skull face orcs attack from surprise! Tom, both blue crew, Evan and Garth are each ambushed by one. Evan ignores the pitiful backstabber and goes after the bowman, leaving his slightly lower class non Dreyan friends to deal with the assassin.
Tom and his crew have 3 assassins to deal with, plus 2 others and the archers at this point. The knights have one orc on his knees holding his gushing throat thanks to John’s crit, plus the 2 assassins and archers.
On the other side, Tom and Fritz take on the assassins while Max assaults the archers.
The knights have a more difficult time with the ambushers though as Tom cleans house on his side.
Max’s archers withdraw.
Tom orders a volley of missiles as Garth and Damon finish off the assassins on their side and Evan vorpal hurricanes the archers. The last one alive runs away down a small crawlway tunnel at the far end of the room.
Tom offers them the opportunity to surrender and they do as Garth picks the throat bleeder guy in the head.

Meanwhile, when Dareth et al get to the intersection there is a pitched chaotic battle. The cavalry left at the entrance are engaged here as well. We wade into the mess of blood and grime.
27 orcs attacked via the left and right tunnels.
It doesn’t last much longer once we arrive to even the numbers and put bring our skill to bare. Langlee proves his mettle during the fight.
3 of the cavalry are killed, no officers. More wounded as expected.

Outside, we find that the orc patrol out attacked our camp. 6 forest orcs ambushed them, starting with bowfire. They then tried to release the horses to trap us here on foot, but Skyrling took the offensive, killing one. Ourmen attacked, killing another 2 and they fled.

No worthwile loot in the place. No looted stuff nor payment.

The crawlspace is narrow, not suited for armored men. Dareth strips and goes through, expecting it to exit to the surface as an escape tunnel, and that’s exactly what it is. It was well disguised.

The place is empty otherwise. Langlee wants to take the prisoners back to the Baron for questioning. Franz says we should take them to Besestein and have the authorities from Tharangia question them.
Tom reminds all he’s an professional Inquisitor.
Dareth says since Tharangia said screw off up to this point, Tom should inquisite 2 separately. We can take the other 2 back to the Baron. Only if we get info that may bring Tharangia in, should we take the otherwise senseless trip to Besestein.
Dareth takes Evan to the escape tunnel to track the escapee orc. He turned south toward Walleheim territory.
We take the prisoners back to Erberruck. They are all greenskin forest orcs.

Apr 25

Back in Erberruck. Tom offers to the first person to crack and narcs out the others, help us find who is behind this and any other raiders, gets complete immunity for all previous crimes and will be under the protections of the Norris order. If none of you do so, I give no guarentee on your lives by the end of the night.
After some further ‘prodding’ one of them starts cracking. He wants assurances from Tom that he will never fall back into the hands of his masters.
He expains he’s just a grunt in this, knows not the master plans if any. His gang of orcs were hired to destabilize this area along with a the ghost faced orcs, and a bunch of regular orcs as muscle. Loot and pillage but no outright slaughter, ordered by the liaison to them. Looks like a man, but larger “I’m not really sure what he is” kind of half orc like but not. He came in with a group of his own orcs. They met and made the deal, giving said instructions to the orc leadership. All loot was taken to a central gathering point and they would get paid from it at a later date but for operating costs. He has the feeling this humanish guy was the muscle behind whatever grand plan is going on, but not the brains.
The loot collection point is further south in the hills, closer to edge of hills toward Walleheim, which he does not know the actual name of.
Evan “Since you had no loot, they wouldn’t be expecting you for a while.”
“Right, average was every other week. We deliverd a couple days ago.”

Reporting to the Baron, his first reply is “But, we still don’t know who’s behind this.”
Sigh from all.
He says he wants us to tack to Buckholtz, which we plan to do anyway. No one has heard from him since all this started. Also, go to Walleheim and see if we can gather any concrete information.
We decide to send half to each place. The team going to see the old warrior Buckholtz will then continue around the hills to meet the other 3 at Walleheim.
Buckholtz has a keep with is own men. They work some farmland there and keep to themselves. The compound is run like a military camp, always sentries, etc. The community numbers about 100.

Apr 26

Tom, the blue crew, Ulik and Evan go stright for Walleheim. Dareth, Garth, John and Damon go to see Buckholtz. That group will get a signed letter of intro to Buck with his seal.
We camp together at the split point the first night.

Walleheim arrive midday. Buckholtz evening.

Buckholtz: As we approach, we stay on guard since no one has heard of them for longer than usual.
The keep sits on high ground and the compound is walled and easily defendable.
There are guards on the walls as we approach. We pass some houses and fields, but no one is out here, yet no damage either to have forces them all w/in the walls.
They order to stop and order one only to approach the gate. Dareth rides forward. A speaking hatch opens and a guard asks our business.
Dareth intro’s himself and shows him the letter from the Baron. They let us all in. No visible damage to the outer walls.
Squires stable our horses for us once we are inside. Buckholtz arrives to meet us soon. A messenger already sent. Some 15 armed and ready men cover the courtyard; they aren’t taking any chances.
Old Buckholtz strides out of the main house. Mountain of a man. In his younger days, he must have been a true physical specimen. He invites us to sup with him inside.
Its us 4, him, and some of his top officers and advisors eating together. As we expect, no business while eating.
Soon as food is cleard and all have mead or wine to drink, the conversation turns to business.
We lay out the details.
He says its true, his men have not been venturing outward as much. He feels he does have some insight into the Baron’s problem. And it may not bee the Baron’s problem, but Buckholtrz own. Long, long story, but to get to the point after the boring details of his youth:“I have enemies, made over the years, adn about the time that the Baron’s problems started with orcs I started having problems here. There were several orc raids on my area, none of my people were killed nor property destroyed, but they were on the periphery killing livestock, destroying crops, occasional skirmish”. Then they stopped. He assumed they were only a wandering band, realized the resistance from him was too good and moves on. He then heard about the attackes around Eberruck. He was going to take men out to assist the Baron. Soon as they began to leave, a column of troops came into his land, odd to him for men such as that to come off the road in this direction. He rode out and spoke to them, noticing that one of them was a man he knew from his past. HE decided then not to approach them, as they heavily outnumbered him, and if they decided to not parlay like civilized men (like the man he knew would stoop to) it would be too much. He got his men back w/in their walls and hunkered down.
They never came any closer nor attacked in any way, only made their imminent threat obvious. His theory, w/o proof,
Damon “WHo is this scumbag you know?”
“An evil, evil wizard” whom he thought dead long ago. Once were travelling companions.
John "Does this wizard have a name?
“Well, he goes by many names, I knew him as Malenko.”
Dareth “Was there any oustanding issues among the 2 of you?”
“Not other than he was a dark treacherous scum. I don’t feel I did anything agregious against him personally, but it had reached a point where most of our group were at odds with him generally and were about to part ways with him.” They fought an ancient evil called a Lich, “a type of nasty undead wizard” which they defeated but the Malenko appeard to have been destroyed in the wizardly duel. His body was gone so we assumed him dead and never saw him again.
He brings up the same theory we did, this Baron’s cousin is not actually the Baron’s cousin, this Malenko has replaced him with something else.
Malenko’s troops he came with had a coat of arms he does not know, but they seemed like mercs.
He offers us safety any time we need it. We will keep him in the loop whenever we can.
When he knew Malenko, his primary ability was necromancy and deathly magic. Also accomplished with energy conjuring, especially fire.
Buckholtz knows Burns and Gretchen, she of the Rangers going to assist, also!! He adventured with them. We inform him of what we know of Burns and Gretchen.
Dareth “What kind of man do you know Burns to be? We’re new to his outfit.”
“I never had a problem with him personally, a bit odd though. Multi talented man: fighting skills, magic, sneaky. Good to have around for any situation.” Best thing he had was, he could talk his way out of anything. He details and has drawn up the coat of arms for the mercs: sword and axe crossed over each other, with a dragon head above between the weapons. All in black on a bright blue background.

Walleheim: Walled town, well defended. Lots of daily business going on. Gates are openh to all so we ride in. We are approached by couple town guard. One asks us to stop “You gentlemen seem to be heavily armed riding into our town here?” Evan says we are but wayward knights passing through. He says “Ok, carry on. Enjoy your stay in town. Just know, we do watch armed unknown men like yourselves.”
Evan “We have no plans to.” We ask him for inn and food recommendations. He gives us a couple names: The King’s Arms Inn on the main road, and also the Walleheim Inn and Tavern. Several other places offer more reasonable rates w/o the comfort “But you don’t seem like men interested in such low fare”.
Evan “Who is your lord?”
He says Sir Wilford.
“If we should wish to stay, does he need any hired men?”
“Probably not.” He has his own force of troops and a merc force camped outside of town for a few weeks now. There have been orc troubles, he says, so they have been hired as protection. They are a tight bunch, do not come to town too often. When they do, it seems like they all do cause every tavern in town is full of them. They cause little problems though, quite disciplined. The couple minor squabbles there have been on such nights, the enforcer for the merc leader shows up fast and deals with it.
This enforcer is a very large man named Grigg “Not sure what he actually is, looks like a man but too big and too ugly”.
The merc leader is named Ramirez. Runs a tight ship.
We thank him and ride foward to The King’s Arms Inn. It is indeed a fine choice. Largest such in town. Their regular rooms are quite nice, but also have suites, private guarded stables.
We get our rooms, Lord Blackpool a suite of course, and settle in. We dine here first then head out into the town for the evening to gather info and rumors.
Garth, the hillman, and John, the closest thing to a grunt we have, get drunk too fast and blackout. Garth barely remembers a spending too much alone time with a particularly dirty wench and getting sick afterward.
Evan and Damon stick to the job but find out nothing new and out of the ordinary. The mercs stay north of town at about the tip of the hills. We know the cache of plunder from teh orcs is just NW of that at the hills’ edge also, so its close together. Ramirez and his staff have meetings with WIlford regularly. The sheriff and dep’s tend to hang at Walleheim Inn and Tavern during off hours, its the oldest tavern in town and run by same family always. Lots of the old timers of town hang out there.

Apr 27

Buckholtz group leaves after breakfast, arriving Walleheim around dinner.

Walleheim group nonchalantly akes a ride toward the cache area after breakfast, wearing riding clothes only. Ulik stays to inform the others of our whereabouts if they arrive before we do.
On our way out we pass a contingent of the mercs coming in, guarded wagon on a supply run it it seems. They do indeed give off the feel of professional soldiers. The coat of arms will match what the other group has heard from Buckholtz.
We go easward before abruptly turning north.
Damon says we should actually hunt and get a deer or some sort, for our cover story.
Evan “Fine idea Sir Damon.”
He does find evidence of much movement off the natural trail at one point. All foot or mule, and attempts for some covering of it to someone not looking. He continues north to look for evidence of loot being brought down from the orcs. It gets to rocky for a bit, but again another side trail with a lot of activity, too much. He follows maybe half a mile to a large boulder completely out of place where it lies, to a trained eye. It was put here purposefully.
He goes back to follow the covered trail now. It cuts to the other side of the main trail, west generally toward the merc camp. Whoever has been using it has done an ok job covering tracks to the untrained eye, but it has been a couple dozen at a time. After about a mile and a half it intersects another established trail going north and south.
He returns to the others. Then right to the boulder. Searching, it appears it is covering up a hole.
Damon favors not going in yet. Evan agrees. Back to Walleheim we go with our stag!!
We plop it down and order the cooks to cook it up for everyone. A hearty cheer goes out among the crowd, and the rest of our team arrives and swap stories.
Probably a good thing we didn’t open that boulder, considering the necromancy involved.
Our barkeep says Wilford and Branson tend to favor an old sect, not the Return nor naturists.
Another night gathering more information. Dareth goes to the Walleheim Tavern. Tom visits the religious sect houses Wilson does not visit. John and Garth visit a few brothels with the blue crew, see what they’ve heard. Evan uses the venison as a draw for more people at our Inn and will gather info there with them all a big fan of his. Damon hits a few random smaller taverns.

The first visits are men too young to know any details of the area nor have inside info. The last 2 are old school locals with their long loyal flocks. Between the 2 of them, he finds out Wilford seems “different” somehow compared to before he left in his youth; to talk to the head priest at Wilford’s church, for while he always offers his tythes and attendance, he hasn’t been quite as devoted as his ancestors were, does only the superifcial stuff; no personal relationship with the head priest like his father and grandfathers did; has been an odd man seen with Wilford several times in black robes, no one really knows who he is.

Brothels: They find out that there are lots of good prostitutes in town; mercs frequent them on their allowed visit nights but none pay for themselves, its billed to Grigg who then collects from them all individually; brothels have a similar arrangement for food and drink at the taverns; tips however are done individually on the spot.

Evan: Its a good crowd; he runs into one of the local woodsmen who specifically came for the deer, asks who actually shot the deer and Evan says not himself but his friend John; he says its been difficult for locak woodsmen recently cause mercs are hunting and trapping a lot; all of the woodsmen have been specifically told not to go further north than a specific point north of the camp, might be subject to orcish attacks, as a “safe zone”. Mostly they have had to go to the lighter southern hills which is small game, or the SW hills technically illegal as its over the border.

Damon: runs into a couple wandering adventurous warriors, been using Walleheim as a base for months now. One night the mercs were in town, saw couple get into a bar brawl, moments later Grigg arrived and kocked them out cold with a sap and took them away. “Grigg is only half human, no doubt in my mind, from my xp, just not sure what exactly it is.” Warns us to watch ourselves around him, he’s a major bruiser.

Dareth: finds the sheriff and 2 dep’s easily. He intro’s himself right away and starts talking very professionally and precisely. Convinces them rather quickly he is looking out for the best interest of the Baron and the region. They work for the Tharangian gov’t. Sheriff has been here for years now. Found Wilford an uppity brat then and now, concerned more with personal issues. Wilford’s father went out with him and Branson and a few of retinue to hunt, had accident fell off horse hit head on rock and died soon after they brought him back to town. They know the man in black is named Malenko, but he’s had only one interection with him. Brief, but “left a mark on me; if I were to never see him again I’d be happy”. Wilford will have him sit in on his meetings with Ramirez at least some of the time. Has no idea where this Malenko lives; not in town, sheriff and dep’s are certain, and does not seem to be camping with mercs. "Malenko is typically in town about every 3rd day unless for a specific meeting otherwise, and shops for odds and ends for whatever he does. I haven’t seen him in town these last 2 days. He’ll likely be in the shop district tomorrow. Dareth says he may see the sheriff at his office tomorrow for further private word on these matters.

Apr 28

Dareth and Tom to Sheriff, with blue crew. The others go to shopping district before opening time. THey walk around, getting lay of the land, then use the local kids and street urchins to find out where they have seen this man in black visit so as to watch strategic blocks for where he goes today. Perhaps even where he enters and leaves the city.

Market District:
It smells like fresh baked goods all over, lots of craftstmen working already. It takes coin to get the urchins to talk but it works. He visits chemists and alchemists and herbalists mostly, but also random trinket shops for supplies. They show us the locations. They haven’t seen him with anyone else. He walks into town at one of the gates, could be any of them, shop, and leave by the same gate. Always on foot. We strategically position ourselves to hopefully get a few looks at him.
Before lunch, we see him walk down the street. People avoid him and move out of his way far ahead. Food vendors make no attempt to sell to him. Stops at apothecary first. Evan walks by and looks in. He hands the shopkeeper a list, who then gets about collecting with his assistant. He walks out with a good sized bag.
Next we spot him at herbalist shop. Repeats the process.
Then gets some food.
Lastly, the blacksmith, purchasing a set of manacles.
His build is exactly of our Malenko, but we never get a clear look at his hooded face.

Dareth and Damon sit with him in his back office, the blue crew guard out front. Then the 2 of them lay out the evidence we have gathered thus far, and our theories about Wilford.
“If the information is true, it would be a serious infraction to have hired an outside force to destabalize the local gov’t, then bring in a separate such force to ‘fix’ it and put himself in a position of authority.”
He wants to go and talk tothe count, but we don’t want him to tip our hand. Sheriff feels he won’t do anything to him as the Thorangian authority in this town. That would be too risky of a thing to risk Thorangia send troops and investigators to look into the sheriff’s death. He understands we don’t want them to know that someone knows something is going on, though. But, since we have seemingly eliminated the orcs, their plan must change. “If I confront them now, possibly they will make a mistake feeling pushed afterward.” He will tell him he received a letter from the Baron asking him to investigate these allegations, keeping us out it.
He will let all of the dep’s know, if something untoward happends to him, that they must immediately contact the Besestein authority.
Dareth insists he put this in writing, in the unfortunate event. One copy to us, one to his office to be sent to Besestein in such a case, a final one is sent by courier to sheriff in Urberruck.
Evan suggests he wait until tomorrow, day after Malenko is out of town.
He agrees that’s a good idea.
We set up a code phrase as a reply to something we say first, so we know its him.

The reply is a scheduled appointment, noting that Ramirez is coming in for a meeting as well.

Tom to head priest:
He says its been a rather trying year for the church here. The former ruler was such a good friend to church and priest personally. Wilford is just not his father, nor the same as the child he was. His travels seem to have changed him. He was never overly religious to start with, but he did believe in it. Now, he only keeps up appearances. Even seems somewhat anti religious as a rule. His dad would promote religious festivals of all sorts as public affairs. Wilford these last few months has been insistent upon them keeping such things to their own property in their own walls.
Malenko has been in the church once with Wilford for a service “I could feel his gaze upon me the entire time, I could not bring myself to meet his stare”. Felt a kind of tug on his spirit even.
Branson, the priest says was not from a religious family. His father was a personal guard of Wilford’s dad. Became Wilford’s best friend and protector. So far as the priest can tell, same man as when he left but does not know him well to begin with. Keeps to Wilford and other soldiers in the retinue.

Later, we check around about Branson with the cops: Branson does not have much of a social life, never has. Wilford and sons of other guardsmen. Most of those boys grew up to be guardsmen in town. Out of those, only Branson was close with Wilford. We likely have only 2 options to catch Branson by himself: brothel, which he does visit and often; sometimes he will train on his own but its at barracks or Wilford’s house, both difficult to have reason to be allowed into.
Could be that he’s just so simple minded, he’s willing to follow who he thinks is Wilford to anything.
We ask more specifics on the hunt: the group was split up at the time of the dad’s death. From what the sheriff was told, Wilford and his dad and 2 of their men were there when the accident happened. Branson was off with some other men chasing a deer.

Tom gets us stocked up on holy water.

We ride out for the boulder, staggering our exit at different gates, arriving uneventfully.
We move the boulder revealing a hole, Ulik at the ready with his shield.
Opening is large enough for a full grown man to easily pass through. Hole is at an angle. Dareth looks inside with low light vision, a good size shaft slants down only about 3’ where it opens into a small room.
Dareth recommends big Black Tom go first.
Tom orders Max to go first with a torch, but he sees no exit visible, but lots of movement on the dirt floor. Flattened areas where something obviously sat for a while; several loose coins on the ground. He pockets them.
Max “Looks like only a temporary dropoff point. Nothing more.”
Dareth drops in and makes a good search of the floor and walls but finds nothing.

We go and follow the other path again, Evan leading the way, to the N/S main trail. We follow it south until we are approaching the mercs by a couple miles or so. Evan goes ahead on foot by himself.
He gets close enough to hear the sounds from the large encampment; and also voices that aren’t human from the camp direction but closer. Sounds like orcs. He real cautiously edges forward until he definitely knows they are separate from the camp. He goes back and gets Garth to go further forward.
Garth creeps up and sees an area clearer of underbrush and trees. Further down is the human merc camp. Right in front of him is an orc camp, big enough for maybe 3 dozen roundabout. Grigg is here talking to them in orcish. He is pointing around at different orcs in camp then at the humans, and they all have a good laugh at whatever joke it was. He then goest to the human camp. His voice is booming. He starts speaking in human once there.
Definitive proof the orcs and mercs are in cahoots.

Back to Walleheim.

We find our woodsman buddy during the night out, find him with some other woodsman friends at a tavern, and ask him about any ruins or large cave complexes in the area. They come up with 2: a caves in woods to the south, and in hills to north there is an old ruined keep about 25 miles or so north of town. The caves are about 12 or 15 miles from town.

Apr 29

We see sheriff first thing in morning to report about the orcs. We hang out at his office to wait and see what happens when he returns.
Around lunchtime he returns. He gives back the correct code line.
The meeting was with Wilford and Branson. Wilford said if there is a connection tween the orcs, Ramirez/Malenko he’s not sure. Malenko was travelling with the mercs when he arrived but not truly part of their ranks. Wilford claimed they met at first, had nice conversation, came across as very capable advisor so he has been using him in that capacity since. Wilford is concerned about orc connection and promises to talk with Ramirez at their meeting today. He knew nothing about orcs. They feel there was nothing nefarious about his dad’s death. Same story of falling off horse and cracking head on rock. When asked about the mercs threatening Buckholtz, Wilford feels that ‘crazy old man’ misinterpreted them marching near his keep.
Sheriff really feels like none of this has to do with WIlford. Something else going on.

We leave in afternoon north for the ruin. We get our woodsman buddy and pay him to be a guide.
We will ride west over the border and then north into the hills, around the merc area.
None of the priests Tom spoke to have any xp fighting and especially vs undead, so no help from them but for stocking up on holy water.
We decide to spend the rest of the day checking around town for an xp’d holy man/warrior, starting with the temple heads. We get a few names that may be able to assist us. One, if this was 20 yrs ago, would have been perfect. But older now so might not be interested.

While we are in town that afternoon, Ramirez and Grigg enter for their meeting with WIlford. Malenko is not with them.

Dareth and Damon talk to the older man first, named Argehrt. He lives comfortably, obviously quite successful in his youth. Has a servant even. He invites us in. 65 years old! He has lots of quality decorative loot from his prime. He has never heard the name Malenko. He recommends holy water, which we have in plenty, holy symbols, and silver wpns. We lack those, but ask if he has any we could leave collateral for. He does, as well as cold iron!! Concerning a necromancer involved, we should prepare for skeletons, zombies first. More dangerous, ghouls and ghasts and wights. He tells us their strengths and weaknesses.He is skilled vs disease, which could be an issue, and he is willing to help if we return alive. Next up the scale are the incorporeal wraiths and shadows.Anything greater than those subservient to this necromancer, just get out. He’s probably too powerful for only us to deal with. Silver and cold iron have the chance vs the incorporeal. Otherwise, magic wpns or spells. Lacking that, holy symbols to keep them at bay then hit them with the holy water for a chance to hit it as well.
He has his manservant bring out 4 weapons: cold iron mace; silver longsword; silver shortsword; silver dagger.
He leaves and returns himself with and amulet that casts a daylight spell with a command word. It takes some magic power from user to wield it properly.
He surprisingly asks for no payment nor collateral “I can tell from your auras you’re good, trustworthy men.”
He tells us there is a private tavern in the cheaper section of town that is an adventurer’s club essentially. Look there for divine assistance and tell them he sent us and they’ll let us in.
We thank him graciously and take our leave.

We collect Tom and Evan and go to said tavern, drop his name, and the doorman invites us inside but checking our main weapons at the door.
We order drinks and some food. Maybe a dozen guys in here currently. One guy sticks out to us, wears armor but also a large holy symbol around his neck, sitting by himself.
We go over and introduce ourselves, ask him if we can sit. His name is Kristoff. We tell him our basic situation. He does have xp vs undead. Another guy nearby says “don’t listen to that blowhard. He tells everyone who asks him he’s fought whatever they ask about.”
He insists he just ran into a pack of skeletons last week, killed them all. He was in the hills to the SE across the river, investigating an old ruin. Half dozen attacked him in the ruin. He crushed them with his hammer. He says, in truth, he has exaggerated in the past to get jobs but not in this case!
The other guy, robed, says he exaggerates everything. He says we need a caster, and he knows the guy. HImself.
Kristoff admits he can’t cast, but his holy symbol is a family artifact that he knows is effective vs undead.
The robed man volunteers to join us for the right price. His standard is 10gp up front plus travelling expences, and an equal share of treasure. He says he’s an arcanist, specializing in healing and undead. We’ll hire him on. Kristoff too, for just equal share of loot.
Arcanist name is Joseph.
We tell them to meet us at our inn tomorrow morning prepared for at least a few days ride. They accept.

Apr 30

Our new friends meet usand the woodsman Ichabod at our inn and we depart. Joseph gets to use the daylight amulet.

Tom organizes a watch at our camp: Blues; Tom/Garth; Dareth/John.
Dareth takes the longsword; Fritz the mace; Tom the shortsword, Evan the dagger.
The night goes uneventfully until the last watch nearing morning when Dareth hears some noise, like wings flapping. He alerts John and looks upward to see a giant bat flying above the camp going north, in the dark sky above he still thought he may have seen a figure riding the bat. They were just above the canopy.

May 1

We arrive afternoon. We stay much more on alert as we close in in the area. Its an old ruin, quite overgrown. There is a main tower in the center, completely overgrown with ivy and such.
Ichabod makes a check of the area. He finds nothing that sticks out to him as unusual. He then stays back a safe distance with the mounts, and we walk to the complex. We enter through the ruined main gate in the square outer wall. The main central tower is squared, not circular. Ruined outbuildings throughout the grounds. Our trained military eye, we think a fight happened here long ago and the place lost. There is a large hole in back wall,and one on the left side of outer wall as well. A well front right of the tower.

The courtyard is very overgrown with brush, slowing us down. Tom and Max start cutting a swath forward to the tower door first. Dareth and Damon right behind.
Evan and Garth are next, looking for evidence of activity within the foliage but find none.
Kristoff and Ulik are to guard Joseph. John and Fritz watch our rear.
Both Dareth and Damon stop everyone, seeing something moving in the brush just ahead.
Tom and Max ready. Damon realizes what it is just in time to warn Max and Tom “It’s an assassin vine!” and it attacks, as do the vines around us to entangle.
The first 4 are able to dodge the initial entanglement, but we are back to being slowed down there! The actual creature is still 20’ ahead of Tom and Max, and grapples Tom.
He escapes and he and Dareth move toward it.
It goes after Tom again as skeletons start to stand up on either side of our column all over. Max tries to move forward but gets engangled. Damon moves up to try to free Max.
Evan draws his warhammer and moves to block skeletons, Garth readies his shield. JOhn and Max move in to fight them as well.
Ichabod moves up to just outside the entangle area, Ulik and Kristoff guarding him, behind Fritz and John supporting Evan and Garth.
Tom kills the assassin vine after a few hits then turns on the skeletons with everyone else engaged with skeletons. The Joseph lays down positive energy killing 3 skeletons.
WIth the entangling now gone, we are able to concentrate on the skeletons freely, Even requests Joseph to conserve his power and we clean house from there.

Just as we get to the tower, a vine reaches down from the wall of the tower above for Max and grapples him around the neck!
Dareth cuts him free with 2 strokes.
John reaches over and finishes it off with 2 attacks of his pole weapon.
Max and Tom hack our way through the foliage covering and sealing the door itself.
Garth thinks he hears a faint cry for help from the well.
The knights, being a cry of distress, go to investigate.
In the well is a small mouth on the side of the well making the cry.
Dareth “Back, shields up!”
The assassin vine casts its entanglement around us. We all avoid and back away!
Then more skeletons rise from the undergrowth around us all.
Garth is grabbed.
Max and Tom finish cutting the door open. The foliage entangles Damon and the fight starts.
It tires to pull Garth over as it constricts, but he hooks his pick on the side of the well to anchor himself.
Inside the tower is plant free, very dusty.
As the fight wages on, its a titanic grapple battle tween it and Garth trying to not be squeezed and dragged to it. After several attempts he finally escapes as Dareth reaches the Vine.
Dareth engages the vine. Evan and Garth become entangled, but Damon frees himself for the first time and assists Evan. John has been laying waste to a gang on his end.
Dareth finishes it off, and we easily take out the last 3 skeletons.

After a quick breather, Tom and Dareth lead us into the tower. 2 sets of stairs go up to landings, a door left, right, and straight ahead as well.

Tom and Dareth go left first, door is stuck. An armiger at each stairway, John and Max watching the other doors. Damon and Evan backing up Dareth and Tom.
Tom bashes the door open to a long dining hall. A door at the far right end cutting back. There are signs in here of movement, footfalls.
The 4 in the lead enter the room, Joseph moves to the doorway with his 2 guards Ulik and Kristoff.
They walk the length of the room and open the door. Damon’s torch illuminates room that the forward door in the foyer enters into. It’s the kitchen, fireplace on the tower’s back wall in here. Teaming with zombies. Dareth order a step back to use the door as a bottleneck, puts Tom in front to cleave away with his greataxe with Evan backing him up on the flank next to the end of the table. Dareth gets atop the table to cut from above.
Damon runs back and tells them to open the central door to take some heat off of us as they poor through the open door. Tom, Evan and Dareth start hacking away.
The other team forms a wall and lets them into the foyer.
Joseph stands in the doorway to the dining room to react both directions if need be. When Garth opens the door, they are already all stacked up at Tom’s door and pooring through to overwhelm! Tom and Evan are both taken to the ground!!
Ulik yells to John et al “They’re being swarmed!”
Garth sends Max leading them in to hit their rear. Tom is able to stand up immediately, Evan lashes out from the ground as Dareth drops one of his. We finish them off w/o much damage, but we didn’t expect them to act as such a mass. Even Joseph is surprised at the tactic.

We take the door at the far end of the zombie room, its an empty room of only broken furniture. A door leads back into the foyer.
The foyer ceiling is the floor of the 3rd floor. The 2nd floor only has rooms around the perimeter.
The Knights take the right steps, Tom left, to the landings. Left has 2 doors, right has only one.
After 3 hits Sir Garth bursts the door open into a room full of skeletons. Garth makes some room for Dareth, then they push more back so that Evan, Damon and John can get in at which point they handily sweep the room.
One door leads out at the far right end, not locked. Garth leads the way in again to a 20×20 room. Spiral steps upward are faintly visible, but the darkness here is unnatural. The torchlight doesn’t travel far. Soon as Dareth walks in, the torch extinguishes inside. He calls for Joseph to fix this. While he begins, we hear something and smell something bad.
Dareth “Ghoul!”
He orders Garth low and shield high “John in to back us up.”
Joseph finishes his spell, and tosses a pebble imbued with light into the room cancelling the dark.
Dareth and Garth finish them off after John is paralyzed. Fritz leads the way through the end door first. Its locked but he bursts it in 2 tries into a room full of zombies who are ready for him. Fritz drops his flail in favor of his axe, steps aside and Max joins him.
The zombies surge forward as a horde, craming together as they attack, knocking both the blue crew to the ground! Tom is then able to clear a path to get inside, standing atop Max!
Now, the other door at the end of the room opens unleashing a gang of skeletons as well!
After taking a beating getting up, the blues retreat and Ulik enters to assist Tom. The undead are relentless, and hold Tom off for a time. Inevitably he starts clearing space and Fritz steps back inside, followed soon after by Max. Still, it remains hard fighting. Then, something else comes into the room. Long tongue wagging out of its mouth, snarling ferociously with a stench of old death, a Ghast!
Ulik, having just been crit’d in the groin, puking his guts out. It goes at Tom, paralyzing him!! Eeh gads!!
Kristoff enters from the hallway to join in now!
Max picks up Tom’s greataxe and confronts the ghast while Fritz deals with the skeletons taking 3 down!; they ignore the final zombie for now.
Fritz quickly joins him, the last zombie bears down upon Tom and starts to look for a soft spot to eat him!
Fritz and Max slay the ghast! Max rushes to Tom’s aid and kills the zombie! Frits leads the way finishing off the last of the skeletons.

Whew, that was close.

The other door at the stairtop has a hallway with stairs at the end.

We all regroup and go up the staircase Tom’s group found. Sir Garth leads the way followed by Sir John, warily. It leads into an empty room with 2 doorways out. First door we take opens into a hall to another door. The knights with Joseph continue on to that door, the others staying to watch the 2nd door in the room. Our so called undead hunter Kristoff watches the stairway we came up.
The door opens, and Evan yells “Wait” but its too late. The back door has a slab drop tween us and the room!
What we wouldn’t do for a thief.
Garth sees skeletons in the room ahead. A poison gas seeps into the hallway and skeleton room. Damon and Dareth react first, moving into the room to fight. No exit is visible!
At the end of the room, there is a larger skeleton that was once a troll. Ugh. Evan starts inspecting the door for a way to open it, as does Kristoff on the other side. Joseph begins casting.
Tom and Max in despiration try to lift the slab with brute strength.
John joins the fight.
Garth, Damon and Joseph become sickened and 2 con damage from the poison!
Damon is hit with a crit that makes him nauseous for a round.
Tom is unable to lift the slab and wants to move on through the other door. Fritz sees nothing amiss with the doorjam at the other door so opens it, to the immediate moan of zombies!
Damon succumbs to the gas even worse, as does Joseph, both nauseated and down more con. Joseph down a total of 6 con now!
Daman withdraws. Dareth and the troll skeleton finally engage.
Ulik bullrushes the first zombie out of the way to open the door way, and Max takes advantage and moves in. Tom joins him.
The zombies counterattack.
Kristoff has found no way to lift the slab, neither has Evan. We quickly learn there are a few worse things among the zombies. Ghouls.
The skeletons are cleared, making room for Evan to move in to assist Dareth.
Evan finishes off the skeleton troll!!
we notice the poison is done coming in but it still fills the room and hall.
Dareth gets sickened as we start to look for a way to get rid of the poison and/or open the door. They find nothing. Evan is the last still able to be holding his breath.
One of the ghouls is a ghast, when he moves in the stench sickens Fritz.
Tom becomes paralyzed from the ghast!!
Max finishes off the ghast soon after!
Kristoff kills the last 2 zombies and sees a lever in the alcove! Max pulls it. Weepholes open in the floor in the hall and room. In one round, the gas is gone!! The slab opens. We’re free! Only John and Evan are unscathed by the poison.

From the ghoul room we take the south door into a hall with 2 doors: 1 east, 1 west. We take the east. Fritz opens it, Garth next to him at the other door. A door lies straight ahead across the room. The sound of fleshy undead greets us, 2 ghouls. John switches with Gharth and they drop the first. The other backs off, we see 7 more. A couple more at least look different, worse, and not ghasts. Tom orates an inspiring speech. Fritz, Kristoff and Garth move in to block as Joseph is brought for to cast. John prepares to move in behind the lead 3. Dareth steps to block the other door, Max next to him.
The ghouls and other 4 creatures, wights!! attack our line.
Joseph hits the wights in the rear hard with his positive energy, they writhe in the shock of its damage.
Through the door in front of Dareth comes an incorporeal undead!
Another back in the room at our rear!!
Dareth draws his silver longsword and attacks. Evan has the silver dagger in the rear and Tom the silver shortsword, he gives it to Damon, for Tom is too hurt. Damon moves to engate with Evan. Ulik backs out down the hall to Joseph.
Dareth to Joseph “The daylight amulet on the wraiths!”
He turns and empowers it, the sunlight comes in a ray upon the wraith and it retreats.
Evan is sapped of 5 con!!
The first room is cleared.
A moment later, the wraith that fled comes out of the wall at Tom!!
Dareth calls for Max and the cold iron mace and runs to assist himself. Ulik steps to cover the closed door Dareth left, Max still there as well.
Fritz arrives immediately to help Dareth.
Garth, Kristof and John ready for the door in the ghoul room to open.
Joseph hits with his positive energy attack on Dareth and Fritz’s wraith in the hall, this time a focused beam rather than a burst.
Evan is hit for more con loss and has to withdraw. Damon kills it!!
Dareth loses 6 con then he slays it.

Evan and Dareth are messed up badly.

Dareth has Max take the lead through the wraith door with Fritz. Max chops at the door around the lock. Garth goes at it with his pick and busts the lock apart.
In we go, Max and Garth leading the way. There is a magical flash as a symbol on the entrance activates.
1 person succeeds: Sir Garth.
Pain wracks us all, minus 4 penalty to most roll.
The room is empty but a ladder leads to the roof. Garth rushes to it and climbs. 3 tries he bursts through it!! He climbs through. He sees the bat far in the distance, the necromancer riding it. He has escaped.

This is his his living quarters. We make a full search but find nothing of import. Then loot the rest of the place.

40 cp
18 sp
2321 gp
496 pp
Gems: 35; 45; 4x 50; 55; 65; 70; 90; 2x 110; 350; 2x 450; 550
mst short sw
mst splint
mst morningstar
mst padded armor
adamantine battle axe
6x flasks: oil of arcane mark; oil of bless wpn; oil of obscure object; potion of fox’s cunning; pot remove blindness/deafness; pot tongues
2 scrolls: prot evil; statue
wand: dancing lights

We get back to the camp with the woodman and rest here tonight. After we leave the top floor, the pain goes away later in the night.
One other room of skeletons Garth, using Evan’s warhammer, and Fritz handle them easily.
First, we light the tower and burn it out.

May 2

Uneventful ride toward town.

May 3

Return to Walleheim late afternoon.
First we go to the law, informing the sheriff what went down. He says there have been developements. There was a meeting tween Ramirez and WIlford yesterday morning. Seems Ramirez is packing up his troops for some reason, after a long discussion. He left and the troops began packing up their camp, which they are still doing now.
That was the morning after Malenko fled the tower. Sheriff assumes it was Wilford’s decision. So far as he knows, Malenko has not been here. None of the mercs have come into town so no word on where they are going now.
We have Ichabod leave us now to get any word they have on the mercs and orcs.

Next to Argehrt and inform him in detail of the battles. He has no issue with us keeping his stuff until we leave the region.

We ride out to talk to Ramirez, who greets us with Grigg and a small entourage. He says WIlford paid their wages, told them their services were no longer needed “apparently the orc threat is over, not more sightings around his cousin’s seat”. They plan to continue to Tharangia, toward the coast, looking for work.
Dareth “Did you have your own contingent of orcs working with you, by chance?”
He denies that. “My man Grigg, he can’t stomach orcs.”
Dareth wishes him good luck and much gold.
“Mm hm We plan on it.”

Back to town. No news from Ichabod. Some people in town seem releived the mercs are leaving, others are upset (mostly businesses that made profit from them).

Argehrt lets Evan and Dareth stay the night, treated with his healing skill.

May 4

By moring, Dareth and Evan are back to full ability.
We find Ichabod, who is looking for us as well with a few tidbits of info.

  • There are still orcs in the hills north of Ramirez’s camp, moving about northward while we were gone.
  • A local woodsmen in the hills to the west, around that cave we did not go to in favor of the tower, was trapping and disappeared. Was supposed to return yesterday.
  • It appears as if Wilford has Branson out mobilizing the town’s forces.

To the sheriff. He just found out this moring about the mobilization! One of his deputies told him. Branson was out very very early getting officers organized.
Dareth “You had better let Besestein know something is going on here.” He agrees whole heartedly. He volunteers to send a deputy with Tom to Buckholz.
We feel we need to warn Buckholz and Erberuck of the troop movement, its timing with the Malenko leaving the tower. We think it could be ill omen.
Tom rides for Buckholz. The rest of us go north.

We saddle up and ride out. The Besestein bound dep. travels with us until splitting off.
The Erberuck group, few hours out, see Ramirez train sitting at the pass tween the hills. They moved here last night! No permanent camp set up. They must be on their way to Erberruck. They let us go on by.
Even cuts south through the hills once we are safely past and at the top of the hill range. He will get there tomorrow.

Tom arrives at Buckolz evening to warn them of all that has happened.
“No sir, I don’t like it.” He has a feeling the move is agains the Baron. He tells Tom to stay for the night. Tomorrow, he will ride with Tom, bringing some men, to Walleheim so that he can have a talk with Wilford to straighten this out on his end right quickly.

May 5

Erberruk group arrives early afternoon. Deputy on his way to Besestein.
All seems normal here, Baron sees us immediately. We lay out the happenings.
The Baron still doesn’t want to believe it. The general says he’ll send 3 riders to scout Ramirez approach. He’d like us to stay here in case of orcish attack.

Evan starts out very early for Buckholz and pushes his Dreyan steed. W/in sight of it, he sees Buckholz has been surrounded. The mercs must have come over the hills during the night. Bolsteredy by a contingent of undead. Its Ramirez’s entire force. 300 some mercs and minimum 100 to 150 undead. Evan turns to forced march for Erberuck making it back late tonight. Thank the Masters for the Dreyan horse.
He reports.

Wilford sees this as evidence they are only after Buckholz. He wants to help but he can’t leave his town undefended vs the orcs if they should attack.
We get him to send a rider from town with a local deputy 1st thing in the morning to Besestein to inform them of all this.

May 6

The scout riders return and report WIlford is coming this way, with his army. Likely to arrive tomorrow evening.
The deputy and rider leave at first light.
We know we can’t help Tom’s situation now.
New messengers are sent to Besestein to inform them that Erberuck is directly under attack.
We get to work fortifying the walls etc. Pull people and supplies and food inside the walls.

Later in the day, some townsfolk rush in from the west screaming in panic: the orcs are here. Slaughtered 20 people, burning farm. There are a lot of them.
Dareth gathers Langly and his men, with ourselves, and we ride out to block them from hitting more citizens and supplies.

At the homestead attacked, everything is dead and destroyed.
To the NW we see a group of them running for the next target.
We move to ride them down. 30 orcs in this group. Our 8 plus Langly and his cpt take the lead. The lt. leads the other men around the position to hit them in the rear once we soften them up.
One who is in the rear is clearly barking orders to the others with a small contingent of guard around him.
There are a handful with longspears, but not enough to concern us. They put them in their 2nd rank as well. 4 die, at the lance of Dareth, Evan, Max and Fritz; 3 are gravely injured. Langly, on one wing, is able to use our assault to get around to the unit’s 2nd in command and crits him twice DEAD!!
The orc leader sends his 4 guard in at the first 3 momentarily unengaged: Garth, John, and 2 on Langley.
The rest of the cavalry hit from their rear now that we have killed most of them, the orc leader standing alone in their path.
Dareth once free charges the orc leader as Daman moves in to help Langley and cuts the orc’s spine, paralyzing him.
When Langley’s men get there, the fight is utterly over.

Back to town.
The majority of the cav stay out watching for other warbands and protecting homesteaders as they gather supplies and make for the city.
We continue fortifying the wooden wall, organize, et al.

Back to Buckholz keep and Tom:

Buck to Tom after they realize the force approaching ‘I have plenty of supplies to last a long time, but I don’t have the men to hold off an army, outnumbering me more than 10 to 1 including undead. If they all out attack, we won’t last long; hoping they are either overestimating what I have in here and so are cautious or their might be a reason to let the siege drag on if they are trying to reach some other purpose and only trap me; we will find out soon enough’.
Tom has placed himself and his mount at the front gate.

Now, this morning, everyone is in place. Peasants sheltered inside, being handed weapons and armored to all who can possibly fight.
It does not appear that they are ready to attack today. Lots of milling about, a camp is set up. They put up their own defenses vs sorties from the inside. The undead form a circle between the troops and the keep, staring our direction.

They pass out holy water amongs the front line defenses. Also, they have the typical siege defenses like boiling oil, murder holes, etc. The defenses are stone also, not wooden walls.

Otherwise, uneventful day.

May 7

The Walleheim Army arrives and begins to organize. Shortly thereafter, more orcs arrive in the hills. Sir Branson comes forward, announcing to the wall “My Lord Wilford would like an audience with his cousin to discuss terms for surrender and abdication of this throne.”
Wilford says he’ll go speak to him.
Evan “NO!”
This guy has an army of undead he is allied to, and we’re supposed to trust his parlay? Um, no.
He has Langley announce they are not going to leave the confines of the city to negotiate, if they want to parlay they must come into town.
Branson is confused “Wait, hold on” and rides back into the camp. He returns with a small contingent including Wilford and agree to speak at the gates, neither of us in direct harms way of the other force.

The sides meet at one of the mandoors by the gate. Sir Garth and Sir Daman accompany our side. Wilford tells his cousin he is a weak leader and should not be Baron any longer, proven by the actions in the last few months. If not for these new men assisting, he would have lost his holdings to the marauding orcs alone. “I on the other hand had no raiding around my town and in fact made an alliance with the remaining orcs to keep them from raiding.” He asks the Baron to surrender peacefully and abdicate, he does not want to slaughter anyone.
The Baron is taken aback “Why like this?” Wilford says that on his travels abroad, things were made clear to him by someone whom he now call a friend. Malenko. Jonas says he refuses to give up the throne for nothing but threats. Garth insists they orcs were camped with Ramirez, they were working with them the entire time.
WIlford is shocked by this. We explain the entire sight we saw with Grigg talking to the orcs. We tell him he has been played by Malenko and Ramirez.
Wilford is taken aback.
Jonas “You see, if you wre truly concerned with the people rather than power, you would have seen this under your nose.”
We tell him what the old sage said about Malenko back in the day.
We tell him how we eliminated the keep of undead to the north, and still had the cave full to the south.
He has no idea about the bat mount either.
WIlford is almost speechless about all of this. Malenko’s potential power, his scheming behind Wilford’s back.
He asks for a day to sort this out.
Garth “The question is, does Buckholz have a day?”
Ok, he says he’ll be back tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.
Garth says to not communicate with Makenko in any way.

Back inside, Wilford is very depressed, having been utterly convinces his cousin would never betray him like this.
Dareth “This Malenko is likely a master manipulator. This likely never would have occured if not for him.”

Tonight, at dusk one of the guards on the orc side is approached by an orc. It yells in common “Humans, we have a gift for you” and throws something over the wall.
A human head, the head of the 2nd deputy sent to Tharangia, from here, once we knew Walleheim was coming this way. Then “We’ll be back tomorrow” and runs off to his camp.

We decide to play it careful, and send a 2 groups to watch the hill lines flanking WIlford’s camp in case the orcs make any kind of assassination attempt on him.
Closing in at midnight, they return to report seeing several bands of orcs moving around the town. The main body is spreading out to close off the town. Advanced elements were heading along faster toward the front of the town.
Evan “We had best warn Wilford.”
Dareth “Tell everyone to prepare for a night attack.”
John and the blue crew are to stay here. Langly too to watch is charge. The rest of us will go out with the cavalry.
The sentries send word back and Wilford and Branson meet us and we tell him what’s happening.
WIlford is still not thinking clearly, very slow.
While we are talking we hear a scream and orcish voices.
WIlford “Sound the alarm. we’re being attacked!” Branson bellows for the cpt of the guard to rouse the troops.
Torches on the outer perimeter are being extinguished by the orcs.
Garth “Lots of light, keep the light going!”
Branson grabs WIlford “You need to go with them, get into the town. I’ll rally the troops here. If your cousin can send out reinforcements to help, send them. If not, we’ll try to fight out way into the town. It does not look liek, though, our men can stand up to this very long.”
WIlford mounts and joins us making for town.
Dareth “Good luck, Branson.”
We start getting everyone ready, they are coming.
We get the cavalry ready at the gate to go and help Wilford’s men get inside if possible.
WIlford has no idea now how many might be out there.
Flaming arrows are shot into the field tween us and the camp to make light.
Langley watches the fight with a field glass. He says if we’re going to help, we need to do so now. The ambush was thourough.
Dareth “Let’s go.”

On the way we meet a few stray orcs and ride them down.
At the camp, dead bodies are strewn about. We have to ride into the camp some to get to the fighting. Many are still unarmored.
Deeper in, Branson and a contingent of troops have formed a circle, completely surrounded. The orc number isn’t an overwhelming force, however. Enough that Branson and his force would be greatly reduced.
We hit them viciously in the rear. The orcs bolt. As fast as possible, we get the survivors into the town. A few men go down on the way from arrows out of the darknes.
Out of almost 200 men he had brought, there are about 50 left.
If we wouldn’t have been scouting, they would have been wiped out.

We find out the first thing Wilford did was talk to Malenko, questioning the arrangement! Why! Why would he do that, this idiot!!
Malenko’s answer to discussing the arrangement “I will send you a response by tomorrow morning”. This attack was his response.
Wilford has a total breakdown, innocent men he served up to the slaughter, and knows he was duped. His town has only militia and a small home guard.
Good news for him, we know Ramirez and Malenko are both with the undead.
His communication method was a crystal ball. Its still in his tent, unfortunately.

The orcs complete a circle around the city before morning. However, its a thin defense the entire way around, Though they have easily their largest body blocking the front way out. Attacking with half our strength, we would probably have that body outnumbered. But, then other orcs would likely move in. Grigg is nowhere in sight. Using the town’s seeing glass, the leadership is at the front gate body. A second in command at the back gate.
It appears they are here to pin us in so that we don’t leave to assist Buckholz.
We need to sortie out, front and rear command, and do it early so that we can get to Tom before he’s dead.
Damon thinks we should attack both at once, so that we can send the opposite side’s head to them as a gift.

May 8

Buckholz and Tom:

First light, Malenko from a distance, magically from this distance, calls out for Buckholz to come to the wall, Tom is staying at his side.
Buck “What do you want you decrepid old bastard?”
Mal “If you care for the people in your keep, you will give me what I want.”
Buck “I don’t know what you want.”
Mal “Well then I’ll tell you what I want, make it clear for you to understand…” He wants an item stolen from Mal years ago (when his group thought Mal was dead) and I want you dead. IF you people in the keep send out Buckholz and my magical orb, the rest of you will live. If I do not have both in front of me tomorrow morning, you all die. Think on it. EVery last one of you. 1 day to make your decision."
Buck knows the orb, but he really did think Mal was dead at the time. All he knows is that when he touches it, it sometimes gives him visions, almost always accurate. The future. Buck doesn’t know why he insists on his death, rather than just wanting the orb, other than he’s a nasty necromancer.
One of his best men asks if there is anything about Mal’s death he left out, why he’s so mad at Buck.
‘Well, maybe we didn’t do anything to him but maybe we didn’t exactly help him either". He was supposed to defeat this undead creature we were fighting and he did, only he disappeared as he said before, both destroyed by the other.
The stuff taken was stuff he wasn’t carrying on him typically into a fight.

There is no siege equipment in the enemy camp, save battering rams we assume. So its up to them to scale the walls and/or bust the gate in. But, they have undead.
The rear third of the town is very defensible as it us up against a very steep hillside, almost a cliff. The peasants are scared #&^$less. His retinue of soldiery are nervous but their resolves is strong and they have a lot of confidence in Buckholz.
Tom would not trust this Malenko even if Buckholz gave up himself and the orb. Buckholz says though Mal is surely evil, he was never an oathbreaker. He’s confident there will be no attack until the next day.

There is a final feast by Buck with his leadership and Tom.
He shows Bal the Orb. Its deep black, but looking at it deeply he sees a sort of swirling motion within. All Buck knows is that Mal would could use it to communicate with others. The one time he saw it, it seemed Mal only sat in front of it and concentrated on the person he wanted to talk communicate with.
Buck says that as they old adv party was together for years, they got to the point where they all were thinking about what to do afterwards. Around here they began to realize Mal was a bit off the rocker. He acted more flexible in the good/evil doing area over time. That’s why they let Mal handle the Lich business rather than help him.
Buck thinks he has gotten messages via the orb before, but they were all trying to contact Mal who he figured had no idea he was dead. When Buck would show himself, they would realize the mistake and go away.
So some sort of network out there? Plus he thinks his dream visions of the future originate from the orb’s presence as well.


Wilford, Branson and Langley go out the back door with WIlford’s remaining force plus enough locals to outnumber them about 1.5/1. Dareth sends Sir John to make sure the job is done back there. Ulik as well as John’s shield bearer.
The rest go out the front with Langley’s cavalry and a larger force of 100.
Leaving a couple dozen or so soldiers to command the militia guarding the walls. The cav and 30 inf will hit the orcs. A wing of 20 inf. on each side will protect the flanks from attacks from the hills.
They are in a state of preparedness with guards et al, but not in organized battle lines. Much are in camp. We attack fast out of the gate rather than form up fully first. They aren’t far enough from the gate either to form up much either.

In the rear, the orcs’ first reaction to our attack is utter disbelief at humans attacking out of their safe town. Their guard line is cut through with little effort. Couple runners from the sub commanders tent take off in opposite directions. We stay in a unit and fight our way to him.
The 2nd wave are a bit tougher, but we cut through them just the same. Next, a squad of them trying to purposefully block us from getting to the leader, led by a sgt. We get through them with only a little effort as well.
At this point, we hear horns sounding from the flanks. Signals are going off for reinforcements.
In front of us now stands the subchief and his personal retinue. He sends the 6 others after our 5, 2 vs Wilford intentionally. Branson has been a killing machine in this attack, with only John keeping up with his death dealing. He is the first free, and has to assist Wilford his liege. John is next to be free after a massive chop to the skull, but in trying to then help Ulik he fumbles and nicks Ulik instead. One of Wilford’s 2 foes turns to Branson, so the leader of the orcs here moves in now vs Sir John, who hits it once with his pole weapon as it moves to him. Langley then cuts his down with a sickening cut.
Langley joins John now, as Ulik takes his man down. Wilford and Branson kill their 2 simultaneously. Langley and John both hit the leader DEAD!!!
John decapitates it, grabs the head.
Langley “Everyone, back in the city!!!!” We have time to get anyone wounded badly back in with us. As we close the gate, we see the orc reinforcements show up too late!
They turn to their camp to find the leader dead, throwing them into disarray and confusion.

The front of the town:

At our charging exit from the gate, the guards watching out cry out a grisly screech of shock, but get ready faster than those in the rear. We ride over the initial rank like it doesn’t exist, and keep charging forward into the camp. The cav with us mix spear with horse archery to support us. The 2nd attack is much the same except Damon fumbles, dehorsed and prone; and one of the blue crew did not kill his man, but he’ll be speared or shot down by Langley’s men behind us. The Crimson Knights lances are laying waste.
We continue forward, Damon’s horse following the mass.
He joins the infantray behind.

We then come to the final line with the leader and his retinue behind. All but Max lance through the line. We dismount and move in vs the leader and his 8 bodyguard who doubleteam Fritz, Evan, Dareth and Garth. Like those in the rear attack, these guard are hulking orcs with greataxes. The infantry is fully engaged throughout the camp, Damon assisting them now. Garth crits with his pick, pinning the orc’s arm and negating his greataxe attack for the time being!
Fritz hits his first right in the throat crit, the orc starts trying to gasp for air but can’t breath properly. Max kills his and joins us, taking one of Garth’s off of him and is promptly crit’d.
Evan then crits, pushing the orc into his partner on Evan knocking him prone.
Max cuts his orc’s belly open, causing con. bleed!! He finishes it off soon after.
Dareth to the surprise of all is then hit and crit’d! But he kills one right after.
Garth’s foe finally gets his arm free and resumes attacking.
Fritz whiffs, then stumbles prone to the ground! The orc whose throat was injured falls to the ground ko’d.
The fight wages on as the Chief moves in vs Max.
Garth is next to engage the leader as Max disengages, then Dareth is the next able to join him.
Dareth finishes the leader off DEAD!!!
Evan is the last with an orc on him, and promptly cuts it down. Max takes the head.
We mount up and ride back, gathering all the troops and make our way back toward the gate. Some reinforcements have shown up, but they have been held off by the flank guards we left, enough for us to make it back into the city.
It doesn’t take lone for the orcs to discover their leaders have been slain and for the word to pass around their camps. They flee the scene.

Dareth “We need to make for Buckholz.”
Wilford recommends us try to use his orb to contact Malenko and show him the 2 dead orc leaders head.
It’s a fine idea. We check his tent in the camp, and the orb is still there.
Wilford says the command word and it activates. Soon enough, we see the wizard’s face appear. He tries to claim the orcs misinterpreted his instructions somehow. Wilford isn’t having any of it, telling Malenko to pull out now and leave Buck alone.
Mal “Interesting theory that you could come here and break this siege, but I know the army that you have available, the time it would take to move it down here. I’m sorry to tell you this situation will be quite over by the time you arrive. Come if you must, but you will not have any way of communicating with me again.” The orb goes black, begins to crack. We all get out of the way before it explodes.
No orb is found in the orc encampment remnants.

Dareth wants everyone going ASAP regardless of what this Malenko said, so we make it happen. Jonas is afraid to give us too many, the orcs may still be out there somewhere.
The cavalry were unscathed. Langley, Branson and Wilford will join us. Jonas, after dead, wounded and what he needs to keep here, sends another 70 men plus the cavalry.
After only a few hours we are ready. That’s when a rider, the first deputy we sent to Besestein before we knew the full story, arrives. He is shocked and distraught at the carnage.
He has good news: The governor was sufficiently alarmed by the large merc force in his area, plus working with a necromancer and orcs, to warrant sending a contingent of soldiers as a show of force. But, they’re heading for Walleheim to investigate Ramirez. There are 100 Thorangian Army soldiers led by a small contingent of Norrisites.
We give the rider the situation and send him with a fresh horse to intercept them and tell them about Buckholz situation.
We’ll still be outnumbered, plus there’s the undead, but we have Crimson Knights and Norrisites!!
All of our infantry are gifted mounts from the town, plus the extra horses in the enemy camp, plus that of the city and Jonas.

The rider intercepts the allied force before they get into the pass to Walleheim. We are behind him. They stop there and we arrive tonight and meet them. We detail what’s been going on, and the dire situation of Tom and Buckholz. Dareth wants to ride our cavalry forces ahead of the main body tomorrow. If we get there and the siege is underway, we can use the fact that they have committed troops to the walls to hit their rear and delay things. If not, we’ll wait for the rest of the army.
The Norrisite commander agrees.

May 9

At Erberruk:
We march south all together to Buckholz. The mounted forces riding ahead as planned.

At Buckholz:

Morning, Malenko wants his answer “Do you come to face your doom old man, or am I to kill everyone?”
Buckholz sternly refuses.
Malenko smerks “The answer i was hoping for” waves his hand and the undead skeletons and zombies charge the wall.
Tom turns to the men and gives an impromptu rousing speech to the men.
Buckholz is wondering what these undead are going to do once at the wall with no siege equipment.
They get to the wall and act frightening but nothing more. So far, seems a tactic to panic the defenders. And, no one has any chance at getting out.
Tom keeps everyone in line “Chuck was once bitten by a venemous snake. After 3 agonizing days, the snake perished!! We shall be the Chuck, they shall be the snakes!!” Buckholz bolsters the men as well.

Then, a force of Ramirez men step forward with their bows and fire several volleys. Tom and Buckholz “Behind the battlements, shields up!” Only a few minor scratches.
More demoralizing tactics, showing us we can do nothing, they can do whatever they want.
Next, small groups of 2 or 3 dozen mercs approach in turn approach different parts of the walls, archers keeping our heads down while they do so, close enough to hurl javelins and spears and axes. Still, not doing anything for effect.
Buckholz “They are testing our resolve, what our response is.”
This goes on for a couple hours or so.

Units of men begin to form up, make a shield wall defense, then a battering ram in the midst of the defense.
Buckholz “Damn.”
Tom “When are the damn bastards going to attack the walls?”
Buck “If their ram at the gate fails, that’s likely their next plan. This is a severe test. Good news is if they break through the main gate they still have the portcullis and defenses in between to contend with. Bad news, if the gate goes, and the portcullis does somehow get breached the undead can swarm in.”
They could sortie out, if not for the swarming undead.
Buck orders his bowmen to concentrate fire upon their ramming force as soon as they get to the door and they have to loosen the defensive formation.
He has them bring 1 cauldron of boiling oil to the ready there as well,and fire to add if needed.
Their archers volley to give it cover as it steadily approaches. Once at the gate, our archers loose into them. Once they are about to ram, Buck and Tom dump the boiling oil down onto them. That breaks up part of the shield formation, the archers start hitting it and Tom drops the torch into the oil, lighting it up. They soon break and run away. Their archers cover fire.
Buck’s men start to cheer, but he stops that with the reality of the situation, getting them back in line and serious. “They are prolonging this for a reason. Could me Malenko is a sadist, and wants to see me squirm. Or another ulterior motive.”

A few more probe attacks as before, a bit more daring with each one. The put markers on the ground for some purpose during the last several.

Now mid afternoon. Ramirez soldiers get 8 ladders at the ready, to Buckholz’s chagrin.
That averages to 4 defenders per assault point on the wall. Ugh. He instructs his men to first and foremost, strategy to get the ladders off the wall.
Ramirez men come to the wall in their 8 attack groups, archers covering until they arrive. 4 guys carry each ladder, accompanied by 6 others (2 or 3 with xbows to fire at us as cover).
Tom is at one, cutting both legs below the metal clasper’s reinforcement. It falls with the man on it who thuds to the ground. Couple others get dislodge as well. Couple other places where a few foes have gotten onto the wall.
Buckholz calls for Tom to join him immediately at the battlement above the gate, they are bringing another ram into play while we are distracted!
To Tom “The only way to stop this ram is to drop something on it. And all we have is this battlement.” He and Tom have to separate the stone atop here.
They go to work with hammer and great axe. Tom uses his feat of dedication for axe mastery 2 vs hardness.
The men below begin to ram the gate.
They loosen it before they break the gate down and push it over, directly onto the ram!! Splintering its nose in half and ruining it!!
The skirmishes on the walls are won by Buck’s men and the other men retreat.

Food has been made and brought out for lunch by the young and female peasants. The feints and probes by squad continue though. There is no real rest. We have lost no men though up to a third are wounded to one degree or another. Buck rotates the wounded to interior defenses like murder holes and such.

Malenko soon approaches the keep again, addressing the men inside generally. He plays on their horrible deaths for only 1 man. “If you men will but give me your leader as a showiTom insists his friends will be here, some how, some way, to help us. Just hold of your fealty to me, i will spare all of your lives”.
Tom decries this, knowing this Malenko will screw everyone in the end.
Mal is smooth, his request seems very convincing. But, Buck’s men are far too loyal to fall for this. The common man who can hear him begin voicing their displeasure though, as in “Why do we have to die for your fight!”
The peasantry is getting upset. They don’t want to turn on their lord, but they also don’t want to be eaten by nor turned into undead.

All the dead Ramirez men have been animated as zombies.
Malenko summons a massive bolt of lightning from the sky which strikes a vacant part of the wall, blasting off a piece.

Buck explains to his people the liar that Mal is, that he’ll slaughter them all, his deals are hollow.
Tom insists they must hold out, his friends somehow will arrive to help! Just hold out.

Mal returns and meets with Ramirez and Grigg. Then, they start to form up the men into ranks for a major assault.
Buck’s men hold fast, but lack the bravado of this morning.
Buck to Tom “Any bright ideas, boy?”
Tom “Hold out long enough.”
Buck says they will break the gate this time. If they get a foothold on the wall or the portcullis weakens, all are to retreat to main house “Me and the boy here will hold the rear. We have to hope that by divine providence all of our people aren’t slaughtered outright.”
Tom convinces him to get all the noncombatants in the main building now. The impromptu militia will hold the entryways there as a secondary defense.
They attack all along the length of the wall with siege ladders.
Buck hopes Tom is right “because if not……”
Tom gets himself mounted at the entryway.
They attack all along the length of the wall with siege ladders and the ram starts hitting the gate which is burst quickly. Oil is dumped into the gap tween the gate and portcullis.
Buck is on the wall leading the defense there. Its too many, Ramirez men start to overwhelm. Buck orders all to the main house!! He points out to the field “If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll kill you wizard!” and retreats with his men from the walls.
Tom sees zombies, not humans, come to the portcullis. The gate starts to lift!!! No one is at it, its magic. Tom runs to the winch to muscle it but can’t stop it!!!
Tom takes his great helm off and jams the rungs with it!! It stops.
He jams his hvy steel shield into it as well. The port is a couple feet up though. A crawl to get under. The zombies are too dumb to do this on their own. Mal is still trying to lift it, not knowing exactly what is stopping it.
Men are still flooding onto the walls. Buck arrives “Good job boyo, now let’s get to the house!”
They get there only running into a couple of foes who die fast under their blows.
All alive get in and fortify. Its a strong redoubt.
Women and kids are sent furthest back and up and the root cellar for safety.
Men are put into defensive position.

Meanwhile, Ramirez men start looting all they can find and killing any stragglers. They unblock the portcullis and the undead pour through and surround the house.
Malenko himself now walks into the courtyard “Now I have you trapped like the rat you are. You have only delayed the inevitable”; requests Buck surrender honorably with the orb and save his peoples’ lives, insisting he’ll kill only Buckholz.
Buck looks to Tom “You’re sure you have reinforcements coming?”
Tom insists his friends will arrive, though he himself has no idea if Dareth et al even know of the situation.
Buck “All right, i won’t surrender myself to him then.”
The enemy set up a perimeter. The undead beat on the doors and shutters causing unrest and fear inside. Otherwise, they seem content to hunker down.

It’s here during the early stages of this waiting game that Dareth and the cav arrive and see the situation, including a warband of orcs in their ranks.
We are actually relieved, since by the look of things w/in the walls there are people alive to be saved. Seeing this, we meet back up with the Thorangian force to bring them forward, detailing the situation. The enemy number mid 300’s, with over 100 undead now.
Col Braddock of the Norrisites meets with the Crimson Knights. He wants to hit part of their rear force outside with some cav, then quickly pull back behind the hill. Hopefully that will draw them that direction and into a trap around the bend. Taking out a portion of their force before they know what our full strength is. Then move into a more straight up fight. Dareth thinks the Norrisite elite team should go along the wall via the rear, unseen, and make sure that portcullis stays open. If it is closed to us, we can’t help anyone inside.
Braddock agrees, and will send his men to do so. He leads the main force.

The undead relentlessly probe the defenses of the house nonstop. We have to hope the building holds.
We make camp, no fires, and rest up.

May 10

About an hour before sunrise we plan and organize. The Norrisites leave to keep the portcullis open. The Thorangians have 20 cav to join us and Langley’s men.
The enemy have a main camp, and a smaller camp just outside the wall with the orcs and some mercs, with Ramirez, Mal, and Grigg as well.
We plan to hit the larger camp, closer to us. Then Dareth changes his mind. He wants to hit the leadership in one terrible assault. Have the rangers actually close the portcullis and keep it that way, so they can’t reinforcde Malenko. Dareth figures mal is the key to the undead, the more we think about it the more we realize we can’t beat this force man to man, its too many. Killing or making Mal flee out of range is the key to beating the undead.
Braddock signals with a mirror to his men the change in plan. They signal back affirmative.
When their larger camp finally reacts, our main force will then surprise their rear from around the hillside.
Garth says we can get our force up and over the edge of the hills unseen and charge out of there, down the hill, coming out closer to them before they see us. And we won’t ride past the main camp either.
Langley is with us, Wilford and Branson will be with Braddock and the infantry. Blue crew are with the cav.

Garth leads us over the hill and down we charge. Once we are seen, the guards at the target camp start blowing horns of warning.
The main camp missed us altogether, and blow their alert only in reaction to the leadership camp warning. The target camp is running for weapons to form up against our assault.
Ramirez mounts up with a few others, dons a great helm and lance himself.
Malenko stands behind everyone. He begins to motion toward the undead, but the portcullis drops. His jaw drops right after, his shock and surprise clearly visible even at a distance.

They have no pole weapons. As we near, Dareth orders all into a wedge, his tactics allowing for a squeezing of the formation to pierce through their line so we can get to the leadership. We hit their defensive line with bloody authority, breaking the defense in half like a hot dagger through butter. The knights, Ulek and the blue crew make right for the command structure.
Only Ramirez is mounted. Sir Garth and Lord Blackpool mounted charge for Grigg; Dareth and Sir Damon to Ramirez himself, who charges with lance in turn. John, Ulek, and the blue crew dismount and go at 6 orcs and 3 other human officers.
Grigg lets loose with a terrible battle howl. It shakens the blue crew and Damon; Garth as well, but also causing him to veer away from fighting the greatsword wielding Grigg and into the orcs et al instead, leaving Evan alone vs the huge massive behemoth!! Eeh gads!
3 orcs attack Garth, 1 each also on the blues and Ulek.
John changes plans and charges to support Evan vs Grigg.
The 3 human officers then double up with an orc each on the blues and Ulek.
There are criticals all over early on. Ramirez is highly skilled, better than either Dareth and Damon but he takes a larger lance shot from Dareth than he gave.
Max is the first to withdraw from the fight with 2 hp left, a moment later John is dropped by Grigg.
Suddenly Tom comes charging out of the gate upon Skyrling!! The Norrisites were accosted on the walls, drawing enough attention that Buckholz sortied out and cut a path to the gate. A Norrisite then opened the portcullis!! He charges into the gang of orcs and humans and takes the biggest orc down, who took Max out of the fight!
Grigg then takes Evan down!! Frothing with fury.
Garth then kills one of the orcs.
Fritz then takes down one of the human officers.
Grigg, freed up, runs to assist Ramirez and hits Dareth.
Tom drops a human!
Damon is dropped by Ramirez.
Ulek and Garth each drops an orc.
Tom free now, moves to Dareth and attacks Grigg.
Dareth has been holding on by a thread for 2 rounds now.
The fight has remained full of crits, especially against us unfortunately.
Tom drops Grigg with a mighty critical!! Thank the Masters for Tom arriving!!
Ramirez finally is able to drop Dareth!! He then fumbles, his blade is stuck in Dareth’s armor! Even in potential death the Knight Cpt. assists!
Fritz drops an orc.
A terrible crit on Ulik drops his dex 5 by the last human.
Tom engages Ramirez now. Skyrling batters Ramirez’s mount as well with 2 crits.
Ramirez frees his blade unfortunately and retaliates.
Fritz is free and rushes Ramirez.
Tom hits Ramirez for 2 max damage shots! Skyrling drops Ramirez’s horse! Ramirez lands deftly then drops Tom and hits Skyrling twice. Fritz continues his attack.
Ulek drops the last human!
Skyrling, Fritz and Ramirez battle it out, Ramirez turning to Fritz and takes him down with 3 shots!!
Max charges in upon Ramirez to avenge his best friend and hits 16 DOWN!!!
Garth drops the last orc right after!!!
Only Garth, Ulek and Max remain standing.

Malenko has vanished, the armies win the battle with all their leadership stuck with us!! They surrender. Near the end of our fight with the officers, the undead all abruptly collapsed.
Buck saw Mal flying away on his Giant bat not long after our initial assault on Ramirez’s men.
His orb, however, is gone from Buck’s house. We have no clue how he got it out.
Neither Grigg nor Ramirez are dead. They are taken prisoner by Braddock. His surviving mercs are also taken into custody.

We are given medical attention, much needed. Dareth and Fritz almost died.

May 11 through 13

Rest and recoup.

GP 236

SP 116

CP 73

EP 0

PP 176

Gems: agate 12; aquamarine 400; bl pearl 400, 600; bloodstone 50; carnelion 35, 50; cryssabasell 90; deep blue spinel 10, 110; fresh wtr pearl 12; garnet 80; jasper 45, 65; malachite 8; moonstone 35, 40; pyrite 9,10; quartz 10, 45; pearl 120; sardony 25, 25; smokey quartz 45; topaz 250, 300; zyrcon 25, 30

Jewelry: 2 signet rings 20 ea

spear lvl 3

trident lvl 3

breastplate 1 ability

Holy Symbol: prominent symbol of Madiic (sp?), drop of blood, sheaf of grain; similar to returnist Peldanites



portable ram (20lb)

sedan chair 100

12 boxes of 20 candles

10 pitons


chandolier of gold 50

high quality anvil for uncommon metals

outfits (high quality but 200 plus years old): 2x courtier, explorer, cold weather, 2x noble

May 14

Leave for and arrive Besestein.

May 15

Leave for and arrive Furch.

May 16 to 20

On road to meet carnival.

May 21

Arrive Imbrundia and carnival, on 3rd day of the Spring Festival.


Ichabod: woodsman; expert 5/warr 1 thereabouts


metzger79 ruleslawyermark

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