The Dark Carnival

Carnival: Winter to Spring Festival

New friends; Tasks for Burns

Dahlia gives Burns a detailed account of White Plume Mt., including handing over the Keraptis baby. He says how unfortunate it is that such power (the weapons) were destroyed; and he will “keep an eye on” the baby. Where he sends it is his secret.
Dahlia, now having seen Drow for the first time, asks Burns about it. He confirms that she is indeed a dark elf, a Drow. She was not raised by them however but by the carnival, as she knows. He explains she will have a much longer life than man. He says she was ‘captured’ from a dark elf group by wandering barbarians. Burns purchased, protected and raised her. Other than that, he knows nothing else.

Yanath and his Rangers have spent winter spreading word of his plan to start a unit of travelling Meanderwood Rangers to perform paying jobs all around the lands, and general exploration and adventuring. Hopefully, we can get a few recruits this coming spring through fall.

The barbarians, the Crimson Knights, and the rangers all arrive in Holst before the time that the carnival is moving on. Sooner rather than later, we start running into them. Yanath and Sarge become great friends, along with their respective commrades, talking tactics, Sarge’s old experiences, Yanath’s plans, etc. The 2 ranger bands spend a lot of time together comparing stories, as well as testing one anothers’ skills in the field.
The Crimson Knights and Black Tom find common ground, pal around together.
Dareth also takes naturally to Yanath, as well as Elric and Sarge.
Garth Grimson, being a mountain man whose people were only part of the ‘civilized’ community for a couple generations, enjoys a wild night here and there with the Nuges, but they are too wild even for him at times. Same for Hunk blowfist.

Each group is summoned by Smithers where they meet him and a few other carnival officials. Sgt. actually knows Mr. Burns, Malenklo and Dahlia from years and years ago. All are offered a place to lodge and provisions for their stay, then presented the prospect of job opportunities of the adventuring sort come spring if they travel with/around the carnival.
The barbarians agree, having “nothing else to do”, as it sounds like a way to get a lot of action. They also make a deal to brew their mead and ales for the carnival concessions, good Nucenacer brew!!
The rangers look to Sgt, who agrees.
The Knights are the only ones who really think about it. Travelling with a carnival was never anything they had in mind. However, they have no idea where they are, nor does anyone know where they came from. They had left on a quest in their homeland, and at some point things began feeling sor of…; their perception of time and place. Whatever happened did so in an instant, but so subtely they can not say when, only they found themselves in totally unknown surroundings. They have their entourage of groomers, servants and the like appropriate for each of them. They ask Smithers, to see if Burns can explain anything. Burns say that even this long after the Masters, there are still ‘mystical fields’ and such lingering here and there across the land. They may have passed through such a field that sent them across time and/or space. Since being a satellite of sorts for the carnival means travel, and with new friends in a new land, they agree. Besides, Smithers points out, jousting matches and sword instruction for public education would be good carnival entertainment, and Lord Blackpool’s Dreyen horses a good draw for connossoirs of the equine.

Winter ends w/o incident. Burns has feelers and informants elsewhere, for advertising and other things he is interested in. One of his runners checked in on Lupidides even (Burns really knows all) and reported he is well and still on the inside. Burns feels Bosmus should indeed follow on his revenge. Lupidides has information for sure. Burns gives Bosmus his blesssing to take a group to settle things “as long as you realize once that job is over, you return here”. He and a team will leave soon.

Spring arrives, the carnival will move soon. Burns wants to visit Imbrundia this year. There will be a large Spring Festival he wants the carnival to take advantage of.
But first, Burns calls a select group to a meeting about potential action he wishes us to look into: Gar, Dareth, Tom, Yanath, Sgt, Malenko, Dahlia. He has lines on jobs with benefits.

  • A town along the southern edge of the mts east of here: something unusual is going on at a mine nearby; no one is saying exactly what and not getting much attention from anyone else. Burns, however, wants to find out what it is before it gets the attention. It will have to be dungeon crawlers. He says that group can break off from the carnival at Ham.
  • South of the same mountain range, there is a petty warlord or noble near Besestein who was small time in scale. But in last 6 or 8 months, seems to have grown in power. His area has grown a little too fast. Suspiciously so. Has not drawn much attention from the Thurangians as of yet. His man in charge of that area has said not much; he has either not done anything or can’t.
  • In the forest to the west he has an ‘old friend’ there. She has lived there peacefully for many years minding her own business. She was able to contact him recently; having problems with monsters in the woods that were not problems before. Maybe a new force in the area. She asked him for assistance. That is personal, not carnival business so he would look very favorably upon solving it.
    Yanath "This is something you would want someone to look into asap, not just wait until we are moving up the north road to the capitol and break off. Go asap.
    There are other smaller things, but he will get to those later.
    We gather to split off into groups.

To mine:
Haarkon, Gar, Garth, Ulfar, Dahlia, Malenko (plus dog and 2 undead), Elric (and dire wolf).

To Burns’ friend:
Yanath (plus dog) and Meanderwood Rangers, Ragnar, Iggy, Umgwana (plus Booty and Fingerbang)

Bosmus, Furnok, Lord Byron, Hunk, Nunu, Billy

To Warlord:
Cpt. Dareth, Lord Evan, Sir Garth Gri mson, Tom and Blue Crew 2, Sir John, Sir Damon.

The rest of the rangers and Vic and Ulik will lie in reserve. Vik is NOT happy, and almost thrashes her cousins to leave them behind bruised and bloody. Then thinks better of it.

The carnival will move out April 7, 1 week from now.
Next day, April 1, Yanath suggests that Dareth take a ranger with him, as well. Elric tells Sarge of his reservations of travelling with an arcanist and undead. Sarge reassures him he will be fine. Anyone but Sarge, Elric would insist on not being along with such companions. The elf and his wolf are uneasy about the undead.

April 7: Carnival leaves today. The group going to help Burns’ friend will not stop with carnival along the route. They are making straight for the NW forest.

April 8

Carnival in Erich today.

April 10

Late, Yanath’s NW forest group arrives Brimmin.

Morning April 11

Carnival leaves Erich.

April 13

Carnival in Daschau and sets up shows.

April 14

The Crimson Knights leave for their mission this morning.

Boz and crew on way back to carnival; night, arrive Halst and stay overnight.
The warlord and mine groups leave for their respective missions.
Mine group heads for Dwarrowhill. Just north of that town, up the river, is the mine in question.

April 16

Carnival leaves Daschau, arriving in Ham same day. Sets up a one day show for the next day.

April 17

Crimson Knights arrive Negdenburg at night.

Boz and crew arrive Ham, meeting carnival.
Report to Burns, show him the runic symbol. He says it is that of one of the greater Masters, Peldan, but slightly different in a couple ways. Could be a Return cult for Peldan. He says there are a number of such sects out there. He thinks we should do more investigating into this plot.
Hopefully, our hit on the slaving put a sizable dent in their pocket books, and so delays any nefarious efforts.

April 18

Shows in Ham

April 19

Crimson Knights arrive Besestein.
Carnival leaves Ham; arrives Mittelgard early evening and camps. Small night events set up.

April 20

Carnival presenting all day.

April 21

Carnival presents for a 2nd day.

April 22

Carnival presents a 3rd day.

April 23

Carnival presents 4th day

April 24

Carnival moves on to and arrives late Vanden.
On the road north to Vanden, Malenko’s raven arrives with the message from the mine near Silverton and Dwarrohill.

April 25

Carnival will be showing for a couple days here

April 26

Carnival still presenting

Apil 27

Carnival leaves Vanden, bypasses Jungburk and arrives late Hesston. This will be a weeklong stay.

May 5

Leave Hesston, arrive Dieloch and set up an evening show.

May 6

Leave Dieloch. Arrive Ostrich. Evening show.

May 7

Another day of shows

May 8

Another day of shows

May 9

Carnival lvs Ostrich, arrives late in Brimmin.

May 10

Shows all day

May 11

Shows all day

May 12

Shows all day

May 13

Shows all day

May 14

Carnival lvs Brimmin, arrives Linholt.

May 15

1 day show in Linholt; but 3 small troops lv. for Elbschaft, Bandlindt and Vesimbrun to advertise for the spring festival showcase in Imbrundia coming up. They will spend a day in each then meet us in Imbrundia.

May 16

Carnival lvs Linholt, arrives Imbrundia midday. Sets up for evening introductory shows as an extended ad for the festival showcases.

Festival begins May 19


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