Executioner (Hong’s) 7

Str 10
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 19
Cha 8

Traits: Hunter(/Gatherer); Weapon Bond (wis, handaxe)
Feats: Skill Affinity (hide/move sil); 2 wpn ft base 1; Wpn Foc 1,2 (handaxe); Axe Mst 1; 2 wpn ft EM 3;


Banion grew up outside of a small village with a family of farmers. Though he worked hard, he was bored at times and liked to walk the woods alone, to the chagrin of his parents many times.
One day, he happened upon a new denizen of the forest, or he happened upon him. This newcomer was a druid, who took up residence locally. Banion was the first to meet him and the druid befriended him. This druid was more knowlegable about animals than anyone Banion had ever seen and fostered his interest in the predators of the woods.
Once he was old enough, he joined the village volunteer militia and often patrolled the woodland of his own accord with the druid, who helped him develope a fighting style akin to the predators of the wild. Stalking, ambuscade, and a fast kill. Eventually, this druid wandered on its way, but the leader of a band of rangers known as Sarge looking for recruits arrived only days later looking to sign him up by recommendation of the druid. After considering it for a week, Banion traveled to the town told to him by to meet his new companions.


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