Dahlia the Black

Thin, lithe, elegent of build and motion. Tar-black skin, pointed ears, long red and green hair, and green eyes. She is a bit distant except to those she knows well.


Weapon Master (Hong’s Hack) 9
Chosen Weapon: Scimitar
Hong’s Weapon Master
Player: Mark
Str 12
Dex 21
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 10
Cha 18
Race: Drow (Dahlia has not been trained in hand xbow, wpn familiarity, nor poison; she has the potential for the spelll like abilities but needs them fostered by Burns; but she also does not have Light Blindness; she does have some light sensitivity to sudden light and flashes, or if she has been in relative darkness for a long time)

Feats: Skill Affinity (Perform/Sleight of Hand); Skill Focus (Perform); 2 wpn ft; Weapon Finesse 3 and 4; Sudden Strike 1 and 4;

Class Features: Wpn Style (Paired); Expert Str; Deflect Arrows; Exemplar of the Blade; Penetrating Attack

  • uses dex. to attack with scimitar w/o feat, in preparation for IH2E.

Items of Note: Burning Weapon Oil; mst scimitar (lvl 5: +5hrd; +15hp; +1crit mult); mst scimitar (lvl 2: +2hrd, +6hp)


Little is known, at least by Dahlia herself, about her birth. Her earliest memories are of The Dark Carnival and Master Burns, believing she was found lost in the carnival at around age 2. Mr. Burns quickly took her under his wing, and she is fanatically and deadly loyal to him and Taurus “The Great” Milenko, her best friend in the carnival. She works as a performer for the carnival, which includes weapon twirling and juggling(including flaming weapons), deflection of missiles with the scimitar, sword/flaming sword swallowing, and some acrobatics.

When the carnival travelled to Axenbough, Burns allowed her and Malenko to join an expedition with some local heroes for lost artifacts. She is a favorite of and doted on by Burns in some ways, and receives much leeway when she misses performances in favor of adventure. Burns certainly appreciatets her talents beyond bringing in a crowd, and may be fostering those talents for his own reasons.

Dahlia the Black

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