Elric Lornhood


Man at Arms (modified) 8
Race: Elf

Str 18
Dex 18
Con 10
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 13

All elf racial traits
Modifications: No hvy/med armor nor shields; no wpn familiarity; prof Curved Blade; Lore number for Beastmaster is alwasy one higher; auto empathy (like calm animals spell) with no save allowed unless in combat; may speak with bonded animal friends via telepathy and see through each others eyes; If an animal companion is killed = temporary penalties to rolls; feel when each other are in danger via empathic bond.


Elric grew up in a sizable enclave of elves in an old forest rich with animal and plant life. While on a path toward growing into a wilderness warrior for the elves from youth, it was only puberty he soon realized his special relationship and link with the natural animals of the world. Considering the safety of his home forest, he saw this as a sign to venture forth and use his greater abilities in the wider world. Within a year he met Jebediah the Wise and the 2 became instant inseparable companions. Within another year, he had met Sarge and the 2 joined his band of roving rangers. Within this group he is particularly close to Gerald and Sarge.

Elric Lornhood

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