Furnok of Ferd

A thin, baby-faced man-about-town, Furnok is adaptable in any social environment. Though a weakling really, he's nonetheles tough and hardy. His favorite activity by far is gambling, which he is skilled enough in to make a considerable living.


Thief 7
Player: Mark
Str 8
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 18
Cha 16
Traits: World Traveller; Skillful(Bluff)
Feats: Skill Focus(Prof-gambling/Sense Mot/Bluff); Skill Affinity(gambling/sleight of hand);

Items of Note:
Blinding Powder(nullifies scent; Area 15′×15′= reflex DC18. Blind 1d4 or blurred 1 round; 1 target= 1d4+3 blind or Fort DC 18 for half time, range 10’ touch attack) Cost 100gp
dog powder (10×10 area ref DC 15 fort or dazed 1 round and scent ruined 1d10 rounds; or single target large or smaller for DC 20 or stunned 1d10 rounds and no scent 1d6 days, succeed equals as area effect failure)
anti scent powder (spread on area and dogs scent trackers are driven away from it, fort save DC 20 every round until failure; lingers on the area 4 hours; 1 fial is 4x 5’ squares; DC 25 handle animal will get animal on scent for that round, but saves must resume).


Born in the town of Ferd, Furnok has always spent his life on the road. His father was a promoter of underground pitfighting, as well as a merchant on the side, and by the time Furnok was 10 he went with him everywhere he went. His father was of course a busy man, and Furnok was mostly left to fend for himself. Out of one part necessity, one part talent, and one part because he enjoyed it, Furnok quickly developed the charisma and wisdom to win over friends and survive virtually on his own in the cities, giving him contacts in many cities and major towns of the region. He almost immediately discovered his skill and love of gambling, especially card games. While taking a hiatus in Ferd to visit family, the Dark Carnival came to town, heading east to the frontier. Furnok signed as an independant contractor with Mr. Burns to act as the carnival’s point man, travelling a day or two ahead to arrange the land and financial deal, as the previous person disappeared a few weeks before. Furnok also saw this as a chance to visit the booming foresting and trading towns on the frontier, figuring there would be plenty of greenhorn’s to fleece of their hard earned coin. In Axenbough, he fell in with Taurus “The Great” Milenko, Dahlia the Black, and the others who travelled into the wild for the mayor to bring back ancient bronze artifacts.

Lias the Trader
Fars the Promoter

Furnok of Ferd

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