Garth the Bold

The toughest and crudest Nuge there is


Human ? 5
Str 16
Dex 10
Con 21
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 8

Traits: Tough as Iron, Vitality.
Feats: Toughness x3, Improved Bullrush
Weapons: Maul, dagger, warhammer


Younger brother by a year to Gar, Garth is a rude and crude man. Not stupid by any means, he is not the born leader Gar is and has no problem with that. He knows and loves the mead-gulping wencher he is, living for those times more than anything else save combat, and no one in the clan eats such vast quantities of food. He loves and respects his brother greatly and will follow him anywhere. He credits his toughness to the experience of what he was put through growing up with Vik without being Gar.

Garth loves his big maul, and it is strapped to his torso virtually everywhere, including the bed. He has been witnessed many drunken nights striding through the village in the middle of the night, nude but for his Maul.

After an encounter with Ogres, in which Garth slew the biggest and baddest of the monstrous family, he has taken an interest in fighting large opponents. He has killed 2 other ogres and even a troll now, striking off into the hills and darkest parts of the forest for weeks to find each one, but what he really hopes to test his mettle against some day are true giants!

Garth the Bold

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