Hunk Blowfist

A brutal, smash-mouth hand to hand warrior and worshipper of the great hero Issek of the Jug


Half Orc Berserker 7
Player: Mark
Str 21(4th)
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 10
Race: Half orc (+2 str; +2 intimidate, Darkvision 60’, Wpn Familiarity, Orc Blood),
Martial Prof: Heavy unarmed method, Maul, Warhammer.
Feats: Great Fortitude, Hammer Fist base 1(Power), Improved Bullrush base 1, Improved Trip base 2, Improved Trip EM3,
Berserker Abilities: Berserk Strength, Destructive Fury, Berserk Fortitude, Furious Strike, Berserk Toughness


Torture rackHunk was born in the south of the continent, the product of an orc rape of a human woman. Upon the woman’s husband seeing the boy was not his, he insisted he wanted nothing to do with it. Given to a passing trader, he was left in an orphanage. The other children gave him nothing but hatred and scorn, so before he was a teenager he ran away, ending up in ? living on the streets. As a young teen, he happened to hear of the hero-worship temple of Issek of the Jug, preaching strength and perseverance through hardship and pain. Long ago, Issek was persecuted for his teachings, and tortured on the wrack. The legend says he broke 6 or 7 with his great might and endurance before he allowed the last to break him. Sounding like a good fit to Hunk, he appeared on the doorstep and they took him in.
It was easy to see his great strength immediately, and they helped him hone his body into a weapon itself. Eventually, the temple of Issek became too popular, and the local ruling cult eliminated it and all the priesthood that could be found. Hunk escaped with a visiting oriental monk named Nunu. Hunk voluntarily threw himself into pitfighting as a sort of pennance in the line of Issek’s teachings of strength through hardship. Soon, he teamed up with a manager named Billy, who convinced him to fight for money rather than masochism, and use his share to donate to charity to the poor and downtrodden. Hunk was convinced, took Billy on as manager, and they along with Nunu travel from city to city, underworld to underworld.

Hunk Blowfist

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