A Celestine master of disguise with a passion for poison and deep cover infiltratrion


Thief 3/Executioner 1
Player: Mark
Str 10
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 16
Cha 20 (4th ability raise)
Traits: Skillful (disuise),Charismatic
Feats: Skill Affinity (bluff/sense mot); Devious Manipulator base 1, EM2; Political Mastermind base 1


Lupidides is the son of a playwrite. He became an actor and costume/makeup designer, being quite good at both, while also using his natural skills to make money on the side in less than legal avenues. He was tapped by a loose organization of assassins for an espionage contract, agreed to it, made a handsome sum, and so continued working for them. Through these connections he developed a passion for the more subtle use of poison to kill, rather than brute force and bloodshed. His second job took him away from his home lands, the hiring party seeking agents from far afield rather than locals. He procurred a job at the Dark Carnival that was in town ahead of time, in order to ease out of town upon completion. He ended up truly enjoying his duties as costume and makeup artist for the performers, and still travels with it. He is, however, looking out for his his next opportunity at espionage and assassination.
He considers himself a true artist of his spy/assassin profession. Each job is a blank canvas to create his own masterpiece. At times, he can take a route more complex and time consuming than absolutely necessary just for the sheer thrill and fun of knowing his victim for weeks or longer before he makes his play.
Lupidides has spent countless hours practicing basic ability in many skills to be able to portray a variety of roles, from cook to comedian to groom, in order to have a greater opportunity to get on the inside, become trusted and commonplace to his target and his/her allies, and stay there as long as necessary so as to create the perfect and safest time to strike. He has also mastered the art of manipulation and influence, allowing him to gain high levels of trust from those who surround his target and manipulate them to his ends.


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