Nunu the Incomprehensible

A martial arts fighter from the far away oriental lands on a pilgrimage to experience the greater world


Monk 7
Player: Mark
Str 12
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 20 (ability raise 4th)
Cha 12
Traits: Wise,


Nunu was the 3rd son of a respected land owner, but being third in line had the least to gain from inheritance. Given to a philosophical temple of fighting monks to allow for more to the 2 older sons, his promise in wisdom was quickly evident by his early teen years.
When a grown adult, he chose the path of pilgrimage into foreign lands to further his body and mind. He eventually came to the hero-worship temple of Issek of the Jug, whose teaching were much aligned with Nunu’s. He stayed there as a guest for a number of months until the temple’s downfall by the domineering local cult with the ear of the ruling class. Nunu made it out along with a halforc follower of Issek named Hunk Blowfist, who he now travels the countryside with.

Nunu the Incomprehensible

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