Taurus "The Great" Milenko

arcanist and mystical showman for the Dark Carnival



player: Mike

str: 12

dex: 12

con: 10

int: 19

wis: 16

cha: 17

feats/abilities: artificer, tactics of the mind, overwhelming presence, beast lore, healing lore, beast master (1 and 2). master of heat and flame, bounding step, shadowborn: infernal nature, eiditic memory.

henchmen/creations: barry (wight), “zork” (orc skeleton), sub-commander drake (zombie), will o’bey (red eye zombie), vince klortho (zombie), zool (zombie), McCoy “Bones” (skeleton), max headroom (zombie head), gary the raven and gozer the black ‘gozerian’ hound.


Milenko is the mystical showman for the Dark Carnival. he impresses the locals with cheap tricks and low magic cantrips. and the occasional dirty underhanded scam.

he was raised from a very young age by the carnival master, mr. Burns, who realized his talents in the magic arts and helped milenko learn about and grow his abilities. however milenko is a twisted and perverse individual who enjoys nothing more than inflicting torture and pain upon those who are twisted and evil. his philosophy is to do evil upon evil must in the greater scheme be good. so he constantly thinks of new ways to cause pain and misery. all of his undead creations are the risen bodies of some of the most despicable adversaries hes encountered.

he knows very little of his past or his heritage. there have been a number of other milenkos throughout history and no one knows if they are a cult, a society of master/apprentices, reincarnations of the same being or what.

however he is very protective of the innocent and people of good character whom he often finds ways to help, or at least not harm, while travelling with the carnival. and has developed a very special bond with his fellow carnival showperson dahlia the black, as neither has knowledge of their origins or their native cultures and their strange appearances.

Taurus "The Great" Milenko

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