The Great Gar the Barbarian

Eldest son of The Grand Nuge and heir to the chiefdom


Human Berserker 2/Man at Arms 6
Str 16
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 14
Cha 10

Modifications: No hvy armor; bonus feat skill focus diplomacy
Traits: Bewitching, Brave
Feats: Wpn Focus base 1(bastard and shield bash, Exotic Wpn (Bastard Sword), 2 Wpn Ft. base 1, Wpn. Focus EM2 (bastard and shield bash), Improved Shield Bash base 1, 2 Wpn. Ft. EM3; Imp Crit (bastard)
Features: 1 Wild Card Feat(at -1 mastery); Berserk Mind; Furious Strike
Weapons: Bastard Sword, Dagger, Spiked Medium Shield.


Gar is the eldest son of the Clan Nugenacer Chief. Like all good Nuges, he’s a hard mead-drinking barbarian and renown wencher of women. He has now left his tribe, seeking fame and wisdom by adventuring in home and foreign lands to prove his worth as chief and son of the Grand Nuge. He already has experience in combat, fighting many battles at his father’s side. His most famous episodes include an engagement with the savage and troublesome shitspears, where he killed all 3 of the a shitspear chief’s sons in a single days fighting. With the aid of his brother Gar and cousin Vic, he also saved a local family from the clutches of an evil Ogre family, just as the ogres were ready to cook the innocent farmers on spits. Gar himself slew the elder male ogre alone.
Gar is more complex of thought and spirit than his companions and is a more than capable leader, posessing both smarts and wisdom beside being a quality fighter. Though he can be as crude and rowdy as any good Nugenacer, there is a spark of greatness within that many see upon first meeting him, even through the rough exterior. People look up to him in spite of his apparent lack of overall charisma. In combat, Gar favors going after enemy leaders, using the shockingly vicious assaults of his cousin Vic coupled with the audacity of his brother Garth to clear an approach to the heart of their enemy.
His people’s dubbing him as Gar the Great already may be premature, but unlike most premature notions it is one that is certain to come to fruition. If he survives his adventuring days, he is sure to make a fine and successful Grand Nuge. The Grand Nuge and his wife are very proud parents indeed.

The Great Gar the Barbarian

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