Vik the Destroyer

A wild, crazed rager who slays men by the dozens


Human Berserker 7
Str 20
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 8
Cha 17

Traits: Strong;Savage Appearance
Feats: Cleave base 1, Improved Initiative, Power Attack base 1, Armor Mastery base 1, Cleave EM 3;
Berserk Abilities: Berserk Strength, Berserk Speed, Splintering Strike, Blade Dancer; Storm of Fury
Prof: Greatsword, Greataxe, longsword.
Weapons: Greatsword, javelins, dagger


Vik is the cousin of Gar the Great. The Grand Nuge, in forming an an alliance with the culture living across the river, married a younger brother to one of the chief’s daughters, who came to live with the Nuges. Vik is the product of that marriage. She is of course all a Nuge should be, her mead swilling and woman wenching abilities exeeds even Nuge men, and relishes any meadhall brawl. She is truly one of a kind. Vik is tall, strong, beautiful, short tempered, wild, and though fully accepted for all she is while being a woman, still likes to get the best of Gar and Garth when roughousing just to keep everyone in line. She is both famous and notorious, both loved and feared, all at once. Many Nuge youths would relish being hers, but none has succeeded or dared to try.

There is no greater asset that The Grand Nuge posesses in a large battle than Vik the Destroyer. She excells at decimating enemy soldiers with an assault of unmatched violence reaching epic proportions, relishing being surrounded by the enemy and tearing her way through. Each limb she severs, head she decapitates, and vicera she spills drives her to greater hights of deathdealing. Many and enemy has looked upon her work and despaired. Her attack can be sudden, and she is brutal and without mercy, a truly destructive force on the field of battle. She is credited with turning the tide and winning no less than 3 battles singlehandedly. In one instance, Gar found himself cut off when trying to reach a shitspear chief’s son, his back to a rockface and penned in by enemies. An inhuman screech seconds before impact was all the warning the shitspears got. Down came the Destroyer, leaping from the height and landing beside her leader. In a blaze of gore the field was cleared, and the wrecks of shitspear bodies coated the grass.
In addition, she is fast and capable at stealth, and so a good scout and guerilla warrior.

Gar heavily favors her, and Vik returns this with unbreachable faith and loyalty to the future Grand Nuge. She loves him as a brother and chief, and will shed much blood in the cause of his glory. Though the Grand Nuge is sorry to see her leave, nothing makes him feel more confident of Gar’s return than knowing she will be fighting along his son’s side.

Vik the Destroyer

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