Yanath of the Meanderwood

Known for his thick brown bear hide (w/head) he wears, which he killed as a youth. Patient thinker and planner; relishes the wild for the wild's sake, and trackless travel.


Hunter 9
Player: Mark
Str 14
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 19
Wis 14
Cha 12
Traits:Forest Born(Treeborn); Resilient Toughness
Feats: Tactics of the Mind 1; Healing Lore 1; Imp. Init.; Skill Affinity (Hide/Move Sil); Skill Focus (Handle Animal); Tactics of the Mind 5;

Items of note: camouflage suit, Ugly (longsword: mst. lvl.8; +8hrd; +24hp; +1 dam; +1 threat range), mst lt. wooden shield, guard dog; Icar’s Greatsword ’Death’s Master’


Yanath was born and raised in a local trapper’s family near the Meander river outside of Axenbough, his father being one of the early pioneers of the area. Yanath took naturally to the wilder lands, and quickly surpassed his father in skill. When larger logging operations moved in, he began hiring on as a contractor, protecting loggers from the dangers of the forest, blazing trails, and scouting in general. When rumors of ancient artifacts surfaced and the mayor put out the news of reward, he was one of the few locals with the raw talent for adventure. Soon after, the Dark Carnival came to town, and he joined up with a few of its’ workers, as well as a long time associate and local archer/woodsman named Iggy, and a travelling warrior of Chuck to take up the mayor on his offer. Thus started his adventuring career.

Meanderwood Rangers

Yanath’s plans of a connected corp of Rangers who hire out as individuals or teams for contract jobs throughout the lands.
Eagle Eye
Valaz and team
dar’ Nutidre
Crazy Wolf
Running Bear

Yanath of the Meanderwood

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