The Dark Carnival

Vampiric Heist in Hesston

April 29

Smithers gathers Furnok and Bozmus first thing in the morning, crack of dawn “Burns wants to see you.”
Armed guards stand outiside of his Burns’ personal tent. As we are led in, we feel like we pass through a protective field. Burns sits at his desk. We were sweating bullets for a minute that something happened.
Last night, someone sneaked into the encampment, killed several people and stole some of his personal items.
We 2 are thankful we were in town.
“I need you to track down this person and bring my items back to me. You have the full disposal of the carnival’s resources behind you. Smithers will show you the scene of the crimes. You can take any of your remaining friends with you as well on your investigations.”
Furnok raises a concern that anyone who could do this is out of our league.
Burns agrees, he who did so is an incredibly skilled thief. Whoever did the killing, which I don’t believe was the same person, was a brutal and skilled killer. However, I don’t know if you are going to have to deal with any of them directly."
He has Smithers lead us to a supply tent, 2 dead guards dead from overnight. Inside the tent, 1 of Burns’ personal assistants dead as well.
Furnok has the whole camp shut down for now, before too many are up and moving, has Gerald and Sarge brought to track the interlopers. Gerald gets a couple of his wolves to pick up some scent. Furnok and Boz then check to bodies and tent.
Smithers in the meantime explains that 3 items were taken: a staff (smooth shafted, 6’ long, iron tipped at each end); a wand; large black orb. “Out of the 3 items, the one Burns is most concerned with is the orb.”
Furnok asks if they know of anyone which Burns knows would take these item: people he knows are in the area, from his past, etc.
Furnok asks if there is anyone known in the area, or from Burn’s past, etc, who would want these items. He says there is a wizard who might, but they don’t think he’s in the area. Likes to wear black, tends to have undead minions.
Sarge find prints leading into and out of the camp, same direction. It heads into the city then they lose it. Looks like 2 came in, both wearing shoes, right to the assistant’s tent, took him the supply tent where they ran into the guards and killed them fast because no alarm was raised. The guards weapons were out, though. They then entered the tent. 1 stood with the assistant while the other went directly to the 3 items, knowing right where they were. then walked out. The other guy then killed the assistant, then both left for the city.
The bodies appear to have been clawed and maybe bitten to death. The man inside had his throat torn out.
Furnok has a terrible first thought: vampire.
Gerald’s wolves definitely react to a terrible scent left behind, Gerald says something unnatural, like undead perhaps.
Furnok and Boz grab Nunu, Billy and Hunk to take into the city with them. Sarge recommends Angelica, she has a bit of magic, tracking, and archery support. We have Sarge take us to the end of the trail right to a wall where it ends. It takes a pretty direct route into the city, so this is not necessarily the district we should be looking. No secret door, no evidence of climbing. We enter the city to the other side of this wall and see if Gerald’s wolf can pick up the unnatural scent there. It picks it up, part of Furnok was hoping it wouldn’t.
After a few blocks it loses the scent.
Billy “Well, might as well check the graveyard.”
Nunu “That’s actually a good idea.”
Boz “That’s a horrible idea, i don’t want to go there.”
Furnok knows the city very well, there are 2 major graveyards within the walls. One is the popular for high ranking Norrisites. The other is a very old one that has been here since the Masters. No one has been buried there for a long time.
We hit the old one first. Its unkempt, but not completely overgrown. It does get some basic care. We have the wolf check the perimeter outside the wall first. Not the same scent though, but it growls and raises its hackles like back in the supply tent. We go inside the grounds and to the other side of the wall from the scent. It starts working its way through the graveyard to a crypt. The wolf goes right for the door, sniffing at its base. Searching, we see that the door has been opening and closing recently.
Angelica detects no magic. She does find tracks, but nothing definitive.
Furnok “All right, well, I don’t really want to go into a crypt. Let’s get out of here.” He asks Angelica to stay behind and keep an eye on the place.

Back to carnival and report to Burns first. There is a pyre going with the bodies in it on the off chance they could become undead.
He supplies us with a holy symbol, holy water x5. We get oil and alchemist fire from our stash.
Furnok takes the holy symbol.
Burns gives us 2 other things: a wand to detect magical items for Angelica to use, 20’ radius will point the user to it; to Furnok an amulet, command word and speak directly to Burns via his matching amulet.
“I’m positive the actual thief was not an undead. The killer, most likely is.”
The rangers carve us some stakes.
We prepare and gather some friends. After lunch, Furnok and Boz leads Hunk, Garth the Bold, Sarge and Lord Byron (we thought Vandor first, but Garth warned us his primitive mind has a great fear of undead) go back and meet Angelica. She says no activity.
Furnok, with no excitement “Ok (sigh) let’s go.”

Garth pulls the door open, it scrapes lightly on the ground, to the crypt. Sarcophagus in its center as assumed. 4 wooden coffins, that do shit not belong.
Furnok “Great, 4 vampires.” Sarge and Furnok keep and eye on our rear outside. Angelica comes in and detects. Garth with Lord Byron move inward. Sarge gets right inside the doorway, Angelica next to him detecting with the wand. Nothing.

We move in, Angelica now covering the doorway rear. Garth, Hunk, and Byron each cover a coffin. Sarge takes the one we will open first, Boz opening it from the top’s back side, Furnok ready at Sarge’s side with the holy symbol.
Furnok now expects the central sarcophagus may in fact open to a tunnel going deeper.
This first coffin has a man in it, pale, almost feral looking, sleeping.
Furnok holding the holy symbol out “Furnok, check him for fangs.”
Boz “I’m just staking him.”
Sarge cares not for testing either. Sarge takes the stake and hammer, and pounds it in. He starts screaming.
Furnok to Angelica “Close the freaking door!” She does.
After the second hit, the others hear a hissing noise from the stone sarcophagus. Garth starts getting angry. Hunk leaps atop the stone sarchophagus to put all his weight atop it. He feels the lid trying to move undeath him. He calls for Garth to join him.
Sarge now kills the beast on the third stroke.
The lid is still trying to move. The other 3 coffins open, vampire in each: 2 women, 1 man.
Byron’s, male, leaps out and they engage, the other 2 in the back move for Hunk and Garth. They both attack, Sarge moving to help Hunk.
Sarge and Hunk crush theirs, it turns into gaseous form. Angelica fires in support of Garth the Bold. The beefcakes made a brilliant move.
The lid is still jostling but the creature can’t lift it!
Furnok to Boz “Cut its head off” concerning the one first killed, while he starts dumping oil on it.
Garth misses twice. Hunk stokes, staying put. Sarge moves to gaseous vamp’s sarcophagus.
Angelica is keeping an eye out for any newcomers and readies vs the leader in the sarcophagus. It crits Garth, then he hits it.
Byron takes his to gaseous form! Sarge stakes the one he and Hunk took out. Furnok lights the first one up with fire.
Byron moves and helps Garth now.
Garth gases his finally, and she moves to her coffin.
That’s all 4. We steak, behead, and burn the other 3 while Garth and Hunk stay atop, trapping the center vamp.
We open the front door, position ourselves, and Hunk and Garth leap off.
The lid is pushed off in Byron’s direction, and 4 ghouls leap out!! Sarge, Byron and Angelica make their readied attacks and the fight begins and make quick work of them.

There is indeed a hole in the bottom of the central sarchophagus going underground.
The ghouls were not wearing shoes.
Furnok uses the amulet and relays the goings on to Burns.

Furnok looks down the black hole “I’m not going down there first, through fourth.”
Boz volunteers, but Garth the Bold demands to go first. With a torch we can see the bottom about 10’ down. There is a crude ladder strapped to the side. Garth boldly leaps down with a sunrod to a cleared area, the ghoul den judging by the feeding remains. Mostly animals like rats, dogs, cats. At least 1 human as well.
3 circular tunnels lead out, all dug out of the earth, we’ll have to stoop to go into each as they are only about 4’ in diameter. The direction with no tunnel goes toward the city wall nearby. From east he hears running water. Boz arrives next, followed by Hunk, Sarge, Furnok, Angelica, Byron.
We make for the water first, about 50’ on we come out into a city sewer, the ghouls broke through the bricked wall. This is just sewer wandering. Furnok thinks that’s a great idea for him to do is get a map of the sewer and city. We go back and take the right instead. Same wandering sewer. Back to the ghoul room.

Furnok takes off for the local library and civic authority “Thank the Masters I’m out of there”. Furnok is easily able to get a detailed map of sewers and city with his glibness and local knowledge.

The others stay to check to the 2 tunnels. Sarge leads us left, going 100’ to a poor wood door, put in on this side. We open and go into a small empty worked room, totally unlit but for out own. This side of the door was disguised crudely. Paths go north and 2 west. These are 7 to 8’ tall halls, meant for man.
Sarge calls to go the bottom west hall, Garth leading, Byron and Sarge behind him, Hunk bringing the rear. It turns several times, very dirty. At its end it opens into another room, a bit larger than the first. 2 other ways out, a closed portcullis on west wall in maintained condition; a ladder on southern all leading up to a trapdoor.
Hunk looks through the portcullis with his darkvision to a hallway going as far as he can see. There is a door on the north wall.
No visible way to open the portcullis on this side. There is a lever on the other side.
We go back and take the other west direction about 50’ straight, turns north another 50’ into a chamber which the sewer is running through east to west. This larger room was built off this section. A ladder leads upward, and another non sewer hall leads forward on the other side but is blocked by a grate. We enter and look around. The grate looks old and rusted but its very solid. Boz thinks someone went through a lot of work to make it look more natural to here and unused. There is a lock built into it! Locked right now.
We go back and check the north path, going about 100’ to a small chamber. Hall continues north from which we hear sewer water, and an opening also goes east, and a ladder to a trap door above. We check the sewer first, coming out right into the sewer, nothing special here. Back now and take the east about 60’ into another small chamber with ladder to a trap door.
Now back to the ghoul room and northward for about 50’ into the sewer east/west, a section seemingly not as used. Very little drainage oddly. Also a ladder goes upward. The east includes another of the fake old grates, also locked. To the west just sewer to a junction point. An aritificial damn has indeed blocked off this section.
Byron feels we should wait until Furnok gets the maps so we have a lay of the land. We check this access point, into a square. Between Boz and Furnok when he returns, they know right where this square is.
Back up to the surface. We send Boz to get us some quick food.

Furnok returns soon. We lay them out on the sarcophagus lid and Furnok triangulates positions. The square is not far from the graveyard entrance. A couple of the trapdoor for sure lead into buildings. We take to the streets to be sure and ID the access points. Furnok find the access to the dug out sewer chamber; he and Boz notice a symbol on the building next door, storage warehouse.
Boz “That looks vaguely familiar.”
Furnok “Thieves guild symbol, not the HQ.”
We continue our work. Out of the 4 other trapdoors, 2 closest to the guild warehouse both go into private residences (no guild markings); the one from the upper western passage goes into a trader shop general store, the lower western passage goes into a merchant’s home (looks wealthy). All not guild marked.

Furnok takes off again, he needs to contact the city thieves about all of this, get the word on the street and hopefully higher up.
Sarge, Byron and Angy go into the general store to look around. They’ll keep their attention while Boz skulks about. The operator has 2 young assistants as well. Angelica concentrates on the young men, they are fully enthralled with her charismas.
Boz then slithers inside to get into the rooms off the main store.
Garth and Hunk wait outside. They have several arm wrestling matches. Hunk wins 7 in a row, but at that point Garth has worn his endurance down enough to win one!!
Boz finds the trapdoor with a boltlock leading down to a basement. He climbs down the ladder to a storage area where he keeps the good stuff, illegal stuff even like drugs, arcane reagents!! Then he finds another trapdoor, unlocked and hidden from open view on this side. He opens it, and its the one we expected. Back up and out into the store, and he slides out the front door.
The others conclude business, buy a few things and go.
We then wait for Furnok to finish.

Furnok’s contacts know nothing about any big job going down recently, especially from outside. One of them takes him to a guild sector chief about the possible sewer intrusions. His name is Drawell. He’s on the council.
Furnok asks him about the theft, saying it likely originates from outside the city. He says the guild is not aware of the operation. There was a gentlemen (he uses the term loosely) in town a few weeks back who inquired into a very skilled thief for a particular job “When we approached him to discuss terms, he said that he was going to be handling his needs in a different direction” and that was the end of it. Never got details of the job including the timing. Only he was tall and skinny, wore black robes, looked pale and kinda dead.
Furnok then details this mornings activities in and under the graveyard. The warehouse is indeed theirs, and they use the access point to the sewer. The tradesman is utilized periodically. He’s not a thief nor guild member, but has many contacts in different places and is very good at procuring certain items and getting them into the city, with their own access point to it.
The rich merchant is not a guildman nor thief, may not even know that access point exists. The house was once owned by a founder of the guild.
Furnok’s immediate thought to himself “We’re robbing this guy blind.”
The other 2 houses have been used as safe houses in the past, current owners though are not connected any more. They likely don’t know about the access either.
The one locked grate under the warehouse is goes to many places, but especially one of their meeting and planning houses. The otherf in the dry area is one of the assasins guild.
The section of tunnels we found from the ghoul lair hasn’t been used for years cause of the new tentants above. They know of nothing suspicious about those new tenants. The merchangs is a fat (literal) cat. Lots of money and likes to let people know.
Very unvampire like self advertising.
He knows nothing about the portcullis, to his knowledge that’s a new edition.
They want to know who did this unsanctioned job though.

Now early evening. All meet up and report back to burns and have dinner.
Same group back to the portcullis. Rather than the crypt, we use the nearby sewer entrance by the thieves’ warehouse.

Angelica attempts prestidigitation and draws the lever down, the portcullis opens upward. Sarge spikes the portcullis open so that we don’t get trapped. Hunk goes forward to the door. From there he sees a door at the end of the hallway. Sarge moves there and listens, Angelica at the near door. Both hear nothing. Boz starts to pick it, then remembers abruptly to look for a trap. Finding nothing, he picks the lock. A trap goes off, but he jerks his hand away just in time for a poisoned needle to miss him. Hunk leads the way through. No light in this 30×30 room, no visible exits. Appears to have been an old guardroom, unused for some time. Of interest is a chest in one corner. Angelica takes a walk around for secret doors, finding nothing, while Furnok checks the chest which lunges at him!! A coatrack, attacks Angelica!! Furnok soon realizes they are only animated objects, not mimics. Whew. Hunk stomps and pulverizes his into pieces, wood splinters flying all around him. Garth and Boz take care of their’s together.

Back out and to the far door, also locked. Furnok finds an alarm and disarms it. A second search finds nothing so he picks the lock. Hunk opens the door and enters first into a short hall that dead ends. Furnok and Boz agree this is the other side of a secret door. In the wall at the end is the obvious spot to open it. Byron triggers it, he and Hunk in the lead. It opens into a wine cellar, currently in use, lights. We check how it operates from this side, then all enter. Sarge thinks the secret door hasn’t been used much, if at all, recently. Another section off this is a root cellar. We check the maps, we are under the merchant’s house. This is his cellar. Angelica detects for magic, nothing.

We exit and close the portcullis. We have to check out the guild safe houses, unfortunately. Nothing else left. Closest first, which is right down the hall from the portcullis, then the other. We take the underground the whole way.
Boz skulks up and listens, nothing. There is a bolt locked on this side, not latched but its locked from other side. He gets it open easily. The boltlock is an escape insurance from the building, surely. He oils the hinges and slowly cracks it open. Sees only darkness, dirty floor. Furnok calls him down, Hunk takes the lead followed by Byron, Garth, Angelica, Boz, Furnok, Sarge last. Its a basement, dirty and unfinished, junk and a few rats. A stairway goes up at far wall. Door at top of steps. Light shines from under the doorway. Boz and Angelica sneak up and listen. Angelica hears voices talking. Angelica detects for magic and gets a ping of 1 item, very strong.
Furnok hopes the guild is not involved here, that if any of the items are here, this is a rogue thief or cell working for the mastermind. We have to go in, so in we go. Furnok and Boz take the lead as we walk inside.
Room we enter is a kitchen area, 1 door, and an opening into another room. Voices are from the room through the opening. Boz sneaks to the opening and listen in: 3 distinct voices talking about an item they were given to hold at this safe house. Too easy of a job from some guy, good money once he picked it up. An agent of his will pick it up. They talk bout how odd the main guy is, pale guy, met him at night. The pick up guy will be dressed all in black with signet ring to identify him.
They are playing dice as they are conversing.
Boz and Furnok walk in “gentleman, gentleman, don’t be alarmed” drawing their attention while Angelica goes through the door to find the item.
They hear Angelica though, 2 of them see her though. One is clearly the leader of the 3 and steps forward questioning us.
Furnok lays it on, w/o playing the undead card first.
They don’t want to lose the unpaid part of the cash, which is substantial, and their reputation is at stake. They say we either pay them, or have to take it off of us. As we bargain, we walk around to cover exits. Front door is in an adjacent room. We cover that entryway and another door in the room. 250,000 gold is what they want. Furnok “We can’t do that.”
Boz reacts suddenly with a thrown dagger at the leader "feel the wrath of Ned Snakeshaft, hitting 22. Furnok exclaims in shock and alarm “no!”
Combat begins, Furnok yells “don’t kill them!” Furnok saps the leader twice. Angelica casts sleep on the other 2, both succeed. Garth rushes in but almost critically misses a grapple attack “Vic has cursed me!!” Sarge misses same on the other guy. Byron covers the kitchen entrance. Angelica is blocking the other room, Boz at the door.
They draw wpns and retaliate. The leader turns from Furnok, honor among thieves, and moves for Bosmus.
Hunk moves in, puts the leader in a full nelson, and he passes out. Hunk drops him.
Furnok “Give up, men, I implore you.”
Garth fails in 2 more touch attempts “Hey, you’re quick.”
Sarge grapples the other successfully.
Furnok moves and saps Garth’s, knocking him out.
To sarges “Give in, man.” Hunk starts moving to Sarge in case he needs help.
He surrenders, Sarge lets him go.

They were told no exact time of the meeting, only w/in 3 days of today. They were contacted very early morning. We find the staff upstairs.
Furnok contacts Burns, tells him we got the staff.
“Excellent. Bring that back before you do anything else.”
We tie up the 3 thieves and put them upstairs.

Back to the carnival we go and give the staff to Burns “Fine job getting it back so quickly” and tell him about the situation; get a hit squad to wait for this agent of the vampire. Hunk and Garth will stay here to watch the prisoners until we get back.
Nunu, Banion and Vandor are brought back to guard the prisoners. They take them down the trapdoor and keep them in the tunnel below; we make for the other safe house hoping the same situation is going on there with one of the other items.
Same lock setup as previous. Bozmus leads the way inside into another basement, dimly lit. Upstairs we go, light above as before but door is cracked open. Bosmus creeps up and peers through. He sees no one, but thinks he hears someone walking on the 2nd floor just above.
Garth is sent in first, into a sitting room. Adjacent is another living room. The front door iis in that room, open. A man lies in that next room, cut down with a blade recently, still bleeding.
Garth heads right for him. Next to that room is the kitchen, plus a hall to steps up.
Angelica checks the body, he’s dead. Another in the kitchen.
We head upstairs warily to a hall to 3 rooms, all doors open. Another dead man in the hallway. We can see right into one ahead, empty bedroom. Other 2 also bedrooms. First empty, last has an open window and another dead man there. Angelica and Sarge rush to the window. Angelica spots a man walking away from the house yelling “Police, police, murderers! My friends have all been killed.”
Furnok “It’s a frame up!”
There were people in the street already, we were beaten to it! The man is short from her view of him, less than 5’10" and slight of build. He wore a hooded cloak.
Angelica detects the remnants of the items magic.
Furnok thinks if someone gets to the room, they can get to an adjacent building and come down inconspicuously in time to perhaps follow this guy. Angelica and Bosmus go for it.
The rest of us retreat via the way we came in. We can’t head directly in our prey’s direction but go can head that general way.

Back at the other house:

Couple men approach the front door nonchalantly. Banion stays put. They kock on the door. Nunu opens the door to let them in. Banion starts making his way across the street.
“Who the F are you?

“I am Nunu the Incomprehensible.”
“I understand why you have that name, I can’t understand a word you’re saying.” They have to talk to the men, so Nunu lets them in. His great senses notices something odd: when the man was talking to him, he made a gesture with his hand toward Nunu, like a sign. Nunu repeats it back to him, and they enter. Nunu admits they were drubbed.
“Umm, what?”
Vandor reveals himself, and Banion enters the front door.
Vandor goes down with one of them to bring up the other 3.
The one obviously in charge is thinking, not sure how to proceed.
“Only because it doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know…” They are from the thieves’ guild in town, got word they were performing an unsanctioned job w/o paying their due taxes before being cheated.
Nunu explains why we are here and what our other group is doing.
Vandor and the thief finds the other 3 dead, all still tied together, throats slit! Clean and to the bone.
The thief is taken aback. Vandor is dumbfounded and they return to us.
They talk amongst themselves after we insist we had nothing to do with that. He suggests we do not leave the house, and walks outside, leaving his associate here looking nervous.
Shortly thereafter he returns with a dozen men, mostly thugs and another smarter looking thief. A cleanup crew will get rid of the bodies, he and his associate are going to investigate the house, the thugs are to keep an eye on us.
Nunu tells them immediately about the other safe house, and the leader sends a man to check on that.
They search the house, the leader questions us, they check out weapons, etc. We tell the full truth.
He believes our word, and we are cleared.
Quite the trouble Furnok has dragged us into.

Back to main group:
The house is quickly surrounded by onlookers, then town guard, and searched.

Ang and Bosmus find themselves at a spot where they aren’t sure where he went. Boz takes a side road, Ang the main drag. She gets word from a passerby of fast moving man fitting the description and follows that lead down an ally. Boz soon realizes he lost any trail at all and backtracks to find Angelica. Same guy recognizes Ang’s beauty and he goes that way too.
Angelica meanwhile is about halfway down the ally when 2 men step out of the shadows in front her.
“What’s a pretty young thing like you doing walking down this ally by herself?”
“I’m looking for a rapscallion and thief.”
“Well, you just found 2 of them.” They begin walking toward her.
She then hears 2 others behind her.
Same guy “Look here, you either give us your money and we won’t hurt you too bad, or if you like it rough you can keep your money.”
She tosses her coin purse to him with a few 50gp gems. They weren’t expecting that, and they’re happy to let her go on her way. She asks them if they saw the runner “Yeah, I saw some little weasel head up here” points a block up the ally to an old warehouse on the left, he went in there!
They take their leave and she goes to the warehouse. One loading door, mandoor next to it, and upper windows.
She turns to find Boz, and finds him before she’s out of the ally.
She leaves Boz and heads off to find the others.

The others get out of the sewers after a couple blocks and hope to get lucky enough to run into Boz or Angelica.

We find Angelica on her way back to the first safehouse and make for Boz. He says no activity inside that he could see.

Boz picks the lock and opens the door. Hunk goes in first to see w/ darkvision before we hit the lanterns.
He sees nothing but crates. He moves through for a minute to make sure all is quiet and safe, then gets the others. Lanterns on and in we go. We survey to place to find all ways up, down or out. On the far side is another door to an office with a front door to the main street.
Steps up to 2nd floor; and elevator up as well. We take the steps. Hunk leads the way, Garth securing the rear. Door at top is locked, so Boz is called forward and picks the lock, steps out of the way and Hung steps through into a hallway to another door. He hears nothing on the other side and picks the lock. In Hunk goes into a room, maybe a break room. Door out on our left. Boz hears nothing and its unlocked. Hunk in to a hallway, door at end and right side halfway. Door at right is an empty kitchen so forward through next door into large storage area with lots of boxes and such of supplies for the warehouse ops, and a dumweighter down. 1 door out the left so we take that into a long hallway with couple windows overlooking lower level but none looking outside, this wall faces adjacent building. Nothing visible below.
Garth and Sarge backtrack a room to check our rear. Unfortunately, they see a gang of ghouls heading our way from the hall at the kitchen.
We call back to the others and back into the room. Byron keeps watching forward while Hunk and Angy help take on the 5 ghouls.
Furnok shuts the door to the hall for safety, turns to Boz and Byron “They’ll be fine.”
Angelica fires her arcane bolts at the first one, the fastest is a ghast not ghoul. We 3 at the front all make the stench save.
In the hall, Furnok notitices smoke seeping through the wall inside wall. He points it out to the others, opens the door and moves into the room, holy water in one hand, holy symbol in the other. Boz follows.
Finishing off the ghouls, hunk and Sgt go into the hall. Garth is left to kill the last ghoul. The mist forms into 2 vamps, 1 at Sgt and Byron each. Sgt’s closes and latches the door. The other attempts to demoralize Byron but fails. Hunk flanks with Byron and combat begins.
Furnok “The door’s locked!” Garth charges the door, and with his maul bashes a hole through taking the lock off.
Sgt is grappled and pushed against the wall, it starts leaning for his neck fangs beared!
Hunk takes his out, it changes instantly into gas which starts seeping again. Sgt breaks free. Garth attacks it. Byron moves down the hall and joins with Sgt and Garth. Angelica fires her arcane bolts hitting twice as Furnok hurls a vial of holy water past hunk and hits it as well!
The creaure crits Sarge, damaging his armor as well as him. We hammer it in return. Byron turns it to gas.
Furnok "We have to follow the gas. Hunk smashes the window and leaps downward landing hard but with no ill effect. Furnok runs over and looks down, lantern hanging out the window. He sees the 2nd vamp mist at floor level seeping through the floorboard here as well.
Furnok tells Sarge to go downstairs with Angelica, and for Sgt to take Boz and Byron to search for a way down up top. Garth stays in the hall to be in contact with both groups.

Upstairs, Boz picks their way through the door at hall’s end into a waiting room perhaps, or secretary office, desk next to the door out. Boz picks through that door as well to a narrow hall. Door on right and near end. First door, toward outer wall, into an common room with couple windows to outside. Boz picks us through that door as well to a large office, ornate desk, few chairs, armoir. We start searching here first, finding a hatch in the ceiling to roof presumably, accessed via a ladder on the wall hidden in plane sight as a wall sconce. Also, a trapdoor in the floor covered by a rug. Boz goes through the upper door.

Downstairs, we find nothing in the main room so check the office section next, finding a trapdoor going downward! We call Garth and head down, descending a steep set of stairs into the earth followed by Hunk, Angy, Furnok last. We come to a small roughly hewn basement with a couple long crates!!’

Upstairs, Boz opens the trapdoor to the roof and climbs up. Good view of this area of town, he notices. He hears voices from the ally below, and light from that direction. He looks over
Sarge has opened the trapdoor down as well. A collapsable ladder starting here, releasing a latch drops it down and they start down.

There are 5 of these crates long enough to be pseudo coffins. We crowbar the first open but other than a layer of dirt its empty. Quick dig reveals nothing. The next has a man inside, one we just fought.
Garth stakes it and it disintigrates.

The cloaked man we followed here who tried to set us up for murder is talking with 2 others. They have run a chain through the double door delivery entry and mandoor and padlocked. They are getting ready to burn it down!! The 2 others throw flasks of oil on the tinder pile and step back. The cloaked man tosses his torch onto it igniting. They then start leaving the scene.
Boz climbs down to tail them.

Sgt: he and Byron climb down right into the main warehouse room and at the bottom sees smoke starting to come in under the wood. He touches the wall and feels its too hot. Fire! They run for the office and see the open trapdoor.

3rd crate, empty. 4th is 2nd guy so we destroy him. As we do, Sarge yells down that the place is on fire “We need to go.”
Last crate, empty. We rush upstairs A group of people have assembled out front including several of the town guard calling the fire brigade! and keeping the crowd back.

Furnok leads up fast upstairs to the office. As they are going out, he searches the desk, its getting hot and smokey. What he finds in unexpected and doesn’t make him happy: some marks of the thieves’ guild are on some of the paperwork.
The building abutting this has a 10’ lower roof which we all drop onto unseen to escape.
We can go building to building for a couple more then down a fire escape at the end of the block. Its a bustle everywhere at and heading for the blaze. No one seems to pay us any notice so we book it for the safehouse where we left our other team.

The papers show that the warehouse was a front used by the guild for smuggling contraband. We have no clue where Boz is.
We get to the safe house to find guildmembers there.
The leader “You’re back, just in time for your interrogations.”
Furnok “And you’re here for yours.”
“We need to find out how some of our brothers were murdered while under your care.”
Byron “We want to know why a couple vampires were lairing in one of your warehouses.” He wants us to hand over our weapons. Furnok asks to see their chief, he says “as far as you’re concerned I am the authority.”
He wants our weapons to check them out so we comply.
They do find that Byron and Sarges blades were recently used. The sholar here checks them out in detail as well as chemical tests and they question them as well. Byron does not being interrogated by common thiefs.
Talking to Sgt “Ah, you’re one of those scum suckin’ Firsts, lapdogs of the Masters. And by the looks of it a ranger sort. So you wanted to be a thief but weren’t good enough” he leans over to him “Are you getting angry”. Sarge is cool as a cubumber at the attempt to get his blood flowing.
Soon enough, the scholar finishes with our weapons “Well, I have good news and bad news.”
Furnok “Are they the same news?”
“Yes. No residue of blood from our men on their weapons.” Only Boz struck one of them with a weapon! And he’s not here. Whew.
They ask if we had another member of our party. We are free to go, but hey want to see Boz aka Ned Snakeshaft at the main guild hall, and they’ll be looking for him too.
The scholar has no way of knowing if the blood on the balde matched the dead men.

We hang out in the area and Boz arrives, informing us he lost them after several blocks; so back to the carnival to report to Burns.
Burns is not too happy about the hullaballoo but realizes we didn’t actually start any of it.
Boz got a good look at the 3 guys though and can describe them, including the cloaked man! Blonde hair, 5’8" maybe, clothing, slightish build, etc.
Burns gets a scowl on his face “Didn’t know he was still in business. I think I know who our thief is, though it won’t help us find him. Matter of face only makes me realize how much more difficult it is going to be. Valnn Brand, ex associate of mine from many years ago” probably the most accomplished thief he’s ever met; why he would steal from Burns is a mystery to him, parted on good terms when last saw each other and he knows the risks of crossing Burns. Nor would he have need for the money if he were selling the items, he was quite wealthy. Consorting with undead does not sount like him whatsoever. “Tomorrow morning get back at it, into the city. Research amongs the people of the town to see if anyone knows him by that name. You should speak to the low end, and the high end of society.”

April 30

Early we are preparing to leave and Smithers arrives “We need to get all of you out of the carnival and into the city immediately” he leads us on a circuitous route through the carnival, other workers are milling around strategically keeping us from being seen.

“2 visitors here, one of high ranking guild members in a meeting with Master Burns right now discussing the 3 murders and the warehouse torching; and one of the city Hesston Inquisitors from the church waiting to meet with him next over the matter of a murder of 4 men in a separate building linked to you also. You can’t be seen in the carnival, if they catch any of you here they’ll bring down too much pressure on us. Get into the city, get the job done, but lay low.”
Someone obviously went to the town guard and gave our descriptions from the 2nd safe house, the set up.
He gets us to horses “Don’t come back until you’re done. I guarentee there’s going to be thieves and church watching the carnival from now on.”
Furnok writes down a couple places of trusted friends to give to Smithers, in case anyone needs to get in touch with us.
The guild is here to ask about the warehouse, the framer likely tried to blame that on us too.
Smithers recommends we no include boz in the theives’ guild meeting. They seem convinced that he’s the murderer of the 3 at the first safe house.
So, into town we go.

Furnok leads us to a friend of his from years ago that he knows he can trust where we can hide out in. Then Boz, Furnok, Sarge and Angy get to work gathering info, splitting up. We find that there is going to be a ball tonight, a lot of high society at this party, starts late. Only way to get in is by invitation. Furnok discovers what the invitation looks like by finding where they were made and getting the stationary, then Boz forges 2 tickets. Each invitation includes a guest, so Boz, Furnok, Angy and Byron will be the party goers.
Furnok uses the communication gem, getting hold of Smithers, to bring in proper clothes. He says they’ll arrive by early afternoon.

Next, we start gathering info on Valan:
People know the name, very well known in thieving circles many years ago though not active, at least under that name, recently. Its been assumed he’s retired for at least 5 years. The guild has a description of Boz that has been distributed throughout their ranks, and a warning that he is dangerous, for none to approach him alone. The militia have a general description of our party circulated among the authorities.

Furnok goes directly to the guild himself to speak frankly with them, a high ranking Lt. They let him in no issues. He tells them exactly what happened at the warehouse. Furnok asks about Valan: he’s been retired many years; last time he did anything they are aware of was about 5 years ago. He lives here in Hesston, changes his name and house frequently, cause he’s still in high demand. He has gotten offers since then for jobs via the guild but he has enough money to retire, as well as legit business interests. Bad news for us, when he wants to talk to the guild, he contacts us indirectly. No one has seen him since that last job. They do not know where he lives nor what his current name is. This Lt. is also baffled at what would have brought him out of retirement for such a risky job. In the last couple months or so, inordinately high number of disappearances in the city. No pattern to it whatsoever. Amongst the lower classes and dregs, its very very high. The beggars huddle together in groups at night now for safety.
Furnok “It must all be connected.”
Furnok insists to them Boz didn’t murder their men. He says the Norrisite Order, through their own investigation, thinks that Ned Snakeshaft was involved in all the murders and have sent a couple monk inquisitors scouring the city for him. If they find us they’ll try to get us to turn him in.
Furnok shows him our forgeries, and he calls a forger to check them. He says the first is perfect, 2nd pretty good and only under very close scrutiny could it fail. Considering the number of guests entering, unlikely.
He then asks if they could track the sarcophagus sized boxes, turning over the papers he took. He’ll look into it, but so far as he knows any evidence was burned up. The warehouse was a complete loss.
They know nothing about the assassin guild being involved at all.

The Ball:

Starts at 8pm.
The house is not the one the tunnels led to, whew.
We rent 2 high class carriages, with drivers.
Byron and Angy arrive first at quarter after, getting in w/o issue. Its already quite crowded inside. The home is huge and ridiculously ornate, taking up a city block including the gardens et al. The grounds are fenced in. They start mingling immediately.
Furnok and Boz arrive about half past, and we are let in w/o incident, and we get to mingling ourselves.
Boz and Angy find out some people who know the name Valan, he had aliases, they get a name or 2 he supposedly changed it to 4 years ago but not since.
Furnok loosens up some tongues expertly. Valan was invited to this party! He finds a guy who knew him since before he retired, hasn’t talked to him for about a year. The last house he knew him at was in the merchant district with his wife and daughter. Been married for 10 years, daughter is 9 now.
This makes it even more odd he has re entered the underworld. Furnok immediately thinks it’s blackmail; someone is holding his family against him.
The guy says he doesn’t miss the big parties, no matter what identity he’s under, but “oddly I haven’t seen him tonight.” He’s been working toward legitimacy for 5 years. Regardless of identity changes, there are a few who always know him. The Baron here is one of them.
Byron hits up the babes who are not associating with men at the moment, asks around about the host of the party. His name is Baron Gelder. She points him out to Byron “let me take you over and introduce you to him, we’re dear old friends” and starts pulling him across the room. Byron follows and she introduces them, gives the Lord a kiss on the cheek and walks away.
He does not recall ever meeting Byron before “but we send out so many invitations”. Byron makes with the friendly discourse, not really telling any lies either, explaining he is relatively new, this is his first party, and he got invited through some common channels but does not know who the Baron really. Byron is right convincing of his authenticity and the Baron really enjoys his company. He invites Byron and his wife (angelica) to stay at the smaller private afterparty.
Byron “I’d love to.”

Furnok suruptitiously detects for the items. He gets a couple signals, but nothing strong enough. But, he does have magic.

Boz and Furnok keep an eye out for security measures, and its like a fortress. Guards patrol the exterior and interior, and placed at each entrance to the house, and watching the primary staircase at the top of the stairs. A couple people we do notice show something to the guards there and are allowed to pass. Furnok finds out that his family and close friends, at such an event, have some bobble or another that shows the guards working they are permitted beyond normal. What that bobble is is unknown to any outside the circle. They return tween a few minutes to half hour or so. So private privy, couples intimacy, etc.
Furnok pays attention shortly, and sees them show them their hand or something on their hand.
He picks the first couple to bring drinks to, as a guy tipsy and overly friendly. As they take the drink, he sees that they both have a ring with a large opal, but not exactly the same cut. They are slightly different. The bands look the same.

Boz does not spot the cloaked Valan he saw.
At this point, we just try to have a good time from here on out. Furnok just concentrates on getting himself a loose lady to take outside in the gardens.

Party starts winding down. People are getting ushered out. 6 couples remain behind as we close the place down, including Byron and Angelica. Furnok drunk sings his way out. Boz tries to ditch, but is stopped by a guard who points him to the exit. Furnok stumbles over ‘drunk’ explaining he probably thought I was passed out somewhere on the grounds. We exit.

We ride away in our carriage.
Several blocks away we ditch it and return to the perimeter. No visible guards in the garden, but there are attack dogs wandering around.

Inside, the Baron makes sure all present are introduced if necessary. They go to a previously guarded room. Most of the guards in the house are no longer present.
The 2 stair guards are now at the bottom, and 2 stand at the front door.
Drinks, food, and drugs. Talking, some making out, some moreso. Its a situation where whatever you want to do you do.
Conversation starts to flow freely. Lots of gossip, including the heinous murders the night before. One says its hard to believe 1 man killed 7 like that; Byron says he heard about that, he heard it was a Ned Snakeshaft; others have heard that as well; another says the he heard rumors that it has something to do with Valan.
The Baron says he wouldn’t be mixed up in that mess, he’s retired, nor was he ever a killer anyway.
“Was there a reason he didn’t show up tonight?”
Baron “Well, he said his wife wasn’t feeling well, he had to take care of her. Unfortunate but family life always comes first.”
Conversation moves on.
Byron brings up the exclusive club he noticed, passage to private areas of the house. Almost everyone here has one of those rings on. “What does one have to do to earn it?”
Baron “I like you, and I think you have the makings, but you have to be around longer before we can give you that privilege. If you prove yourself to be a worthy member of our group and prove your loyalty and trustworthiness to us, you may earn that right. We all tend to do little favors for one another from time to time.”
The night goes on until it breaks up, those with rings can choose to sleep the night here.

From outside, we see many of the guards leaving the grounds for their own homes. We feel most that are leaving wore a certain type of uniform. The staircase and front door types had a different one, those are his full time house guard.

Boz debates sneaking into the house now to snoop around. Furnok goes to break into his best assumption of the records offices in merchant’s district and such, trying to dig up who this guy might be by the scant knowledge we have.

He finds that Valan married under his true name, then records of him applying for a business license with the merchant’ guild again under his real name right around the same time. Through tax records, he finds regular payments every year on the business and his shop’s address. About 5 year ago though sold his residence to a Luci Alias. Business is done under his wife Helga’s maiden name of Hilenbrand. Nothing else purchased under the Valan name since. Valan and Helga had their daughter Valerian 9 years ago. Digging deeper into that, he finds no other record of her but the birth. Nothing whatsoever is found under Helga, married nor maiden names, either.
Obviously, Furnok gets all addresses involved. Before he finishes, Boz arrives. They get back to our safehouse.

After Byron and Angelica leave with the others who do not stay, Boz does a perimeter check and sneaks over the fence onto the grounds. He picks his spot near the best climing access to the 2nd floor. Waits until he sees some dogs roam by and far enough away, then climbs over the fence. 20’ of open ground here only to the wall of the house. He drops scent powder along his path to throw off any dogs from catching a strange scent. As he is about to start climbing, he hears a dog rushing for him across the yard. He hits it in the face with dog powder stunning it for a round while he starts climbing and gets to the 2nd floor. The dog is disabled completely.
Boz gets to a window and it slides open smoothly into a pitch black room. He hears nothing, not even breathing. He cracks a sunrod but keeps it up his deep black sleeve to limit the light emission. He’s in an unoccupied bedroom. 3 doors, the opposite obviously the way to the central hall. Listening at all 3 doors to be safe = nothing. Out into the hallway that is dimly lit so he sheaths his sunrod.
Quickly he spots a guard walking the halls but he passes by, then further on hears voices talking. The guard walks on by and out of sight, Boz moves toward the voices where he stops and listens. Male and female voice discussing the party and guests, nothing more. He moves on to another room, hearing nothing so opens the door steps inside and closes it behind him. It’s a sitting room, door adjoining to which he hears the same people talking. He listens further. They mention Valan’s name, the man says he heard rumors he was back in his old life of crime.
Woman “That would be such a shame, his poor wife and daughter would be left on the streets if he were caught.” They discuss that as the reason why he was not present at the party, he has to lay low after recent involvement. Goes on normally from there.
He hears them mention Byron finally, as a fine looking coupe whom they hope return and “possibly stay later”.
Boz resolves to not tell Byron nor Angy any of this and moves on. He comes across the patrolling guard again going by down another hallway and pauses while he passes.
He finds a servant’s room with staircase going down to 1st floor.
Next door in that hall is a large office/study. He enters and locks the door from this side, then searches very carefully. He finds Valan’s invitation, returned w/ note on it just what the Baron says, he could not attend due to dreadfully ill wife; hope’s to see the Baron at the next one. No address.
The handle on the door jiggles, then nothing. Boz gets to the door, dagger drawn, assassin instinct taking over. Thankfully, it was just the guard checking the door.
He keeps searching but finds nothing germaine to the recent events nor business matters.On the underside of the desk, Boz scratches ‘Ned was here’ with the date.
Another door in this hallway has a light coming from underneath it but he hears nothing. Next seems to be dark, but he hears someone walking inside, and mumbling of 1 voice.
Now, downstairs via servants’ steps to another servant area w/ 3 door out, one deeper into house, 1 toward back of house, last sideways.
The door to back of house starts to open. Boz retreats into the dark of under the stairway he came from. A manservant enters with a tray of refreshments and goes up the stairs. Boz skulks up behind him to the room with the light under it and enters after a knock. Boz goes back downstairs and through door butler came from into a kitchen, a man sits there doing prep work so he backs out. He head deeper into the front of the house instead. 2 guards stand at the front door. Back upstairs to the room into which he broke in and leaves the house then over the fence to meet Furnok at the records.

We make for Luci’s house. Its a very nice place, but its made of stone not wood like most of the urban buildings are, with some property and kept greenery around it. The business is about half dozen blocks away. Large general store with attached warehouse in back. We case it for a nightwatchman inside. We see nothing so into the ally to the warehouse door and break in. Furnok starts detecting but picks up nothing. We hear voices outside the door we entered from.
Boz goes to door and listens. 1 says "do you think they’re still in here, I don’t know the alarm just went off a few minutes ago.
We get into the front store before they come inside. 2 men enter at the rear.
Furnok detects while the guards are being cautious in the back while boz opens the front door. Nothing detected “Boz, shove the door opens so they hear it and follow me up”; Boz grabs the lockbox and takes off out the door to lead them away, to Furnok’s surprise.
The guards rush in, finding the lockbox gone and spot Boz down the road and turn out of sight.
Furnok hears them “Aw no, they took the lockbox.”
“We’re going to get fired.”
They start talking it over as Furnok detects, and finds nothing. He finds a window, drops out, and away finding Boz several blocks up in an ally.
Furnok “Did you open it?”
“I don’t really want the money. Just a distraction.”
Furnok “Really? Ok, I do” and takes it, Boz gives it to him no problem.

Back to Luci’s house. Furnok gets onto the ground and walks the perimeter wall detecting. Won’t quite reach to center of house; he does pick up some magic though nothing of the power we are looking for. There are a couple lights on inside.
If there is a vampire in there, we’d rather tackle it during the day so back to the safehouse we go, taking measures to be sure no one is following us.

Sgt stays up on guard rest of night, Garth then Hunk split with him. Garth, unfortunately, is quite drunk and passes out here and there. Toward morning, Hunk is getting tired.

Shortly after Boz and Furnok are sleeping, Sarge hears something outside a window. Kicking Garth as he walks by, telling him what’s up, he takes a look. Whoever it was saw him coming, now standing in front of the house looking up at Sgt. Tall man, thin, dark cloak. Sgt sees his eyes glint red but Sarge resists the enchantment attempt. He turns and strides away into the darkness.
Sgt wakes everyone up and reports. We sleep the rest of the night.

May 1

Early, not much sleep for Furnok and Boz. We need to get to Luci’s and just bust this all open on him. While we prep, a visitor arrives, using a patterned knock. Furnok’s friend says “everyone out the back door, now”. It’s a warning knock, that the guard are on their way here right now. We book it, he insists he’ll be fine.
Circling around, we see the guard at the front door. The leader is the Norrisite monk inquisitor we heart about.
We make fast for Luci’s house. On the way, a man steps out suddenly in front of us “I have a letter” which he hands to Furnok. It has the guild mark upon it. Furnok tips him a couple platinum.
It’s a warning for us from the guild Lt. Furnok has been talking to.

He sent the secret knock warning; if we plan on going into the house of Luci be extra extra cautious. Even we know not what perils await a burglar inside, but the evil that you mentioned fighting the minions of we are fairly certain resides in that home.

We stop at the thieves’ guild, Furnok goes in alone, to ask any more specifics they may have. First, he profusely thanks them for all their cooperation in this. Unfortunately, they have no further specifics. As far as how they got the info, they decided to talk to Valan himself. They sent a couple men to to the store first and the wife was not there nor was he. The manager said they hadn’t seen either for couple weeks. Went to his house next with a 3rd guildmember. 1 came back but they had to kill him for he was returned as a trap. The 3 had been invited in by a manservant, but once inside attacked. The one who returned had been bitten on the neck and was going to become a vampire. They assume the other 2 are dead. He tried to say he barely escaped but noticed the bite marks. This was yesterday evening before the party we went to.
Furnok considers the idea of sending an explanation to the Norissites by courier and telling them to send a hit team to meet us at Valan’s so as to clear our names, but its risky. The guild thinks that’s a bad idea only because the Inquisitor will arrive with normal guard who will be like canon fodder. Plus the only name they have is Ned Snakeshaft, an alias.

Off we go to Valan’s house. We use the back door. Boz finds an alarm an disables it, picks the lock. Garth leads the way into the kitchen. Definitely used recently, so humans still live here. Through the only door out to a servants’ prep room. One door out. As Garth opens it he sets off a trap of gas hitting himself, Sgt and Hunk dealing damage to all.
Furnok is picking up big power from above.
Garth “Bozmus, up front, lead the way (cough, cough)”.
Furnok “We search for traps at every door now.”
Next into a hallway left/right. Both directions are a T section, 1 door in this hall. Garth moves left to check the T but hits a trap, releasing a pendulum blade which hits him. Sgt to the right sees stairs up and a door one way, and 3 doors and a turn the other. Garth sees similar setup but no stairs instead 2 other doors.
Boz finds no trap on the near door and hears nothing, not locked. Hunk enters 40×40 room, one door on opposite wall. Sitting, visiting room.
Furnok and Boz lead the way together to the steps, searching together along the way for traps. We can’t risk it. Furnok finds a trap as we pass a door and disables the pressure plate. Up the stairs, no traps. Furnok detects direction, but not w/in range so we head to where he detected ahead.
This upstairs is smaller than the downstairs, shorter at the front where there is a large terrace.
As we file into the hall from the stairs, Byron in the rear sees from the door at the bottom 4 ghouls exit that room and rush up the stairs at him. As the first attacks Byron, the next 2 climb on the stone walls one on either side of the first. Byron destroys the first, so Hunk steps forward past him to attack the last on the steps. Suddenly, tween Angy and Byron now materializes a vampire!! Seems neither Valan nor the tall cloaked, man, and not the mia thieves, more like a beggar. Byron resists its grapple attempt. Angy steps back and fires at both ghouls on the walls. Byron takes down his wall ghoul then attacks the vamp as Garth moves in vs it as wel; Hunk pulls his off the wall, stomps it to death then kills the last on the stairs. Byron and Garth flanking take on the vamp. Angelica helps with arcane bolts. We take it to gaseous form.
Garth “Quick, light, where does the mist go?” It seeps through the stone.

On we go, Boz disarming another trap in the hall. Then we come to a deadfall trap we can’t disarm, but we can avoid setting it off. At a T section, the detector says turn left so we do first radioing Burns in case we need rescued. As we move, we pick up the signal from a door here going south.
Boz secures the trap on the door and picks the lock. Hunk and Sarge enter, Angelica backing up. 40’ deep and 60’ wide room. Huge bed, bookshelves, bureaus and dressers, etc. Big double door leads to the terrace. Curtains drawn. Valan, obviously, stands agains the far wall; a vampire next to him holding him by the arm. The tall cloaked vampire stands on the far wall but separate from them; 5 ghouls in the room as well.
Tall vamp “You may want to think about what you’re doing before you come in here. Tell them, Valan.”
Valan “They have my wife and my daughter held, if you attack him they will be killed. If they die, you’ll never get those items. I won’t give them up.”
Krenek the vampire “If you’re willing to walk out of here now, no harm will come to anyone else.”
Furnok quietly, still unseen, from the hallway radios Burns “We’re in a tight spot” about the danger to Valan’s family here. Burns says “split up, find the family, and keep them from being killed instantly as you go after my item, they have to be in the house to be that instant danger.”
So, Garth who was covering the far corner and boz also still not seen go that way, Furnok, and Byron who was guarding our rear, the other way. We skulk away, Sarge will have to stall.
Boz hears sobbing at the first door, finds no trap but fails too pick it.
Furnok hears nothing but picks their door. Byron enters: woman tied to a chair, a vampire and a wight in the room!!
The vampire goes for a charm on Byron and orders the Wight to attack. Byron resists but is beset upon by it. Furok rushes to the girl holy symbol presented to the vampire!! At Furnok’s wail, Garth pushes Boz aside and bashes the door down into same situation as Furnok and Byron.
Krenek “Are you trying to distrace me?” to Sgt.
An attempt at charm fails on Furnok!
The vamp in Boz/Garth room bites the daughter’s neck! The other attacks Garth. Boz tumbles by to save the girl as Garth engages the Wight, and presses his holy symbol right against his forehead, and it rears away, letting loose of the child.
Byron finishes his Wight and moves to the vampire.
Krenek tries to charm Hunk, but his Berserk Mind foils it!!
Hunk charges Krenek and nails him 25!
Angelica fires upon the vamp spawn holding Valan. Sgt readies for ghoul attacks and tries to egg them on. All but 1 attack him, the last on Angelica.
Byron and his vamp continue fighting, Boz makes the save vs a charm.
Furnok cuts Helga free. Garth kills the last wight. Hunk is hit only once somehow, then misses twice himself. Angelica steps back from her ghoul and continues firing on the spawn DESTROYED; as Sarge drops 2 ghouls. Angy is hit with 1 claw.
Boz’s spawn goes around him to Garth.
Helga is free. Boz rushes just to the doorway of the main fight.
Byron mists his vamp.
Krenek crits then misses Hunk.Angelica steps back and fires upon her ghoul, Hunk fails to trip Krenek. Sgt kills 1 ghoul and wounds his last. Angelica’s stays on her.
Furnok leads Helga out to the hall and yells “I’ve got the wife!”
Byron moves for the main fight. Garth is still battling his spawn.
The daughter is lying on the floor holding her neck, not unconcious.
Krenek misses and hits Hunk.
Boz tells Angelica we need a medic in Hunk’s room, and takes on her ghoul DEAD, she rushes for Garth’s room. Sarge kills the last ghoul, drops his blade and draws his bow.
Boz charges Krenek!!
Garth is in a fierce battle with the last spawn.
Valan to Sgt “Is my family safe?”
Sgt “I’ve been busy!”
Valan to Hunk and Boz “Get Krenek in front of the double doors to the terrace.”
Hunk is hit twice, steps and bullrushes Krenec 10’ to in front of the doors!
Angelica reaches the child, Sarge fires upon Krenek hitting twice.
Furnok takes Helga to her child.
Valan “Boz, stay back from it.” Boz backs off of Krenek. Byron reaches the room.
Valan draws the stolen rod, pushes a button, and a ladder begins forming across the room, with which he rams hunk with into the double doors which activates the trap on the door. A huge vat of acid pours down upon Krenek, now the only one in its path!
Furnok in the hall, out of line of sight “That didn’t sound good.”
It rains down horribly upon Krenek, and the daylight coming in forces Krenek to turn into mist and retreat!
Hunk enters “Clever thief.”
To Hunk “No hard feelings.” Hunk shakes his head no.
Valan says the spawn lair here, he can lead us safely to them. Krenek will get into the sewers and disappear, he has no lair here.
Valan says he pilfered the Rod of Lordly Might.
Hunk “Quite mighty, pushing me is no easy task.”

We find the spawn and destroy them no problem, Valan bypassing the traps.
The daughter will be ok, drained only a little. She’ll heal.

He explains that he received a visitor couple weeks ago, gave him a choice of doing a job. When Valan declined, 2 days later his wife and daughter were kidnapped and he got a message forcing him to do the job or they would be killed. So, he did the job.
Much as we thought.
Valan wants to take care of unfinished business with Burns and Heston, clearing our names with the latter, that we were set up. He’ll talk with his old adventuring partner Burns to and apologize/explain.

May 2

Valan meets with Burns in morning, apoligizing to us honorably. Burns accepts. Valan says we always have a friend in Hesston if needed in the future.

Furnok has another meeting with the Guild thanking and such.

Our names are cleared with authorities through legal means and with the help of the thieves’ guild influence, but the name of Ned Snakeshaft is a wanted murderer. The Inquisitor also looks like he’s going to keep his eyes on us peripherally.

Sap rule on sneak attacks: fort save DC 10 plus half sneak attack class levels, plus sneak att dice, plus str mod.


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