Coinage, community:
GP: 2
SP: 483

Ancient coins: to be sold to collector for higher profit
235 gp
1340 sp
402 ep
74 pp

Potions: : gaseous form; delusion, speed, 4 x xtra healing; xhealing mixed with diminution (shrinks 50%); hill giant str; growth; sweetwater; gaseous form crossed with invisibiity; longevity with speed; greater heroism

Platter/mug/pitcher: an unseen servant is attached to the set. The platter can 1/day create a full course meal for 4; the mug 6/day mead, beer, or ale; the pitcher 3/day water, tea or wine. To work again, each must be washed or thouroughly rinsed clean afterward.
Holy Chalice: divine cup purifies dirty water; maked clean water holy water in 1 hour, which evaporates in 4 hrs unless stoppered in a vial; may have other abilities as well, church is studying this.
Disguise Cream from the druid; 3 packs; 3 doses each pack; 3 day duration if not washed off; appear as different race/sex/etc. Lesser effect on 2nd day, lesser again 3rd day.

Furniture which after repairs and selling will net 300gp

DC 30 padlock

Telvar’s (bone hill necromancer) ledger/journal

Necklace of black pearls (very rare beauty; higher prestige value when worn that gp value) = 4000

5 blood drop amulets

Group Boon from under Bone Hill: 3 times in our lives Contact Higher Plane; answer in 12 words or less, 3 questions per use.

Glass Vial (rose colored liquid, spicy scent) = 1 dose neutralize poison, alchemical so will not work on magical poisons

The Magical Properties of Gemstones by Master Tenser (Wolk’s)
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Tenser (Loriel’s)
The Metaphysics of Mathematics by Master Nystul (Beorn’s)
150 ea to right buyer. Can offer bonuses to reader in right circumstance.
(In the last is a handwritten paper, 2 words legible only ‘beyond skeletons’)
Ye Secret of ye Philosopher’s stone = up to 500 to an alchemist in a city

Loaded Dice

Double sided Parchment with map of Saltmarsh area coast, 3 Sisters Islands marked; opposite side the cipher for bullseye lantern signals


Monday Morning

Back to Restenford, Jeremiah in tow. The Cpt of the Baron’s guard meets us on the road. Baron Grellis is dead!! Assassinated!! Found dead 8AM today.
Kaelen is pissed. They were warned, knew there were still assassins likely out there!!
They can’t imagine how it succeeded. Pelitar was scrying us, saw we were on our way up, that’s how he met us here now.
He was murdered last night. We make for the Grellis home.

Arrive, castle Restenford.
Baron’s death could throw region into chaos, as he was the man who put it all together. The adjacent regions felt his stabilizing influence, they may begin to teeter as well. They insist they were taking all precautions.
He was found strangled 8am, bedroom locked from inside. No sign of struggle at all. 3 clues: small red ruby located near body; golden lute string found under bed with blood onit; red leather button found in Baron’s hand. He was strangled with a garrot for certain.
Castle sealed to outsiders. His wife and daughter are distraught.
Peltar knows:

  1. old man with long white hair, blue robe, symbol of 3 barricuda on robe ate at Restinford Inn day before (Sunday), our Inn. Symbol represents a Master whose domain was island and seas. A church for Return in Garroten specifically dedicated to that master. He had a golden holy symbol of a whale, eyes were red rubies
  2. man in travelling clothes played lute for a night at our tavern, lute had golden strings; This was Sunday
  3. Man came into town to have barrels of beer shipped to his inn in Garrotten, had buttons like that found at scene. South Gate guard remembered each of the 3 men, arriving one after the other tween 7 and 9 pm Sunday night. Never seen leaving but also not seen again.

Peltar thinks the first is Harper, high priest of the church in Garroten, 2nd Balmarrow a thearter owner there, Abraham a Garrotin innkeeper.

We know of Garrotten, always had a bad rep. Seedy rumors abound of it in this region, like HQ of an assassin’s guild but never proof. Common phrase here is “if you want someone killed, go to Garrotten”.
Peltar and the Guard Cpt would love if we could figure out who it was and how they did it.

Wife and daughter are to distraught to be seen. House is closed to all, we can’t even get in. They must grieve for a week period. They are the ones who found him dead. The Cpt was the next.
So, first option here is someone let the assassin in the room. And at least one person is getting framed.

Garrotten is on neutral ground on Norcross border; 24 miles SE of Restenford through the hill land. On horseback, most of a day to get there.
Kaelen “Muerto, ever been there and operated?” He went through there on his way here on the trail of Ned Snakeshaft, but that was the first time. Not being part of any guild himself, he had no in to do any real digging. However, Abraham at the Inn was a wealth of information, gave useful and true intel to Muerto. Either he’s man dangerous enough to say what he wants, or is more observant than is good for his health.

We send a couple guys to pack us up to leave today, asap.
We go to our inn.

Kaelen asks Peltar for disguise aid. He gives us:

One of polymorph and 2 alter self
plus alchemical mixture set, made as makeup for the Baronenss, making your face more pliable. For short periods one could look drastically different. Plus 10 disguise 1d6 hours.

Christofer at inn talking to dwarves:
The old man Harper came and ate, only here half hour, talked to no one. Left by quarter of 8. The lute player played couple songs, sang tale of 3 northmen going off to slay a dragon that has been terrorizing the far north, current news. After maybe couple hours he left back to Garrotten. The town brewer was in attendance, when Abraham showed up. Those 2 left together to make their deal.
Brewer says he made a gold deal for 3 barrels of a mean imperial stout to ship out in couple of days, delivered to Abraham’s Inn, Garrotten. They must have left right before the lute show began cause they didn’t see him play. Beorn checks out the gold and pouch, making a point to thank the man for his candidness. All Norcross mint, but heavier than they should be. He starts digging at it with his dagger, underneath = steel slugs with gold casing.
Beorn “We’ll get it back.”

We get detailed descriptions of each man from those who saw them.
The Cpt gave us the 3 clues immediately.

Loriel uses the crystal ball to scry on each of the 3.
Nothing at all from the bard. We assume he’s dead.
Harper we see him walking in a field, we don’t recognize. His holy symbol is indeed missing a gem.
Abraham grooming a horse outside of his tavern. He himself was the man here who came to make the deal. Muerto comfirms that is indeed him. He is indeed missing the top button on his vest.

Brewer says Abraham was missing a button; took them only minutes to wrap up business. Dwarves recall the holy symbol was missing the gem. The lute was not missing the string while he was playing but it is surely from his lute.

The bard is either dead or made the save vs scrying so could be the assassin, having stolen the other 2 objects.

Baron was stone cold dead. Gold would not have been left from such a lute. That is a purposeful false lead.

We take off for Garrotten. Not stopping until we are a mile or so outside of town after dark.
Kaelen wants Muerto to disguise himself as Ned himself to see what kind of attention that draws. It takes a good 15 minutes to convince him to dress as an enemy of his whom he hated.

We arrive outside Garrotten at midnight and make camp in the large woodland nearby.
Muerto gets couple hours rest then heads into town as Ned. He gets a room at Abraham’s Inn.

Next Day

Abraham questions him first thing in the morning, obvious gather info style, about his trip to Restenford area, get all his business done, asks about news of lizardmen. Calls him by Ned! So he knows him.
Abraham has an assistant barkeep Glami; James the serving boy; Balmar the serving boy; and Falpir the stable boy; Rillis barmaid/cook.

Kaelen et al wait to enter about lunchtime.
Loriel and Ogrumat notice a big dog that comes close to the camp, alone. It kind of investigates then wanders away. Not long after, a crow lands in the campsite, hops around a bit, pokes around on the ground, and takes off again.

Loriel sends her pet to follow the crow at a distance, to a 1 story cottage on the ouskirts of town, excellent condition and gardened; it flies in the window. A family is here: woman, 2 kids all sleeping. An empty spot in the bed for husband. The big dog walks up to the house and lies down outside the front door, drinks water out of a bowl for it. The crow morphs into a man! Gets in bed with the woman and goes to sleep.
Brown and green robes hang on a door in his room. On a nightstand is a wood ringholder with gold ring on it. Back to camp and reports to Loriel.

Kaelen, Ogrumat, Beorn enter town first and go to the Inn.
Abraham and Glami are at the bar. Servants are prepping lunch. We stable our horses with 13 yr old Falpir. He is extremely attentive. Barmaid has food cooking in back, but she is in the common area helpingto prep. Being a bit of an exotic crew (northman and half orc), she throws a few glances our way. She’s 17 and beautiful.
In the room waiting for lunch are 4 other men.
A 2nd group walk from upstair, 10 and an obvious group, together. 2x Elf (females, 1 probably arcanist), half elf, dwarf, gnome, rest humans (1 female, woodman’s dress with quarterstaff she carries down with her). Lots of other open seats still.
Ned then arrives.
Abraham eyeballs us as we walk in an sit at a table. He walks over to us himself with drinks then “James! Bring out the rest” who arrives with a tray of several other mugs. He is missing a button.
K “You’re missing a button.”
“Yeah, must have fallen off somewhere. Well lunch is about to start here shortly.”
Beorn “Are you in the practice of watching over the countryside?”
“No,no no. I know things, things know me. First round is on the house.”
K “You have a mighty attentive stableboy btw.”
“Why is there a problem with him? Should I be worried about my horse.”
He wouldn’t say that. Great personality, just things tend to happen. He’s very unlucky.
He goes about his business. Other folks from town filter in as well.

Soon after food is being served. The 10 group references a recent adventure they returned from vs goblins and such, reference to an octopus in the lake here.
Beorn “Octopai are saltwater creatures.”
The druid looking woman says “Yeah, and that’s why it’s weird. Now let the pros handle this one.”
Beorn “Will do.”
They are planning on hunting it soon.

3 statues:
Osprum, a Master, female, seas and water travel.
Xerbo, Master of seas as well
Kord, warfare

Stoughtley brothers
Fisher brothers Nate and Den
Jeremiah Brown: a terribly stupid but totally loyal man;super strong; greatsword
Ebenezor Smithson (stoughtley cousin)
Sailors: They used to have their own trading ship, but hit by the Sahuagin. They are the only ones alive from crew and are looking for payback. Lots of bad reps among them, life on the sea got them out of city life.
They are to run our ship.
Cpt ‘Red’ Lambert (for his red eyes, we figure augment: he has infravision in the dark, sees changes in heat)
His mate Davey “the duke” Jameson
bosun Horatio ‘speedy’ Drummer
8 sailors under them: Elaine, Leif Sturnson, Danber (dwarf), Kane the despised (half elf, major jerkface), Theodore Dobbins, spaniard Castano, Nestor, Milo.

Plus all we brought:
20 bugbears
Perk and Pelo
Krellar plus 7
Druids: Posted and Telmar
Baron: Mark, Webber, Villie; 20 sea augments!

Mal: escaped aquatic elf

Reeve = Willes Humphreys, several sons, on his 2nd wife, large family
Lord = Sir Gary Salte, youngest son of another lord, dad and brothers dead, new at this
Town Council of 7:
Ian Baker = baker, prosperous shop
John Payne=jeweler
Ralph Barne=farmer
Timothy Wainwright=wainwright, teamsters
Edgar Grawley=rancher
William Bardaye=owns property market area is built upon, gets a healthy cut
Nathaniel Harper=bard and runs a music shop

Gordon Porter=Merchant Receiver, prominent citizen, big money
Oliver Wooley=Bear and Fox operator
Roger Davies=aged old poacher
Bishop Father Bartholemew=head priest in town, technically he is Qualten’s superior, not a caster just great preacher; Qualten’s casting ability allows him much independance though
Yalta chain and sh, staff and mace, arc 3
Krellar 2/2 MaA/arc; and acolyte Tello the cobbler (half elf) 1 arc
Geoffrey MaM 3 and Ean hunter3 (longbow)
Perk elf 2 archer mst elven longbow; and Pelo elf 2 man at arms bowman mst shortbow w/ quiver full of special arrows
Ranger: Martin harrier 2, longbow
sword thief: Ogrumat
Arcanist: Beorn Stephanson
swarthy sneak: Muerto aka Volcifar


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