Coinage, community:
GP: 2
SP: 483

Ancient coins: to be sold to collector for higher profit
235 gp
1340 sp
402 ep
74 pp

Potions: : gaseous form; delusion, speed, 4 x xtra healing; xhealing mixed with diminution (shrinks 50%); hill giant str; growth; sweetwater; gaseous form crossed with invisibiity; longevity with speed; greater heroism

Platter/mug/pitcher: an unseen servant is attached to the set. The platter can 1/day create a full course meal for 4; the mug 6/day mead, beer, or ale; the pitcher 3/day water, tea or wine. To work again, each must be washed or thouroughly rinsed clean afterward.
Holy Chalice: divine cup purifies dirty water; maked clean water holy water in 1 hour, which evaporates in 4 hrs unless stoppered in a vial; may have other abilities as well, church is studying this.
Disguise Cream from the druid; 3 packs; 3 doses each pack; 3 day duration if not washed off; appear as different race/sex/etc. Lesser effect on 2nd day, lesser again 3rd day.

Furniture which after repairs and selling will net 300gp

DC 30 padlock

Telvar’s (bone hill necromancer) ledger/journal

Necklace of black pearls (very rare beauty; higher prestige value when worn that gp value) = 4000

5 blood drop amulets

Group Boon from under Bone Hill: 3 times in our lives Contact Higher Plane; answer in 12 words or less, 3 questions per use.

Glass Vial (rose colored liquid, spicy scent) = 1 dose neutralize poison, alchemical so will not work on magical poisons

The Magical Properties of Gemstones by Master Tenser (Wolk’s)
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Tenser (Loriel’s)
The Metaphysics of Mathematics by Master Nystul (Beorn’s)
150 ea to right buyer. Can offer bonuses to reader in right circumstance.
(In the last is a handwritten paper, 2 words legible only ‘beyond skeletons’)
Ye Secret of ye Philosopher’s stone = up to 500 to an alchemist in a city

Loaded Dice

Double sided Parchment with map of Saltmarsh area coast, 3 Sisters Islands marked; opposite side the cipher for bullseye lantern signals


During the next week

In Restenford, we talk to our friends.
Contrary to our assumption, Alton’s wife does not hate us. He agrees to join.
Loriel personally asks Perk and Pelo to join us, bats her eyelashes and they can’t say no.
Kaelen goes to see Yalta, who is unable to assist at this time. She next goes to the church, Qualton puts Krellar at our disposal!! Plus 7 of his 8 acolytes for rear guard medics only!!
Christofer and Kaelen go to the Baron himself. We want Gelpis to stay put to watch over the Baron, who wants to keep him here anyway. The Baron otherwise allows anyone of his men to go who volunteers. A soldier Mark (mail and longsword), his friend Webber (mail/LS/longbow), an elf ft/mage Villie (leather/LS/longbow).
Kaelen spends political tokens to get Felix to join up for far less then normal.
Kaelen sends Loriel with Perk, Pelo and Villie to the priests of the wild in their forest temple. She calls our boating brother friends to give them first hand knowledge of the aquatic environmental disaster they have been causing. Loriel uses all this to help lay down the law to them big time.
They send the senior curate Posted and Telmar, their most junior curate.
During the meeting, we see a closed book on a dais. 4 tables arranged around it, each with 4 stone benches. The clergy has us sit at the tables for food and drink.
A priest names Myla gives Feldalac a leather cup, which he looks into, seems pleased. He splits us up at different tables with his priests. He brings out a pitcher of wine, filling wooden cups for each present, urging all to drink in preparation for the great quest before us.
All do as requested. Within a minute, we are feeling intoxicated. Strong wine apparently. Feldelac opens the holy book and reads. Inside leather cup he has are dice. The priests all begin to bring out varieties of dice and begin offering wagers to one another. The Master they worship was not only a master of nature but also a wild gambler. We join in while The Word is being read.
It’s good food, good drink, and good gaming. Posted rolls something they call The Divine Kanus. The priest yell a hurrah! Calling it a good omen of sure victory for our side. They are sure we shall return alive and victorious. They ask to please bring brothers Posted and Telmar back alive too.
They declare us official friends of this enclave!! Specifically those present. Though our friends are welcome to come with us.
Next we go to the tower to see our bugbear allies. Much work has been done here already between themselves and townsfolk assistance. We ask only for volunteers.
They had alread heard of the troubles the day before, and though we weren’t going to ask. They have already talked about it. 10 males and 10 female warriors are equipped and ready to go.

Saltmarsh Meetup

Emissaris meet in Saltmarsh

The lizard man shaman believe its not the will of their god that the alliance itself is an afront to their god. This should be handled by themselves.
The sea elves arrive on edge about working with the coalinth.
The Danes arrive, and are still concerend about Norcross doing anything while they are gone.
The mermen and Locathah are fully ready to rock.

We meet with Reeve Willes, Lord Salte and the council. They have a crew of militia ready under our command. The Stoughtley brothers (Tom and Will); their cousin Ebenezor Smithson; pvt’s Nathaniel and Den Fisher, and Jeremiah Brown;

The Lord assembles everyone in the council hall.
They give us militia and sailors as listed below with who we brought.
Then the discussions to bring all into the fold who have reservations.
70 northmen showed up.
The shaman of the lizardfolk says he refuses. He and his half of the tribe loyal to him are out!!
The Coalinth and sea elves are at odds.
These problems cause a nervous ripple through the others.
Kaelen lays it out. She tells the shaman to blow. But he and his men can’t move in once its all over or we’ll slaughter them all personally.
The meeting breaks, all to return tomorrow after more thought on the issue.

We are given rooms at the Lord’s house. After we settle in, Kaelen with Clyde, adn Loriel and Geoffrey spend a few hours hobnobbing personally withe the edgy groups before meeting up and returning.
Christofer disappears with a servant girl.
Going through the castle, Kaelen and the pseudo notice faint smears of mud and small drips. Its not so much a trail as wandering. LIkely from a sea creature.
Finally it just stops. More than 1, skulking around all over like they were scouting where people were positioned for the night.
We start rushing through the halls searching. Kaelen and Clyde go for the Lord’s room fast, while Geoffrey starts randomly searching halls. Loriel rushes to wake up more of our guys to search the place.
The Lord’s usual guard isn’t there and its cracked open a sliver.
She and Clyde bust in. Salte is still asleep, but moving up toward him is a large black lizardfolk closing in on him stealthily.
Clyde charges and leaps upon it, stabbing with short sword. Kaelen yells a warning to Salte and hits with thrown dagger 15 then closes in. Salte wakes up as It tries to attack. It misses badly with a sword, but hits with an off hand dagger but not badly. Then it bites but misses thanks to Clyde!!
Clyde climbs to his front and stabs it in the face, Kaelen then moves up and finishes it off!!
The Lord swoons and drops over. Poison! Kaelen administers antitoxin!!
3 groups of our men are making rounds when one of them hear the commotion from the Lord’s room. As they approach, a Lizardman intercept shaking rattles and chanting like a bard. Ogrumat is dazed by the effect. 3 lizardfold warriors attack Alton, Krellar, Beorn and Nate.
Geoffry’s group with Martin, Wolk, Ebenezor, the Stoughtleys and Den hear the rattling nearby and start making for it. 3 lizardmen come out of a room as they near the hall, covered in blood of a victim, and intercept them. The shaman is with them!!
The 2 battles join. We take them down, with Eebenezor and Nate Fisher KO’d.
In the room the 2nd group came from we find a partially devoured woman.
We keep searching in earnest but find no one else. We found that one of the groups had gone to Kaelen’s room but found it empty. Same with Loriel/Christofer’s room for the other group.
Christofer is in the kitchen downstairs for an afterfornication snack. The eaten girl is the girl he left minutes before the lizardfolk found her.
The Lord recovers fully.

Next Day

Council gathered. We bring all the bodies of the assassins.
The lizard king says he should have no problem getting the rest of the tribe on his side now.
The Coalinth talked it over and decided to stay in the deal and help us.
The sea elves refuse to be shown up, now, by the Coalinth and dishonored. They sign up fully.
They do wish to be assigned to opposite positions in the battle.
Salte spoke to the bugs and viking commanders, and others, this morning. There are still more men on they to finish the numbers off.
Some of the dock wardens noticed what they think may have been sahuagin probing around the docks. 3 wardens are missing as of this morning. They may be planning something real soon vs Saltmarsh. It will take maybe a couple days for the rest of the forces to gather. He’d like us to take our sailors and chosen men, 12 lizardman warriors and subleaders to recon en force their lair. Determine their actual strength, locate their positions w/in it, take note of significant defensive measures, and how advanced their preparations are for an attack on the town.
We will take our boat and sailors. The chosen men are the town militia. The lizardmen provide just what Kaelen wants from them: a map of the lair. It has 3 levels.

We leave before the afternoon is out.
On the way down, a large shadow goes under the boat. Milo looks over the edge, and Castano swears he saw it too.
They call for Cpt and Mistress (Kaelen).
As we approach the Kraken attacks!!! It yanks Milo over as he screams!!
It then pulls itself up on the other side of the boat to attack. Geoffrey hacks off a tentacle its using to hold on. Perk and Pelo begin shooting at the body, Loriel casting soundbursts at the body. Alton is called up to attack tentacles as well. As does Felix.
We continue hacking. It actually climbs fully on deck and Loriel blinds it with glitterdustt!
It sprays ink all over the place, distracting enouth for it to swim away, a few tentacles missing.
We lost Milo and Danber eaten.
We then find that an attack happened on the next deck down, via a porthole, by a humanoid thing with a tentacled squid like head. Jeremiah cut it in half diagonally. Christofer said it caused some kind of mental attack, creating the most horrible thoughts in out heads that took 6 of us down instantly.
Also, the deck below with the lizardfolk, were attacked by another one of them that they killed.
Whatever they are, it can’t be good to have a new player in the game.

We continue on.

We anchor the boat in the nearby river mouth. Only scouting groups will go to the lair right now.
Kaelen sends a gang of lizardfolk with Martin and Ogrumat to scout the causeway, but they see no guards outside.
2 groups.
7 lizardmen including a leader, Oceanus, with Ogrumat and Ean (via magic helm and ioun stone) to sea entrance.
Kaelen, Clyde, Loriel, Muerto, Christofer and pseudo to main entrance.

The sea side group pass a gang of sharks uneventfully. A gate normally barring the cavemouth is not shut by the sahuagin. The first room is enormous. Steps straight ahead go up to the landing. A door far left and right against the back wall. A gong alarm; Pillars support the ceiling. About 70 sacks line the far wall.
We see about 60 sahuagin drilling on the platform. After a few minutes, a new one enters and talks to the chief. Soon after he stops the drills and all but 4 march out, they seem to be quite energetic about what they are doing.
2 at each doorway, annoyed at being left behind. We wait for those who left to get far enough away, then skulk out the water and strike. Its quickly apparent they do not hear well ouside of water.
We take them out easy. Each leads to a lowfloor water room. Oceanus and the remaining 3 lizardfolk start getting the bodies back to the boat. The sacks are not of much interest, but for 1 that is tied shut. Inside is a bunch of small algae or fungus balls, like a spore. None of us are sure what it is. We take a couple, giving them to Oceanus. The lizardmen only know it is poisonous to them. Popping one releases spores which asphiziates them so they stay away. Grow in the shallows.
Oceanus returns and we show him. He says to all non mammal water breathers, these are poisonous. Like a gas when they pop. Once breathed in and killing the host, they bloom inside, fertilized and grow. To mammals they can’t take root, but popping one in your mouth gives you oxygen for up to an hour per ball!!
That means more people coming this way!
Out of the water, makes it more difficult to breath, and coughing is common for a few minuntes until you expell the spore.
We take handfulls of the stuff, passing them off the Oceanus team to take back to the boat.
We retie the sack to look undisturbed. Each water room has a hall exiting north.
Ean maps as they explore.
Both sides quickly run into large barracks rooms full of resting soldiers.
To the right, Ogrumat comes to the arena. Hundreds of sahuagin in an arena on stone benches. At the bottom is a match currently going on. A small group of underequipped aquatic elves facing a large shark. Big enough to kill them by the end.
Ean gets a good estimate of the population watchinhg: mid 300’s.
With the barracks rooms we are at about 400.

Further on, more barracks totalling 11 enemy.
An armory and storage.
Behind a secret door is a coffer of 200pp with other stuff too. We leave it be.
Prison cells area and dungeon/torture chamber.
3 sahuagin are in the middle of stretching a locathah.
The prisoner screams out one word only we understand: “Saltmarsh”
2 stairways going up. Entire next level is filled with water before it returns to surface level outside.
We can’t let them get that info, obviously important to them, so we attack and kill them instantly. There is a locking mechanism to open all the cells so we free everyone:

  • Triton warrior named Kysh: unharmed but for lump on head; clan is from about 100 miles south. They have yet to find a suitable opponent for him in arene. His companion animal sea lion Barkish captured too, equipment stolen including his prized horn. He doesn’t know where it is. We saw it in the coffer with the platinum. He goes to get it.
  • Barkish: the sea lion
  • Locathah, tortured that we rescued, named Borgis: has giand eel companion; Ean gives him first aid
  • Eel companion: its dead, Borgis is distraught. He is out for serious payback

We get the torturers bodies set to be taken out by the lizardfolk above.
Up the central stairway from the cells we continue, after Kysh gets his trident, scale, and horn.

Almost to the causeway, Kaelen hears something coming up behind them. We take cover and wait. Minute or so later “hey, hey boss. You up here? Hey?” We recognize Jeremiah quietly walking through. We stop the loyal imbecile.
He says he swears Kaelen told him to come.
“Ok you have to be really quiet then.”
It takes several minutes to get the idea of what no talking and total quiet means. Then we continue. The mole is 200’ long.
We run for it fast as we can to the doors.
We open it just far enough to squeeze through into a wide foyer, alcove on far end to another door.
5 guards are sitting off to the side of the room in here, alarmed at our arrival.
Loriel casts what she was specifically brought this direction to do if need be, throws a silence spell in front of the gate across from us, blocking all noise leaving the room.
Kaelen tumbles across the room, behind the closest foe to the gate.
We flood in, killing all but 1 before he reacts. He charges but misses Muerto, then he and Kaelen finish him off. All in total silence.
Beyond the gate is a 30’ deep 50’ wide room. 3 other exits, left, right and forward. 5 more armed foes. A sixth is a larger sahuagin Lt.
They have noticed nothing, Loriel opens the gate, Chris runs full speed across the room to block the forward exit. We clean house again. Clyde gets busted up though by 2 good hits.
The lt wears a gold armband.

armband: 20gp

Left first, long hallway then turns right 100’ some down. 2 doors along the way, one at the end.
Right hall turns left quickly, then door on right and further down on left, further it turns right.
Forward hall from fight room goes 30’, turns left for 20’ into an armory. 2 doors north and another south.. Lots of spears, javelins, and nets.
To south is a huge room. Side doors connect to the other side passages from the guard room.
We contue exploring, mapping along the way and noting numbers of beds and other evidence of numbers. Evidence of rooms still being finished, as if important members of tribe or allies have yet to move into the place.
In a long, large room lined with manacles, one figure is hunched over breathing heavily. When called to from our side of the gate, he says something to low to be discerned but otherwise does not react.
We leave him be for now.
Kaelen sends Clyde back to our boat with a note for the remaining lizard men to come and take the bodies from our 2 fights back to our boat.

As we move on, we hear sound of work being done ahead. It gets loud at a large area of construction. Water laps a couple steps down a stairway. 10 slaves of 3 different races are at work. Shacked and with metal collars. 2 sahuagin supervise with scourges. 6 others lounge at steps talking. Another Lt. is here with his gold armband.
One exit going down to next level, so we reverse from here.

We find more empty rooms.
Larder of dead carcasses, including a dwarf and human.
Secret Door: room with stuff.
Leather cloak (cloak of the mantaray)
human sized plate armor (lvl 3 mst; insignia of a Lesser Master of this region)
chainmail (dwarf sized; mithril)
3 hvy steel shields (lvl3, 2, 1 spec ability)
spear (mst bohemian earsticker)
scabbard (bejeweled, 500gp) with longsword (very light weight, stylized swept hilt, fancy, perfectly balanced; magic, bypasses DR but no actual plus; runes written on blade: short poem id’s it by clues as a luck blade, one spot glows so 1 wish left)
coffer: wand in a bone tube (wand of missiles, 22 chg: 1 chg = max magic missile; 5 chg = fireball or lt bolt of 7d6; or use all and explode 5 round later for 1d6/chg left 30’ radius); alchemical potion of water breathing (4 doses, fort save or become addicted; spend next 3 days in withdrawals); 4 rings: dr plus 1, free action (20 chg, each 1 minute duration); partial invisibility (90% miss chance, plus 10 hide, 1 hour per chg, 8 chg’s; hour is not dismissable), fire resist 30; spellbook from wizard named Elmo; potion cure critical wounds

We start looting all this stuff out, as we have no where else to go since the next way is water.
Kaelen gets to sabotaging as many spears as she can so the point disassembles upon use within a round or few.

We check out the huddled body in the manacle room. A human, badly disheveled and malnourished. Whispers sickly his name is Elmo. The wizard of the found spellbook. Leader of a party of adv’s, or was, paid by a Lord to south to investigate the loss of some ships. Finally it led them here, but werent’ as equipped as they thought and bit off more than they could chew.
We help him up. Lots of sores and evidence of beatings. Was able to resist the torture masters, and is happy to hear they are dead. Worked as slave labor on level 2 when it was dry. Sahuagin had barracaded the doors to let the slaves in to work. Then flooded the level and drowned the slaves there. Probably ate them at that point. He hasn’t seen any of his friends in days, at least.
By his description, its the remains we found in the larder. The knight was a First, too. Elmo was an arcane student to the First’s Master.
We break the bad news to him.
He says the knight First was well travelled and xp, over 140 years old at death.
Kaelen is really angry at that, being a First herself.
He’s in no condition to move, doing so could in of itself kill him. He says his spellbook can be cast as scrolls individually, and they’ll vanish. He wants Loriel to have the spellbook. Spellcraft check DC 15 plus spell level to cast. He says use it at will vs these scum sahuagin.

water breathing
wizard lock
charm person
unsees servant
magic missile

We show Elmo the crude lizardfolk map, and he clears things up concerning the second level, where he worked. Now, the lower group can block the slave guards retreat from below as we attack from their level.

He says the slaves they are using to mine are the last that they have “Monster humanoids or not, no one deserves to be a slave to these things”.
Kaelen sends a lizardfold messenger around to catch up to the lower group and report the coordinated attack.
That group has found steps to right behind the Baron’s throne. He is holding court!!

They turn and find the female quarters and hatchery.
When we attack in force, there shall be no quarter given to these blights upon the world.

Ogrumat skulk up to the top of throneroom steps to take a peek inside. The ruler is a monster of a sahuagin with 4 arms holding trident and net. On his right is a female with a wood rod. On other side is an adult male warrior. 3 adults stand before them, warriors, standing at attention. Something is happening between them she can’t make out. She skulks out a bit more, being very careful.
Between the 2 trios are 2 unarmed sahuagin, one female and one elite guard with the gold armband. Off to the side is another humanoid figure completely covered in hooded robes, simply observing. A shark circles above the throne.
Ogrumat backs off as slowly as she came. It looks like the female is accusing the male of something. The ruler orders the punishment and the 3 guards spear his legs and start eating his arms. Ogrumat stops and leans forward.
A 4 fingeredhand, long nails on each, reach from the robed figure and grabs him. Long tentacles reach from the hood eating his brain. The shark then joins in.
The female with the rod has tentacles on it, moving freely.
Once they are all done, the 3 soldiers send the female away. The 3 guards leave. It’s now just the 3 on the dais, squid face and the shark.
She hears an echo of the creature speaking mentally to the room. It and the Baron, the ruler, speak of a mutant born to the sahuagin. They rise to dominate when such a thing is born. Hence, the 4 armed sahuagin Baron. They are seen as a gift from the gods. The conversation is in thoughts not words so much. Difficult for her to fully understand, but seems something was born recently extra special. Squid man is untrustworthy toward it. Baron is excited but wary. It may be some sort of prophet or harbinger. They know about our alliance as well.
They seem to be hanging out here for a while.

She goes back down adn tells Ean to report this opportunity to Kaelen fast. He sends Oceanus.
As Ean is getting to our entrance, he runs into an aquatic elf sneaking into the water. He looks back surprised and shushes Oceanus. Warns that there are Sahuagin all around.
This guy is making his escape. Ean says to go with Oceanus. THis guy says someone must have killed off the prison guards. He was in a side room to be taken to the arena and broke free. Killed one sahuagin who came for him. He is to stay with Oceanus til we leave.
They take off to get message to Kaelen.
His name is Mal.

All the lizardfold are ready to fight with us. As are all our rescuees but for Mal. He’s willing to attack with the whole force, but not attack the Baron.

We gather the spore bombs to eat and use as bombs vs them.
The lizardfold will hit the shark first. Jeremiah gets the helm, Ogrumat the manta cloak, Christofer the ring. Ean is the best swimmer so he is on his own; same with Kaelen who will use the ring of shadows to skulk in. Muerto will use the new partial invis ring. He is to hit the squidface from the rear and cut his throat out. Jeremiah, Kysh and Borgis will go right for the king. Kaelen the shamaness. Ogrumat, Ogrumat and Ean the bodyguard.
Kysh will summon sharks via the horn to keep the Ilithid busy until Muerto gets to him.
The sea cat and a few lizardfolk will hit the shark. The rest will join the summoned sharks vs squidface. Christofer will face the Baron too. Oceanus is with Kaelen vs shamaness.
Loriel returns to the ship with the loot bearers.

Kaelen slowly skulks, shadowy, along the floor to the shaman as Muerto skulks around the preriphery on the squidface’s side.
They are talking about attacking Saltmarsh in a week!!

We attack, but he squidman must have just sensed us and warned them.
3 lizardfolk fall in the attack but we kill them all!! Shaman dropped by Kaelen’s spore attack, Muerto finishing off the squidface and the bodyguard.
Borgis grabs the Baron’s trident and net.
Oceanis was gabbed by the tentacle rod but saved just in time. He has a slightly punctured skull though.

We make for the slave work room and attack, its a slaughter of a victory when the slaves join in with their pics and shovels on our side. Everyone books it out of here to the ship!!
We even take the chance of getting Elmo out.
The ship was attacked in our absence by a patrol of about 15 sahuagin but fought them off w/o serious casualties.
We sail back for Saltmarsh with all the intelligence we were looking for, all rescued with us.

We get back w/o incident. Elmo makes back alive somehow, we set him up to heal. All the allied communities have been brought in to give them only one attack.
The plan changes to defending Saltmarsh with the land based people, while the swimmers attack the guard left at the lair.

They attack 3 days later at twilight! Hundreds of them poor onto the docks and boats. The militia is overrun early on, then the lizardmen counterattck and the Vikings, once armed, boost our numbers soon after. Our men on shore are on the docks when a mass of tentacles bursts from the sea edge. Climbing out is a terribly grotesque squid, colors constantly changing. Pulsating veins run under the skin, spiney as well. After a round of attacks, it grabs Snitch/Narc and ALton and swims off.

On the boat, we are fighting off the attack with our crew. A sahuagin is making its way directly for Kaelen but Christofer and Clyde and Loriel are nearby and move in to block it form the sagave monster. Oceanus comes from no where with Mal and they attack first. Mal’s eyes suddenly bulge out, his teeth grow into needle fangs. Oceanus screams “Ooooh a malenti!!!”
What that is we do not know. Apparently, a special born sahuagin of high intel that can change into another being that was nearby when it came into being.
Mal and Oceanus engage, leaving the sahuagin champion to Christofer, Loriel, Clyde and Kaelen.

The squid comes up onto Kaelen’s ship, ALton and Snitch/Narc still in grasp. Ogrumat, Perk, Pelo and Beorn attack, then a firey ship comes in at full speed and rams it, pushing it off and away. That ship starts too sink. The people on the ship are fighting humans, we don’t recognize the ship! Wtf.
ALton and Snitch/Narc are dropped into the water.
Ogrumat dives in to save the armored Alton.

Its a rough fight vs Mal before Clyde’s bite brings him down right after he took Christofer to neg 1.

Snitch/Narc are wildly treading water.

The burning ship takes out one of the piers as it sinks fast. The armored men on board, not the crew, start sinking while the lighter crew swim to shore and joins the fight on the land.

Finally, after a bloody battle its a hard fought victory. The remainder of the sahuagin retreat.
The sea going folk say they are following to mop up the remnants. They will return for the celebration.

The mystery crew is Stiletto!! HIs ship now at the bottom of the harbor. Doh! Hit hit did kill the squid beast however!
He failed to show up originaly because the Crimson order has a blockade. They were stuck on Jesrick ever since. They just broke through but a couple faster sciffs caught them and boarded. They fought as they entered the harbor here.

Oceanus was not killed.

Lots of cleanup and then rest.

Next Day

The sea folk arrive, forces significantly lower. It will take a couple generations to recover their numbers. It was not an easy fight but they won out.

Next Day

As good a celebration as we can muster after morning funerals.
None of our own ship crew were killed!!

The council wants us to stay to relax, no need to rush away. We plan on it.

Stiletto says he spoke to the Crystal Seer while on Jesrik. The Seer says when we are done dealing with things here, we will make it to see him. The Seer knows of Kaelen’s eventual arrival.

Monday Morning

Back to Restenford. The Cpt of the Baron’s guard meets us. Baron Grellis is dead!! Assassinated!!
Kaelen is pissed. They were warned, knew there were still assassins likely out there!!
They can’t imagine how it succeeded. Pelitar was scrying us, saw we were on our way up, that’s how he met us here now.
He was murdered last night. We make for the Grellis home.

Stoughtley brothers
Fisher brothers Nate and Den
Jeremiah Brown: a terribly stupid but totally loyal man;super strong; greatsword
Ebenezor Smithson (stoughtley cousin)
Sailors: They used to have their own trading ship, but hit by the Sahuagin. They are the only ones alive from crew and are looking for payback. Lots of bad reps among them, life on the sea got them out of city life.
They are to run our ship.
Cpt ‘Red’ Lambert (for his red eyes, we figure augment: he has infravision in the dark, sees changes in heat)
His mate Davey “the duke” Jameson
bosun Horatio ‘speedy’ Drummer
8 sailors under them: Elaine, Leif Sturnson, Danber (dwarf), Kane the despised (half elf, major jerkface), Theodore Dobbins, spaniard Castano, Nestor, Milo.

Plus all we brought:
20 bugbears
Perk and Pelo
Krellar plus 7
Druids: Posted and Telmar
Baron: Mark, Webber, Villie; 20 sea augments!

Mal: escaped aquatic elf

Reeve = Willes Humphreys, several sons, on his 2nd wife, large family
Lord = Sir Gary Salte, youngest son of another lord, dad and brothers dead, new at this
Town Council of 7:
Ian Baker = baker, prosperous shop
John Payne=jeweler
Ralph Barne=farmer
Timothy Wainwright=wainwright, teamsters
Edgar Grawley=rancher
William Bardaye=owns property market area is built upon, gets a healthy cut
Nathaniel Harper=bard and runs a music shop

Gordon Porter=Merchant Receiver, prominent citizen, big money
Oliver Wooley=Bear and Fox operator
Roger Davies=aged old poacher
Bishop Father Bartholemew=head priest in town, technically he is Qualten’s superior, not a caster just great preacher; Qualten’s casting ability allows him much independance though
Yalta chain and sh, staff and mace, arc 3
Krellar 2/2 MaA/arc; and acolyte Tello the cobbler (half elf) 1 arc
Geoffrey MaM 3 and Ean hunter3 (longbow)
Perk elf 2 archer mst elven longbow; and Pelo elf 2 man at arms bowman mst shortbow w/ quiver full of special arrows
Ranger: Martin harrier 2, longbow
sword thief: Ogrumat
Arcanist: Beorn Stephanson
swarthy sneak: Volcifar


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