2nd Malenko

He of the Gretchen’s Forest and Thorangia attempted usurpation is still at large; has Buck’s orb and the orb from the lighthouse island
Stole Burns 3 items in Heston via another party; we recovered them all.


The boss council escaped, still At Large

Mysterious Assassin

From Meanderwood startup, still unknown assailant


  • juice up a race horse or dog with a speed elixir from Malenko
  • lottery scam:_ set up booths in town square and near entrance to carnival. Sell tickets for about 4 or 5 days. Furnok, as alias Lias the Porter arrives in town a few days before carnival from opposite direction, buys tickets in market square. When winner is announced, Lias is the winning number of course. If necessary, Malenko can illusion the winning slip to have Lias’ number. Lias makes a big deal about heading home early from his trip to surprise his family in front of crowd. Lias packs up and leaves.
  • Heston merchant house: thieves guild has an old hatch, unknown to owner, going int house. We can use it as a way to rob him blind. Lupidides or Delainey et al can scout it out first for map and locations. Let guild know, give them a cut, as well as the scout.

Malenko/Dahlia dark dealings

  • Finalize how to make Dahlia’s burning gel from scratch-continue making it.
  • Find dead body parts from graves
  • Begin growing own spell components
  • Rot Grubs
  • Always looking for evil peole to put into the amazing maze/funhouse of horrors/hall of mirrors
  • Always on lookout for new additions to the carnival
  • “So, I’m thinking in a few years I might kill myself to become an undead.” “Can I kill you?” “Sure.”

Meanderwood Rangers

This season, Yanath continues spreading word of his goals, and seeking contract or 2 for next season.

All PC groups are asked to look out for potential members and invite them for a visit
Next season, or at end of this season, dar ’Nutidre and Tulgar arrive to join the team
Hawkeye may end up leaving the campaign proper to handle a region in the future.


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