Meanderwood Frontier

Axenbough Pop: 4000

Meander River independant frontier boomtown of sorts; high quality woodland crafts and armaments; logging and foresting town.
Mayor= Madigan- well known arcanist. Only uses magic in dire circumstances. Wife= Elsa. She is an only child. Her family owns huge sawmill. Very $ but not known to wield it. Son= Sammael, fat 6 year old at time of first adv.
Independant frontier town. Foresting activities and crafts.
Chief Constable= Daria Batslayer + 40 guards
Axenbough Rangers= about 200 volunteers. Chief= Sartanis (has wolf named Shadow); one of their commanders, Haily Brim, turned out to be a cultist and First (he’s dead).
Dire Dogs: local bandits led by Rainard. Use mastiffs.
Charrin: local forester who sold Madigan a bronze helm. We found him dead. Had silver scrollcase with rough map of woods from Axenbough to a ruined hillfort to southeast.

Largest town in area
Mostly a farming center. Some trade.
Closer ties to western kingdom than others in Meander area.

Falling Rock Duke Franklin (scarred arms)

Self-isolated town. Friendly with local dwarves.

Meanderwood Forest
see also Axenbough
Eastern edge against God’s Fang Mts.
Stories of witches and goblins, ancient ruins and a crazy old woman.
Dire Animals common in area especially east of Meander River, as well as huge vermin Forest is dangerous beyond ranger patrol area. Huge Vermin also known of, especially spiders.

Oakenroad Mayer= Jacob
Lumber and mining town.
Fredrick: Armorsmith, looks similar to Bo from Riverbend
Cpt. of Guard= Kaleb

Mayor= Schindler: had big money business west, upper class family and very influencial there, why he moved here is a mystery.
Sheriff= Raif + 20 city guard. Do a very good job.
Bustling trade hub. Large Bazaar. Known for quality wpns.
Lots of shows, entertainment, bars, shops…
Bo- great weaponsmith
Trading is so big, a small camp outside of town for trading as well.
Permanent on-reserve merc. band encamped outside of town. About 45. Leader= Bronson. Part of a larger merc. organization that rotates troops here.
Marco: major trader. Killed during our adventure.

Thorangia is an early style feudalist state. there is a king in charge but he is only king because he is the greatest warlord in the land, and has a sytem of loyal lesser nobles as vassals. if he is ever defeated his successor will be the one who brought him down. Thorangia is more like 150 smaller principalities, duchies, city states and minor other states. some being republican or democratic systems, and some, especially in the south, are more like early germannic tribes.
the current king rose to power upon successfully pushing the Nordic conquerors from the heartland. once the children of Jarlslief were expelled the remainder of the Nords joined the new king and helped him cement his hold on power.
Thornagia was the primary fiefdom of master Imrund, ruling from his city Imbrundia. Imbrund was more interested in his personal study and power not in the domination of the races of the world. he let his lesser masters and the local lords and ‘firs’ run his lands. at the fall of the masters he was personally engaged in battle with his brother and arch rival Peldan at a great magical glacier in the east beyond thorangias borders in the lands of Rudanor. during the great war the lands of Rudanor was wiped almost clean of life and overrun with monsters and reclaimed by the wilderness. renamed the fallen lands. in the last century the Thorangian people have begun a slow migration and colonization of these lands. someday thorangia will expand and encompass the lands north of the masters sea, the question is will it be a beacon of freedom or will it mimic the classic kingdom of Peldanor and make their neighbors tremble in fear?


walled port town
half days ride from Highport, where slavers had their compound.


Large City
Formerly frontier town before push into Meander area.
2 major parts: poor district and Upper area.
Lots of old wilderness guys and failed homesteads settled together.
Magic-users guild: does not like unauthorized magic users in town without them paying the magic fee.
Inn of the Gods:
Black Dragon Inn: Barth proprietor
Dark Ale Inn: Rodan One-Eye proprietor
Horgis: info broker who Bosmus has met previously
Tregoss: Elf; head of thieves guild
Boltz: Wizard; encountered in caves; connected to Tregoss; both want Ren’s treasure
Willen: poor districe priest
Pierre: runs fencing school in poor district
Kurgan: human armorer, being run out of business by guild
Lissa: Kurgan’s daughter, student at Pierre’s school
Gareth: head of bard’s guild
Brenn: half elf tanner, made leather armor for guild

-A kingdom of high feudal monarchy. a king, named Estienne Geoffroi Guilbeault, rules the land as absolute monarch. following behind is a strict heirarchy of nobles, noble houses and lesser lords and knights that administer the lands and goods produced therein. though they have a well defined class system and government, there is a cultural malaise that does not promote an atmosphere that would allow them to invade and conquer their more disorganized neighbors such as thorangia.
A common belief about Peldanor is that they would ‘rather drink, eat, and fornicate, which makes them unsuitable for war.’ this is only partially true. they are actually very accomplished conquerors as they, over a century ago, began a systematic conquest and colonization of their northern island neighbors, and maintain a long standing cold war with their southern and northern continental neighbors. and successfully keep the Thorangians from taking their eastern towns from them. and regularly send mercenaries to the far away Celestine empire.
The Peladanorian kingdom was the heart of master Peldans’ holdings before the masters’ war. he was one of the most controlling and personally interfering masters. and his followers, after their disappearance, we one of the first people to take to the church alled the covenant of the return, which venerates the master and believes they will return one day. in the early years after the war many were quick to fall under the philosophic sway of the Crimson Path which advocated the inquisition and execution of all things non human. upon the destruction of the Path Leadership they returned to the original doctrine of the covenant. however, the impact the path had on their culture has been proven to be immediately irreversible, only time will tell if they will ever become a great empire again.

Argonia is an autocratic monarchy. centuries ago it was the seat of the ‘Great Empire’ before Celestia reformed it. in its early days it was city state, conquered its neighbors and became a republic, and eventually and empire. it merged with the Spelekkian empire in the east and became the dominant force on the continent. during the war of the masters the argonian empire was lost to civil war and became and autonomous kingdom, but shortly after, was conquered by northern barbarians and is now a kingdom with a northern bloodline ruling class and a swarthy bloodline ruled class and a strong middle class the plays both sides as merchants. the kingdom, though ruled by a sole king with an iron fist, his lands are always on the verge of civil war, and societal chaos. though you wouldnt immediately know it from the outside as they have a magnificent artistic tradition that revolves around love and beauty and a monastic tradition that preaches peace and a military tradition that is one the most organized and disciplined in the known world.
after the fall of the masters the praetorian gaurd of the argonian emperor fled to the Celestine empire as mercenaries and for the better part of the last century had not returned but lived as a legion in exile and import argonian women to keep the bloodline as strong and pure as possible. the legion has returned after their part in the great Varangian debacle and begun plans to be king makers in their own home.


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