The Crimson Retinue

Dareth Byron Evan Damon Garth John
2 pages 2 pages 2 pages 1 page 1 page 1 page
1 squire 1 squire 1 squire 1 squire 1 squire 1 squire
Bard Troubador Musician Musician Racontour Singer
Herald Herald Herald
bowyer/fletcher Armorer apprentice
Valet Dreyan spec. horse trainer
Squire Age Class Level
Dareth 2 Cavalier
Byron 20 3
Evan 19 2 MaA 1/Arch 1
Damon 17 2
Garth 16 1
John 15 1

Each Knight has a Riding Horse, 2 Heavy Warhorses but for John who has 1, as does the standard bearer
Each squire has a riding horse, as does the dreyan horse trainer

All per day:
1x Valet commoner 3= 1sp
1x Horse Trainer dreyan expert lvl 5= 3sp
1x Armor apprentice expert 1 = basic living expenses
1xSmith expert 8 = 7sp
1x Bowyer/fletcher dreyan commoner 3= 5sp
6x Entertainers = 3sp each
3x Heralds expert = 5sp each
1x proctor expert 3= 5sp
1x Crimson standard bearer warrior 6 = 1.5gp
10x wagon drivers commoner 2= 2 sp
Skilled surgeon added after arrival = 1gp/day
=10.2 gp/day

3 wagons for troops
3 wagons equipment/supplies/retinue
1 smithy wagon
1 medical wagon
1 armory wagon
1 treasure wagon

  • Evan’s Horses are all Dreyan
  • Dareth’s has an elf and human (from Byron’s family) page, his squire is elven, herald elf, bard herald

15 pikeman, 15 x bowmen, 15 wpn and shield
pikeman 10 x4th, 4 × 5th, 1 × 6th
x bow 11×4th, 3x 5th, 1x 6th
wpn and sh 13 x4th, 1x 5th, 1x 7th

Total Cost = 204sp/day
4th’s is 4sp/day
5th is 5sp/day
6th is 9sp/day
7th is 1gp/day

double for major combat or bad areas, triple for very hazardous like dungeon delve

Typical Retinue Options
Doctor, Engineer, Herald, Singer/musician/troubadour (love and romance specialty)/bard (bard often not for set wages, instead rewards but expect lodging similar to knights and fed at same table), clerk/priest, proctor aka accountant, lawyer, racontour (prof. storyteller); steward (looks after the manor); valet/body servant;

Skilled laborers; wagon drivers

The Crimson Retinue

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