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The Great Cimarolli

The Magnificent Ciolli

The Stupendous Yongo

The Private Entertainment Crew: although they perform normal shows at the carnival at times, they are most often hired out to wealthy clients for an evenings entertainment at parties and the like. This team can also be sent away from the carnival, where they are often used by Burns for espionage and theft. There is only about a 30% chance in any given week they are actually present at the carnival. When away from the carnival, they are often accompanied by a security detail of 1 or more of the shadows’ enforcers.

  • Delainey du Ponte: a skilled animal handler and burgler, she uses monkeys and other animals in her shows, where they perform impressive tricks never before witnessed. These animals are also trained at infiltration and seekers of gems and jewelry.
  • Orpheus Dogfoot: hairfoot halfling, acrobat who also does amazing things with rope, chain, and knots, including tightrope walking and dangerous escapes. Skilled second story man.
  • Girlo Gordon Trvnol: Rock Gnome acrobat as well as a practiced in illusion to enhance the crowd’s experience of the show. Also an experienced burglar.
  • Elissa: half elf mouthpiece and dealmaker for the crew, she spends her time buttering up the employer and targets them busy. At the carnival she is used as an announcer, supervisor, promoter, etc. She is also a spymaster, having collected informants across the land.
  • Thaniel: half elf, another mouthpiece, when a male take is preferred to the female (Elissa), depending on the nature of the mission. At the carnival, performs same tasks as Elissa above, including a spymaster.

Dargrim Sharpeye: Dwarf crossbow expert, puts on a show of ranged accuracy, often in conjuction or back to back with Dahlia the Black. Has been known to take a contract killing here and there in his life.

Arisaan S’ rene: a master of performance with pole weapons and dual wielding, putting on weapon exhibitions and training. She is more of a teacher and high ranking official under Burns nowaday, though she does still perform, especially private shows. She was the professional mentor of Dahlia the Black. Arisaan has been around for decades and is extremely deadly and adept as sniffing out spies. She accompanied the Imperial Explorer Duncan on his expedition east some 40 years ago which opened the silk road. She has been with the carnival full time for about 10 years, but worked for it off and on for over 10 before that. She and Lupidides are close friends, and perhaps more.

Macinthraxicricket: a mongrelman thief, hedgewizard and master alchemist, also used as a sideshow freak to draw a crowd.


Known as The 3 Shadows, a trio of half orc assassins stalk the carnival grounds at night: leader Borfmar Kritchkow, Gordinthrashe, and Vagrikursk. Even by the carnival employees themselves, they are never seen by day, and rarely glimplsed by night. Their skill in blending into the night is legendary. Each has skill focus (hide) and skill aff (stealth), plus usually use a magically enhanced alchemical treatment on themselves at night, creating blotching of deep black on themselves.

Their Enforcers: half orcs Drakak, Nortok, Thumpgrin, Thekrik, and Chirik

Behind the Scenes

Hollister ‘Alianus’: a powerful arcanist known as an Alienist who studies a place he calls The Far Realms, teaming with great and unfathomable beings of unhuman and alien nature. Burns is his patron in the study of this distant dimension of reality. He has no carnival duties.

Dirgon Grishnak: dwarf locksmith, supply security head (mundane); can also be used as a master infiltrator, but his skill is not much more than locks and disabling traps so works better on team heists.

Lupidides: a costume and makeup artist; also a master of disguise, expert poison crafter, master of espionage and disguise, and artful assassin. He and Arisaan are very close friends, there may be more going on in the relationship as well.

The Dark Carnival

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