Variant Rules

Monk Class
Berserk Fortitude Berserker Ability
Destructive Fury Berserker Ability
Taurus “The Great” Milenko uses the TrueSorcery Arcanist, not the IH rulebook Arcanist.
Bardic Arcanist: alterations to the arcanist for Jeb
Modified Beast Master Feat Chain
Alternate Venom Mastery Feat Chains, by Dueling Blue and Confused Jackal Mage
Expedition Campaign stuff for Duncan’s Expedition Campaign, like the Duelist for Bligh



In Preparation for IH2E
*all light and finesse weapons use dexterity for attack roles, making Weapon Finesse base 1 redundant.
*Traits like Strong now add 2 to the ability without subtracting from any other ability score.

Variant Rules

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