'Eagle Eye' Irwin


Warrior 3/Archer (hong’s) 5
Str 10
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 14
Wis 20
Cha 10
Traits: Wpn Bond (bow, wisdom); Wise

Feats: Toughness; Skill Focus (spot); wpn foc 1 (longbow); Wpn Focus EM2 (longbow); Far Shot base 2

Features: Armor Piercing Shot; Unerring Shot; Imp Prec Shot;


Eagle Eye grew up on the Meanderwood Frontier. His father moved there when he was only 2 and opened a outfitters and trade shop in Axenbough catering to hunters, trappers, and loggers. His father was also an accomplished mapmaker, a skill he passed on to his son.
He has keen eyesight, which led him to gaining skill in archery and so joined the local militia part time on scouting, often alongside Axenbough rangers. His duties to his father kept him from becoming one fulltime.
After the recent troubles, his father realized his son was skilled for greater things than working in a shop, hired new help, and gave Irwin his blessing in joining the man Irwin most looked up to in the wild: Yanath of the Meanderwood.

'Eagle Eye' Irwin

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